Scarlett Johansson & Ryan Reynolds engaged

May 5th, 2008 // 53 Comments

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds are engaged, according to People:

Reynolds, 31, currently filming the aptly named The Proposal in Boston with Sandra Bullock, recently popped the question to Johansson, 23. The couple have not set a wedding date.
The Nanny Diaries star is expected to show off her sparkler at Monday night’s Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Gala in New York. Sources say Johansson is eager to “show off her rock” with her Dolce & Gabbana gown.

Aw, how precious. Except for the fact that, for his birthday, Scarlett gave Ryan her wisdom tooth dipped in gold. Yep. You read that. I can only imagine what kind of thoughtful gift she’ll get him as an engagement present. Probably something fancy like her spleen – but Bedazzled! Or there’s always the dug up remains of her childhood dog. You know, simple but from the heart.

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  1. First you stinking cuntholes

  2. bigbadvoodoodaddy

    I hope he gives her a pearl necklace…I know I would.

  3. Hollard

    Yo, all i gotta say is,


  4. prncezz


  5. ph7

    Must be cleavage day today. Glad to see Superficial keeping the women under 30, so we don’t have to waste time with the weathered, loose, dumpy over-30 crowd.

  6. @1 I would never call anyone “Stinking cuntholes” , except you..

  7. Will

    On their wedding night she’ll give him her pussy, dipped in ice. Like on any other night. She and Jessica Alba are the Salt and Pepper of hot body conceited ice bitches. I’d love to fuck either of them – and then leave.

  8. Anexio

    Congrats Ryan, you managed to get engaged to the most passed around who-er in New York.

  9. Come-Honor-Face

    they make a nice couple. both of them dont have any kinda disater-ridden past, and are both serious actors, but i just can’t see them together for the long haul,,,,,,,23 is too young. But its nice to know that ryan gets to go motor-boating w/ those things whenever he wants….lucky bastard

  10. veggi

    I’d marry those tits, irregardless of the bitch they’re on.

  11. HannahBanana

    I thought he had better taste.

  12. fygu

    They will never get married. RR was also engaged to Alanis Morissette and that didn’t last either.

  13. deacon jones

    I wish my mom would wash my My Little Ponly sheets. They are starting to give me a rash. My special purpose gets all wet when I look at the pink pony too long.

  14. veggi

    10- Wow! You sure are a fucking loser….

    I’m outta here. Time for a liquid lunch..

  15. Once a guy said he thought I looked just like Scarlett, and I have to admit that I was pretty happy about the comparison! Of course, a minute later he busted a nut all over my face, so maybe he just knew the exact thing to say to make me keep my mouth and eyes open.

  16. Please Don't Insult Scarlet


    Please don’t put Jessica Alba & Scarlett in the same category. Jessica Alba is dumb and boring, which explained why she had to get knocked up to get her boyfriend to commit. Scarlet, however, did not have to.

  17. stephiphany

    Oh, Ryan. Please don’t.

  18. Lindsey

    My boyfriend loves her. He has a picture of her up on his wall. The other day, he got mad at me, and blurted out, “You’re fat!” Now, I am 5’4″ 140 lbs, honestly is that fat? Fatter than Scarlett, but at least I know he’ll never leave me for her, he’s not rich enough for her.

  19. Julie

    yeah great idea get engaged at 23 when half the world wants to fuck your brains out. I give it two years.

  20. Randal

    Hey there Scarlett. Just stopping by to give you my warm wishes on this important announcement that will lead you down a new road in your life with Ryan.

    I think it’s great the two of you have worked so hard to move forward to this very moment and want nothing but the best for you both.




  21. I Have the Pussy Therefore I Make the Rules


    Why would you even think of your boyfriend leaving you?

    YOU should leave HIM for calling you fat. I’m pretty sure his looks do not qualify him to have hot girls.

  22. Wow, first time I logged on taday, and nice to see the trolls are out today! #10 and #15 especially!!! So glad I could join you for this brief moment. Now I’m leaving for good. I’m going to hang out with Veggi, it’s Cinco De Mayo for Christ’s sake!!

