Scary Spice is pregnant with Eddie Murphy’s child

October 18th, 2006 // 66 Comments



  1. chinadoll724

    I think she’s still prettier than “posh spice” and she got david beckham. *drool*

  2. What the FUCK is a Scay Spice???

  3. BEAM

    She used to be really hot. WTF happened to her. That boob job is horrendous.

  4. clown

    She is hideous, not only scary, but tacky

  5. JB Fletcher

    missed first by hopeless.

    hmn.wasnt he arrested for picking up a transvestie once?

    in light of that fact,is this really that surprising?

    scary because she LOOK LIKE A MAN.

    and that is some scary shit dude.

  6. siliconsaint69


  7. #2 – It is a typo. It is supposed to say ‘Scab’ spice.

    As in, “Scab’s on her junk.’

    That is one ugly bitch. Is this the ‘oomfoofoo’ that Eddie used to talk about in the 80′s?

  8. combustion8

    She scays the fuck outa me.

  9. BarbadoSlim

    Wow, I guess transexual surgeries have advanced beyond Eddie’s wildest expectations.

  10. She is looking a little “perky”.

  11. Scary Spice is very appropriately named. She scares me.


  12. When I was a kid I was scared of crushed red pepper. Whenever I would say something bad (which was a lot of the time, imagine that), she would put crushed red pepper in my mouth. Shit burned like a motherfucker. It’s funny now because I seem to put that shit in everything I eat, love the stuff. So I guess what I’m getting at is crushed red pepper was my scary spice. I don’t think I would fuck a bottle of it though, cuz that shit would just burn my penis……….

  13. bigsteamyone

    looks like one boob is higher than the other !

  14. slantingthroughdarkness

    Scary Spice is pregnant by Eddie Murphy. You sure it’s not the other way around?

  15. Italian Stallion

    That French fag Zinedine Zidane is in the backround, I bet it’s his kid. What is it with these soccer players fucking spice girls?


    Dang looks like my gf’s……dress.

  17. amhi

    I hate it when ugly people reproduce.

  18. jrzmommy

    Maybe Madonna can adopt it when it’s born!

  19. DrDanny

    #12, don’t be too quick to judge: you might be surprised by a good burn.

  20. amhi

    haha, jrzmommy, you’re okay.

  21. jrzmommy

    stallion….do you think Zidane headbutted her in the gut?

  22. JB Fletcher

    hey itallion stallion,i know you have itallion in your name,but are you indian?

    putting chillies in your mouth for saying bad things is what indian moms do too.

    and im fucking addicted to the chillies myself.

    im a bad girl

  23. What’s the product of this mating going to be called? Funny Spice? Or, more appropriately, Used To Be Funny Spice.

  24. Binky

    I guess they met in an unemployment line.

  25. Stuey75

    so which is it? he likes trannys or women who look like trannys. im confused.

  26. Dr.Rokter

    “Melanie Brown, (aka ‘Scary Spice’) purchases so-called ‘Forbidden Dress’ once owned by television personality Elvira at Christie’s auction.”

  27. BarbadoSlim

    hehehehe#19 , that’s what Paris Hilton says to all her prey err…I mean dates yeah, dates.

  28. trick-story…that’s actually a man

  29. Steeno


    now let’s proceed to talking smack bout some hiltons

  30. Italian Stallion

    @19 Reminds me of Old Dirty Bastard in that album were he’s talking about getting burnt with goneria………..

    @21 He should, we don’t need anymore Scary Murphy’s……Charlie Murphy’s cool though

    “Ladies, come over here and show Charlie Murphy your titties, I’m Rick James bitch”

    @22 If you learn how to spell “Italian”, then and only then will I see how bad you are. No, I’m not Indian, I use deodorant! I’m Italian, hence the handle…….
    I apologize in advance about the deodorant comment, did I mention I’m an asshole too…….

