Scarlett Johansson shocked she has big boobs

sjohansson_isleprem.jpgThe Daily Record reports that Scarlett Johansson nearly crashed her car when she saw her digitally enhanced boobs on a billboard, slamming on her brakes when confronted with the huge advert.

“I was driving through Los Angeles and I look up and see the biggest photo of me I have ever seen in my life on a massive ad space. I screamed and slammed on the brakes. I couldn’t believe it. It’s very strange to see my cleavage the size of a brontosaurus. My breasts were huge. I had long hair and my goodness, I couldn’t get past the cleavage.”

I think I saw that exact same billboard, but instead of almost crashing, I just took off my pants and started fondling myself instead. The guy behind me was upset because I was holding up traffic, but when he walked up to my car I just pointed to the billboard and he understood. Or at least I assume he understood, because he started taking off his pants as well. Now that I think about it, that was a pretty weird day.