Scary Spice has reasonable demands

August 10th, 2007 // 98 Comments

Eddie Murphy’s people are claiming that Scary Spice, Melanie Brown, demanded a $9 million mansion from him and that’s what started their feud. Scary Spice went on Larry King Live last night and when Larry King asked her about it, she never actually denied it. TMZ reports:

Scary also revealed that she and Eddie tattooed their names on each other — and claimed that the ink proves that they were, “very much in love and wanted to have a family together” adding, “You don’t tattoo somebody’s name on your body if it’s brief and unimportant, let’s put it that way.”

The Mirror also reveals that Scary Spice’s new husband, Stephen Belafonte, used to beat up his wife and cheat on all his girlfriends. Like a lot. And I don’t know much about relationships, but I think beating up your wife and cheating on her is maybe the best foundation for a healthy marriage. As is chaining her to the kitchen and using her breasts as a table. But that’s just my opinion. I’m a hopeless romantic.

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  1. huh

    i’ll be honest, i don’t really know why the fish constantly talks about her like she’s hideous. i’ve seen much uglier women. that is all, yeah no humor here

  2. Lily

    Well, she isn’t all that bad. Sure she is not exactly beautiful but she has a nice body and she just gave birth a few months ago. I think you’re missing the point here.
    Yep her tastes in men are somewhat quite puzzling but at least you should have better things to say than she is black thus quite ugly.
    Now if you can only understands racist feedback, let’s say that most stars that are making me feel sorry for the human race are white. Yeah…

  3. Kamiki

    She married him? What a stupid cow I am soo embarrassed that all the Brits you are seeing these days are these horrendous Spice Girls. She also has one of the worst British accents I have ever heard.

  4. Gob

    I’d play windshield wiper with those funbags all day, baby.

  5. Kamiki

    Oh and she smokes too – disgusting I hate her even more now.

  6. td

    @46 and 47 LOL!! What is this, the internet mafia? If I saw you two on the streets you probaly would be to scared to look my way. That is why your women is running to us. You need to follow the yellow brick road to find some courage. LOL

  7. Ztop pretending to be zomething ur not fuckerz, u know women love big black cockz to zuck on, black men are ten inchez whitez r four inchez, the black kidz in zchool get higher gradez than the white onez

  8. fuck u i get sick of the shit sometimes i feel so fucked up sometimes

    #46 and #47 are the same people

  9. regular joe

    They call it Scary Spice for a reason.

    It looks like her fake tit silicone is leaking. BARF

  10. regular joe

    OH, and i totally dig the last picture, Pic #12, in which she shows you her best “fake orgasm face”.

  11. EEewwwwww

    “so i grabbed the stupid bitch by her nappy ass weave/
    started talking shit/wouldn’t ya know/I reached back like a pimp/and i slapped the ho”

    Dynamite Hack 1998

  12. She got hella zits for a rich bitch!!

  13. ??krazihottkelli??

    WHY the fuck would zhe go and grab up a white guy? We ALL know white men have little dickz and can’t fuck. Juzt like they can’t jump when playing bazketball. When zhe breakz up with him zhe better call him from long diztance and dizguise her voice, becauze EVERYONE knowz white men go nutz when you dump their azzez and will come and kill you, your family, AND the dog in the backyard. Fuck a white boy with no dick and no ambition.

  14. Hell yeah #63, we all know them white mofo’s ain’t got no dick control!! She needs a black man to do her right then knock her up then dump her ass, oh wait that aleady happened….sorry!! But yeah them white guys is fucked up!!!

  15. #58
    i understand what your going through, why cant u just give me a chance to show you how much i love u

    don’t let the racists on this website get u down, i know u don’t trust men, especially white ones, but not all men are evil

    i really love u

  16. carpe

    white women who go with black men are traitors, there are lots of good white men out there, why cant they find one?
    and the same goes for white guys who chase after black girls


    Did she get left in the oven to long? Looks kinda charred…..

  18. Doesn’t make any difference no matter how attractive or educated I am they will still consider me just another n*gger

  19. #67 the intent of your comment waz to be hurtful one day zomeone iz going to zay zomething hurtful to u

  20. Who Cares?

    WOW! She is one fine piece of woman! Whoo..can’t take my eyes off that beauty, she is sooooo just..pretty!

    Must go shower now…

  21. wedgeone

    woodhorse, will you come back over here and pinch my tits for me? Do it just like you did the other night. I want you so much, words can’t explain.

  22. Diordnadionarap

    Is that a security tag on the back of her swim suit… still attached?!?! Or just the regular tag sticking out?

  23. crazy otto

    I give them 4 months

  24. Lucky#13

    Now I know why she was named Scary Spice.

    She looks KINDA hot from the back though.

  25. whatever

    You know…whenever I feel bad about problems in my life…I just imagine what life would be like if I had married a girl like scary spice.

    If I had fucked a girl like scary spice.

    If I had been forced to endure the nagging and whining of a fat, nasty, selfish, cum burping, crack whore bitch like scary spice.

