Hey, It’s Scott Disick And His New Girlfriend Kendall Jenner — Wait

Because apparently the problem with Kourtney Kardashian is she’s old enough to legally buy alcohol, here’s Scott Disick with his new 20-year-old girlfriend Christine Burke who you’ve probably noticed looks a hell of a lot like Kendall Jenner right down to the same hair color and eight million mile-long legs. Which makes it especially hilarious that Scott’s trying to walk to the car like some sort of hardass even though he’s clearly plowing this girl specifically because she looks like his (basically) sister-in-law. If I were Kendall and I saw these, I’d be telling Satan-Mom it’s time for a restraining order, and then trying not to think about all those hair brushes that went missing because Scott has them. He has all of them. They’re probably where this chick came from.

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Photos: AKM-GSI