  31. i thought eddie murphy only likes trannies

  32. jrzmommy

    Stallion: Do you remember a song, “I’m An Asshole” by Dennis Leary he did about 10 or 15 years ago? Hee hee… made me think of it. Just a random neuro-firing here.

  33. BarbadoSlim

    #32…DAYUM JM I was just thinking of that hahahahaha, “‘Cause I’m an asshole , asshole asshole asshole,….” you have to smoke while you sing it and it is pretty much a pre-requisite if you expect to survive in the superfish, the biggest nest of assholery in the ‘net.

  34. Italian Stallion

    I drive really slow
    In the ultra-fast lane
    While people behind me are going insane

    I use public toilets
    And I piss on the seat
    I walk around in the summer time sayin’, “How about this heat?”

    Sometimes I park in the handicapped spaces
    While handicapped people
    Make handicapped faces

    Maybe I shouldn’t be singin’ this song
    Ranting and raving and carrying on
    Maybe they’re right when they tell me I’m wrong…

    I’m an asshole

  35. That has got to be the darkest complected woman I’ve ever seen even NEAR Eddie Murphy.

    Still it’s nice to see that he can have sex with women and not just people dressed up as women.

  36. jrzmommy

    Guys, 33 & 34, and the video rules…there’s the dude dressed like Abe Lincoln with the bullet hole on the side of his head. It’s fucking great.

  37. Guess he isn’t gay…..

  38. Don Boogie

    I’d hit it. Then again, I’d hit anything.

  39. jrzmommy

    39–MIke Tyson would hit it, too, over and over and over and over and over….

  40. talk about “scary”

  41. I don’t think she’s pregnant! This is just hype, people. Just like the rumors of him getting married.

    Do you honestly think that after being roasted over the coals by his ex that he would plunge back into the pit so soon??

    Look, she’s got her own money, she’s hotter than his first wife and he’s having fun for a change. Everybody relax…

  42. RichPort

    No matter where I walk in the room, her nipples just keep looking right at me. Now that shit scares me…

    #12 – HA!!!

  43. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    What? Celebrities getting married BEFORE the baby is born? No fucking way….that’s just not PC.

  44. Flip21

    Days like these, I’m glad I’m in my early 20s but still looking like I’m in my early teens. At this rate, I wont look old until I don’t give a fuck anymore.

  45. LL

    OK, at the risk of ridicule, I think she looks pretty good. First picture not the most flattering, but hell, who takes a good picture? And her tay-tas look acceptable, too, though I don’t think the rest of us need to see quite so much of them. I just think she could do better than Eddie Murphy. No offense, he’s not too objectionable, but doesn’t he already have 5 or 6 kids? And she’s not better looking than his ex-wife, who was (probably still is) gorgeous.

  46. kate

    Wow. She looks weird. Totally different from her Spice Girls days.

    FTR- I fucking hated the Spice Girls. Dumbest concept ever.

  47. Prazzie

    I think she looks really nice. Especially in the last pic, she looks soft and feminine. Her skin is glowing and healthy and evenly toned, her make up is demure (think of Anne Hathaway’s clown pics and then look at Mel again.) Celebrities need to be careful with especially black fabric, it seems to show off more than they intended when a flash is used. It’s not her fault, I like that dress on her. She should lose the beads and bag, though.

    I’m all for ripping celebs to shreds on this lovely site, but she looks fine to me.

  48. I don’t see why she is being called unattractive. I just wonder if there will be a pre-nip… oh, I mean nup (LOL well, look at the pic they shine right through!)

    Half Eddie, half!

  49. forlorn angel

    Oh come on guys… she’s cute and she looks healthy and happy. Better than those damn anorexic skanks like Lohan, Richie, Paris… need I go on?
    Although she can do WAY better than Eddie Murphy… she would have been better off with his brother, at least he’s funny.

  50. Wow… Two fallen stars getting it on…

    When is their Reality Show on Vh1 premiering?

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