Scary Spice has reasonable demands

August 10th, 2007 // 98 Comments

Eddie Murphy’s people are claiming that Scary Spice, Melanie Brown, demanded a $9 million mansion from him and that’s what started their feud. Scary Spice went on Larry King Live last night and when Larry King asked her about it, she never actually denied it. TMZ reports:

Scary also revealed that she and Eddie tattooed their names on each other — and claimed that the ink proves that they were, “very much in love and wanted to have a family together” adding, “You don’t tattoo somebody’s name on your body if it’s brief and unimportant, let’s put it that way.”

The Mirror also reveals that Scary Spice’s new husband, Stephen Belafonte, used to beat up his wife and cheat on all his girlfriends. Like a lot. And I don’t know much about relationships, but I think beating up your wife and cheating on her is maybe the best foundation for a healthy marriage. As is chaining her to the kitchen and using her breasts as a table. But that’s just my opinion. I’m a hopeless romantic.

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  1. Queenbuzz


  2. nagger please

    How can she be black without bootlips and flaring nostrils?

  3. willtherealvictorpleasestandup

    looks like she’s taking the britney spears approach to post-delivery, drink & smoke heavily.

    that area between her boobs is revolting, especially so in the last picture.

  4. Queenbuzz

    So anywho…Scary Spice is a golddigga…Eddie Murphy is a deadbeat dad….NEXT

  5. The Judge

    This is a perfect example of a nasty ass crack whore…

  6. for some reason i think this is completely reasonable…
    we cant foget she is dealing with “beverly hills cock”

  7. Rim Job

    Her cleavage could use an antibiotic…

  8. Lon Chaney

    @5: Most definitely, my friend.

    I think she’s anally raping Eddie Murphy for money since she’s probably spent all of the money she “earned” as a Spice Girl and she knows the world tour will crash and burn. I am praying it does. The Spice Girls are a stain among stains on this Earth.

  9. Annie Rexia

    Too. Fucked. Up. For. Words.

  10. my comment

    Chainsmoking, boozing, cackling, animal print bathing suit-wearing, fat pig stuffed into spike heels at a pool ho.

    Sure glad she’s not MY mother.

  11. my comment

    Oh ya and another thing. Buy a better WIG!

  12. RichPort

    I’s like to impregnate her rectum.

  13. I hope zhe takez all hiz money
    If zhe ruined her body for that
    dickhead..then give her the
    big buckz…

  14. ssdd

    One can only imagine the mushrooms growing under those flaps of sweaty black meat titties.

  15. Bjoern

    She look’s scary to me. :\

  16. Bigsteamyone

    She should change her name to Scarey Fat Ass , that’s it have some more wine…it’s great that her nursing child will be drinking a fine vintage .

  17. hello my name is joe

    I agree with everything she says. That is why I have Jessica Alba’s name tattooed across my chest.

  18. ^^^^^^^^^KrazyHotKelliKlone^^^^^^^^^^^

    #13. who ruined your body, kelli?
    u zhould definitely zue them
    for that kind of damage

  19. You guys are mean!!!

  20. wedgeone

    I would suck her black ass dry.
    There wouldn’t be nothing left when I got done with her. I would get so down and dirty, damn I’m so hot.

  21. Dufus

    iz her boobs growin

  22. No guy will ever ruin my body…
    anyone who haz a child now
    in thiz zhitty world zhould B zhot
    to death..nothing to live for ..but
    the end of all good thingz..

    Now…az I put my bikini on …I will
    B exiting to the Ocean…have fun
    b=ing Me?

  23. regular

    SKanky Spice, more like it.

    Guys, I think Kelli has a masochist fantasy, where she acts retarded in here on purpose because she loves to be hated on. We should all help her to recovery by ignoring her. The sooner we do, the sooner she may get the help she desperately needs!!