    If I had been entrapped and then divorced by an evil, gold digging, “me me me…I need more!” bitch like scary spice.

    After vomiting my guts into the toilet, I immediately head to the nearest church, drop to my knees, and praise God that I never met a fucking ho like scary spice.

    Eddie Murphy should just kill himself now, and hope his soul escapes the powerful vortex of suction created by that fucking cunt.

  26. whatever

    BTW…to everyone who made a comment along the lines of “she’s kind of hot” or “I would do stuff to her”…

    Are you fucking blind? Are…you…fucking…legally…blind? Do you think garbage trucks are hot? When they come to pick up your trash, do you try humping the back of the truck? Get your fucking eyes checked NOW! That bitch is a cum burping gutter slut if I have ever seen one. And her face screams “I’m a gold digging vampire who could suck the soul and bank account of any man dry!” One night with her and Bill Gates would be begging for change on the side of a freeway off ramp.

    Look at her face in the last picture. Yeah…you wanna wake up next to that? You go right ahead. I would slice my wrists with my own finger nails first.

  27. DeChupa

    #76 Not only that, if, in a drunken stupor, I would wake up in the morning with mr. happy embedded in that, I think i’d just cut him loose……

    But seriously, all the celebs that hit the news regularly are prime examples of how NOT to raise your kids. Of course most of the celebs who don’t hit the news all the time are quite ok, it’s just the highly visible, ultra crazy minority that looks REAL bad.

    Vote! who thinks scary will be Whitneys successor?

  28. zhez no different than any
    other crack whore mom
    our country iz full of them
    U can alwayz zpot them
    their fuckin teeth R
    falling outta their face.

  29. Starscanfrighten

    Post #3 and 7 – totally agree. This poor thing. She wants desperately to be hot, but she’s just not.

  30. Starscanfrighten

    In every picture, she has an expression on her face that makes me want to slap the fuck out of her.

  31. jbird

    Ummm…picture no. 9. I’m not lezzie or anything, but who can deny that Black girls have some of the most scrumptous A$$E$! With that said, I hope The Superficial posts pictures of Beyonce from the rear. Now THAT’S an A$$ worth killing for! Ar-ROWWWW!

  32. Teryn


  33. Kamiki

    She is mixed race – her mother is white.

  34. whatever

    #81 – oh yeah, that’s such a hot ass. I can imagine Nazis torturing information out of allied prisoners by having her sit that ass on their faces.

    Oh…wait…that wouldn’t get information…it would kill them instantly.

  35. Starscanfrighten

    I like the way she’s crammed those wide feet of hers into those little shoes.

  36. Starscanfrighten

    In fact, are we sure she’s not a tranny? The feet always give it away.

  37. Starscanfrighten

    Is it possible for a bimbo to walk around in a bathing suit and heels without looking desperate? Better question, why do bimbos always have to wear heals with bathing suits?

  38. Starscanfrighten


  39. gigi

    why the heels? it’s called PHOTO OP — nobody does that because it’s in their everyday routine/ all logic is abandoned when it comes to publicity…. and check out the dusty/ crusty toes in those close ups…. and damn it – these numbered references & going backwards is so confusing! lol btw, of course she married this idiot — obviously she’s into abusive guys. Her dad was probably an asshole… she’s not equipped to end that cycle. Could be a brilliant match

  40. FACE

    I would blow a load directly into her ass after poundong her doggie style for an hour

  41. Seven million dollars is a lot to pay for sex with this shameless, gold-digging career prostitute. Mr Belafonte is going to end up picking up a huge tab.

  42. I have a serious confession to make. I have caused all of this sites problems and the problems of the 346 people who visit this site. I installed porn on the kraziherpezkelli link on all these pages. When you click it, it goes to, which is three old men having sex with each other. It was an inside joke between a few of us and I also sent krazihottkelli fake emails that told her she won the lottery. I hope Superfish isn’t mad at me. I ‘m sure you people can fix your own computers.

  43. jimena

    whoa, look at that healthy smoker mommy. for sure she’s looking for what’s best for hers and Eddie’s daughter… or could a 9M mansion help her quit??? f!lthy b!tch!!!

  44. Jacqueline

    That’s just plain ole nasty!

  45. juliaaah

    she’ doing what I’d do after havinf his kid or any kid
    I will confess this site has taught me to NEVER have a baby the guy cN ADOPT OR GET A SURRAGATE
    i love being 19 :) with perky boobs and a great ass~

  46. bri_fari

    tranny spice,she looka like a man,how bout those ass scars?musta been bootin smack

  47. LHG

    Scary spice looks good now since she has been ‘Dancing with the stars’. I must admit, she looks tired on those pictures. I do feel if I were a man, she would get on my nerves. Eddie had his fun and ran like the wind. He has to many children anyway. What was he thinking? or wait a minute, he wasn’t. He already has 5 children by his wife, two others by to different women (one born before he married, one born during his marriage), now Scary Spice. I hope Scary is done having children and I hope Eddie gets snipped.

  48. @3 The areas above, below and to the sides of the area between her boobs are no picnic either.

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