Scarlett Johansson wears bikini in Jamaica

April 18th, 2006 // 312 Comments

  1. CheekyChops

    She’s all bruised. Baby needs a tan.

  2. russelltheluvmuscle


  3. russelltheluvmuscle


  4. CheekyChops

    Btw, is it just me or do her breastesess look lopsided?

  5. Meghann

    Shouldn’t she have a free Dolce and Gabbana one hanging around or something? Sheesh

  6. Binky

    There’s nothing like swimming with your sunglass’s on. Oh sure – the dives are a bit dark, but how about that ‘coolness factor’?
    (Hummm…Who’s looking at the bikini…. ?)

  7. NastyTodd

    id hit it!

  8. trophywife

    i’m with #4, looks like she bought her rack at Walmart too

  9. k8tekila

    I’ve never liked her.
    Her face screams: Slut…
    And her body screams: Road Kill…


    You people must be homos. She looks hot.

  11. The Mad Scientologist

    Scarlett Johansson is so hot. I would let her take a warm, steaming crap on my face. mmmmmmmm

  12. BigJim

    I’d like to bury my face in those.

    To all you losers who say she’s ugly, I’d bet a lot that she’s way hotter than any pimple-covered, fat-assed, pug-nosed, hairy-nippled skank that you ever fucked.

    I think she’s cute and I would definitely do her.

  13. CheekyChops

    If I was a dude, I’d rather masterbate than hit that. AND if I was a dude, I’d have a HUGE penis.

  14. newbondsux

    no airbrushing, no makeup, no retouching…I’m sure many of you haven’t ever seen a woman before, outside of the magazines and free “babe-a-day” downloads that you hide in a private folder so your mommy doesn’t find out you’ve been whacking off to the computer again, but this is what they should look like…beautiful.

  15. HappyTimeHarry

    Her right tit is almost as big as his head… Left is a little smaller, but if i was fingering her asshole Id only need 1 to hold onto anyways…

    bathroom break – time for the “Stranger”

  16. PapaHotNuts

    She must be using SPF 1000.

  17. mags

    Don’t listen to them, Scarlett!

    Except for the bikini, you could have done much better. I’d happily help to choose a new one next time…just call…

  18. PapaHotNuts

    I’d fuck her on top of Mother Theresa’s grave while my grandmother filmed it.

  19. CheekyChops

    Dr. Pepper all over the freakin keyboard. Thanks Papa!!!

  20. Sweet_cheeks

    i don’t know why i always thought her breasts were real. looks like she fooled me.

    btw, she has an awesome full body. ugly bikini, i’m sure it’s designer anyways.

  21. tits_on_snack

    I like how whenever somebody expresses their distaste for a certain person’s appearance, everyone who likes that person automatically accuses them of being ugly or fat, or that their past romantic involvements were all with ugly fat people, or that they are jealous or gay.
    I like it, because it’s true.

  22. Land-Man

    Does that mean you have a huge vagina?

  23. tits_on_snack

    #20 – agreed. The ugly bikini probably is some designer crap that cost her two thousand dollars. Designer stuff is always ugly, people only think they look good because they had to fork over their first born child for it. Like every goddamn trendy monogrammed handbag – all ugly as sin.

  24. Shovel00

    too bad the boobies are fake, but it’s still refreshing to see a starlet that doesn’t resemble a dry, overcooked chicken wing being eaten by pigeons in a 99 cent store parking lot….with the face of a well-worn driving glove.

    If she keeps wearing the sunblock, she won’t develop that turkey chin next year like Britney’s.

  25. Breasts look real to me. She has a little chunk on her, which is nice IMHO, and matches her breasts well. I’ve never found her particularly attractive, though she was on the verge of hot in The Island. Ugly bikini, yes.

  26. Shovel00

    something about the way they sit in the second photo, but who knows?

  27. Lettusaurus

    lemme get this straight… SHE was voted sexiest woman of the year? WTF

  28. Vampyreska

    *yawn* She bores me to tears. And that suit looks like she bought it off the discount rack at TJ Maxx.

  29. Baroness

    #14 – Agreed!

    She looks great – better than I expected…

  30. Aimtrue

    I love the bikini- I’m guessing romantic Josh, suprised her with the trip and she did not have time to pack. She bought it in the hotel gift shop. The sufer on the bottom is riding that wave right to the promised land- You gotta love that. The breasts are real and real nice. Yes I;ld hit that, but I’ld hit just about anything right now that meets the following: pulse, female since birth, weighs less than me by at least 30 lbs, and recent STD screening Is that too much to ask.

  31. Fake tits. Good except for the clip ons.

  32. decal1028

    Yeah, looks great to me, are those the only two pics?

  33. DMM

    I never realized how really fat she is. Yikes. I feel bad for her weight but she still makes made cash.

  34. prideofchucky

    Digging those bright-ass neon yellow spaghetti straps. I wonder if she has the matching puffy paint t-shirt..

  35. cptn-morgan

    I hate Josh hartnett. I hope the m*****f***er chokes on a hotdog.BTW papa can I second your motion
    P.S. Tom still loves the cock

  36. Chrystal03

    she looks great…from the neck down!

  37. LoneWolf

    Giggity giggity giggity. Aww riight.

  38. tits_on_snack

    Fat, yes, she’s a heifer. She probably even eats food without even throwing it back up. LOL Scarlett you n00b. U don’t have teh mad anerexik skillz.

  39. Ohhhhhhh!!! I get it now, so THATS why she’s famous.

  40. Cratylus

    This is a sexuality test. If when you looked at these pictures you thought:

    [A] “OMG!!1! Scarlette’s boobies!” You’re a straight male.

    [B] “Ewww! (Snarky comment along the lines of buying bikini at Wal*mart)” You’re either gay or a witty straight female.

    [C] “Those are fake tits!” You’re a straight female, albeit mostly clueless because you fail to realize that no guy cares.


    Not a great bikini, but she _is_ a very good looking woman.

    Some of us likes ‘em pale like dat.

  42. That’s fat?!?! Jesus Christ. I’d say we’re dealing with some unreasonably high standards here — that body’s pretty close to perfect. It’s certainly closer than most of the anorexic skanks walking around Hollywood these days.

    Anyway, a cheap bikini is just that much easier to rip off when you get back to the hotel room.

  43. wordsjustwontwork

    unfortunately, this looks like some of the D&G bikinis

    it probably isnt one, but it sure does resemble them, this was probably the only one she could fit in – seeing as theyre not made for full figured girls

    oh and her boobs are real, because yea they are uneven … just like mine and every other woman with natural boobs, you just notice it more cuz theyre big

    when youre an actress, all that matters is your face … i think shes a little chunky, but shes just full-figured … a little tan and im sure she would look fine

  44. Alucard

    An almost perfect body.For all of you who thinks ” she’s fat ” : GAYZ !

  45. Jill

    She’s not fat.

  46. RougeRed

    She’s anything but fat. Get Real, people. For once there aren’t ribs and bones sticking out all over a woman.

  47. gogoboots

    I look like that in a bikini, how odd…I guess I don’t look that bad in one then, cause she looks kinda good. She’s a bit discolored though, she needs a more uniform tan. I don’t think she’s fat, she’s really curvy and has big ass boobs, just like me : )!

  48. M@ce

    That’s a fine woman…but it doesn’t change the fact that Tom Cruise Loves the Cock.

  49. MindyLou

    People: You really think she is fat?!?! Wow…at 5’6″ and 125 lbs. I feel like I’m as big as a barn.

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