  24. Pedro

    I think she needs to demand the 9 million in cash, so she can get the scary out of the spice

  25. Shallow Val

    I am hating this chick more and more each day. She loooks like she’s a fucking conceited bitch. Fucking no talent dump factory. At least Sporty can do backflips.

  26. mabbo

    What does she need Eddie’s money for? Each Spice Girl is receiving 20 million dollars for this comeback tour. You can add the 30 odd million that she pocketed for her stint as a Spice Girl. Bitch has tens of millions of dollars in her bank account! She is HARDLY a desperate starving welfare mother.

  27. Annie Rexia

    #22. You should burned this image into my brain of a fat, hairy, fifty year old guy trying to squeeze into a string bikini. Bleck.

  28. Annie Rexia

    Sorry about the posting. Have a screeching hang over.

  29. sexy scarlett

    “You don’t tattoo someone’s name on your body if it’s brief and unimportant.” Hell yes, you do. She sounds like a fifth grader…”Oh, you don’t scribble someone’s name on your notebook if you aren’t gonna marry them at recess.”

    Please, get a grip…now i know why she’s called scary spice. Scary, possessive, I-will-not-be-ignored spice.

  30. pablo13

    She has great figure completely, although it has given birth child.

  31. HoboChic

    Let us not forget that Murphy deserves it. She could be the anti-Christ, and the universe still wouldn’t be even with him excreting into it “My Girl Wants to Party All the Time.”

  32. sexy scarlett

    and….is she going into some acne induced coma in that last pic?

  33. sexy scarlett

    Pablo 13 — are you speaking English?

  34. xxraymama

    Why did she not attempt to drag a comb through that weave? Or at least pull it back or hide it under a hat.
    Obviously she put forth enough effort to cram into a swimsuit 2 sizes too small.
    The high heels at the beach thing frightens me more than the hair, though.

  35. TS

    #1, URA a dork. You know why, so don’t even ask.

  36. Michelle Double D

    Cant she get a job ?

  37. my only concern for her is her reputation. i mean claiming to be in love with Eddie Murphy (at this gay point in his life) is like claiming to have been Joan of Arc in a previous life. Joan was executed and Eddie is…apparently gay. either way, you got BURNED…

  38. Bull Emeya

    #37 hahahahaha! i just like totally fucking got that dude like OMG! like wow…just, WOW! i mean its just like totally freak me out i mean like RIGHT ON!

    oh i dont feel so good.

    **throws up a hamburger…again.

  39. cornie on a candlestick

    #38 r u Amy Winehouse’s cousin?

    ’cause if you are then…that makes me wanna go to rehab too. i mean…no, no, no.

  40. somewhereinthemiddle

    Is leopard print the uniform of no talent cum dumpsters or is it just coincidence?

  41. blackface

    uh the leopard suit is just the stadard tribal clothing from where the boat picked her up 200 years ago…still hasn’t taken it off.

  42. Italian Stallion


  43. woodhorse

    Normally that situation might alarm me on her behalf but I’m pretty sure Scary can kick Belafonte’s ass. $50 bucks says he can’t chain her to the stove.

  44. Lovely

    Holy chest bone

  45. wedgeone

    #20 – You mean you would troll her black ass dry, schack.
    I have more respect for myself than to follow Eddie Murphy down that cavern.

    Back to looking Scary again, I see. Ladies and Gentlemen, the next successor to Britney. Look to see her a lot more on this site, unfortunately.

  46. timothy donnell

    Now I see what it feels like when the wites a belittled on the prodominately black sites! Im somewhere in between considering im black and my wife is white. LORD help us all!!

  47. woodhorse

    #46 Could you get Carpe Mundus to go back to work? His sweet ass is taking one hellova long vacation.

  48. blackface


    nice spelling. must have taut dat shzit in da hood

  49. Nic

    STOP this marriage mess! Read first: – Why men are saying I DONT!

  50. All.Day.Long Just like a drum…and you know what I mean

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