    Margaritas!!!!! Who’s coming? Jimbo? Auntie? who else??

  23. Lindsey

    “I Have the Pussy Therefore I make the Rules” good one, Thank you, I’ll tell him that next time he acts up. I’m sure he’d rather have real sex than jerk off to Scarlett’s pic

  24. ???

    #15, trolls are fucking faggots. Just rememer that. And that attempt at humor bombed miserably. What a fucknut…

  25. naomi

    she’s so beautiful and refined. Love her, incredible genes she has

  26. lmao

    “Now I’m leaving for good.” (…for the fifteenth time, at least…)

  27. Smelly

    My brain hurts.

  28. ??? - ?

    Yes, I’ll “rememer” that, mommy.

  29. Auntie Kryst

    @22 Fuck yeah, count me in!! Finally have nice weather in my town to sit outside and enjoy a margarita.

  30. Poon Tang

    5’4 & 140 isn’t technically FAT, just chubby. But all that matters here is that your boyfriend is a fucking piece of shit and you should dump him.

  31. Take a close look

    Are those stretch marks? I believe they are…

  32. Ted Mosby

    He wants to keep those boobies all to himself and away from Woody Allen.

  33. #26 What are you talking about? I’ve left for good. LOTS OF TIMES!!!!!!

    Ok, Auntie, let’s go!! You buy the frist 8 rounds, I’ll get all the rest..

  34. Lexoka

    NO, NO, NO, NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

    She can’t marry him! What about me?

  35. BarelyStearn

    Yeah, I rock!
    Ryan Reynolds you are my God. And you are most definitely a “rackonteur” — first Alanis…now Scarlett — Damn it: Good for you man. Good. For. You.

  36. cumby

    How long before this farce is called off.

  37. dude

    I’m with 36, cumby.

    I hope Alannis calls Scar Jo and says, “I went down on him in a theater….and he thinks of me when he’s fucking you”.


  38. Sex Nuts & Retard Strong

    She gave him her wisdom tooth covered in gold? WTF? What’s wrong with a blowjob? Shit, even a handjob would be better. That’s just wacked. The only thing covered in gold I’d want from her are her boobs. Forget the rest of her, just the boobies covered in gold, sitting on my desk so I don’t think about work related stuff during the day.

    And #18? You’re not fat. Your boyfriend’s penis is just that skinny and small, which would make anyone look bigger by comparison. Just tell him that and he’ll be fine.

  39. BunnyButt

    Maybe it’s just me, but this guy (Ryan Reynolds) seems gay. I’ve seen only one of his movies, he played the straight, romantic lead, he was completely implausible in that role because he seemed too gay, and I’m surprised he keeps getting those roles … well, not only because of the gay thing, but also because he’s completely blah. Gay and boring. Nice job picking a husband, Scarlett.

  40. balay

    This is not going to last. Why bother getting married? They could just live together and save themselves having to get a divorce later. She’s only 23. If she was 30 there might be a chance but now….no.

  41. Melana

    He’s not gay obviously and is adorable looking but I think he has picked the wrong girl if it’s a long marriage he’s wanting.

  42. Sheva

    Like Ryan Reynolds and wish him good luck because based on what has come out of this chick’s mouth she’s hardly coming across as stable and one suitable for marriage. And at 23, what is he thinking?

    As for that 5’4″ 140 pound beast, yeah you are lucky to have a boyfriend. At 5′ 4″ I expect a girl to be 105 to maybe 112.

    Look up a BMI index. You are a cow. Moooo.

    I imagine you don’t need to look at a BMI index, just look at your ass in the mirror and your thighs which both are probably quite large, cellulite dimpled and wobbly.

    Sorry, but the BMI (and mirror) don’t lie.

  43. iamyourb/f

    @18 u a god damn heffer and not the young female cow before she has had her first calf, just a fat fuck. next time your man tells you you’re fat ask him if he would like you to cook his favorite dinner and give him anal tonight to make it up for staying with you.

  44. I really do not like them together. I guess I’m not the only one.

  45. Als

    Ryan Reynolds is filming in a little town called Rockport, Mass.

  46. no!! please let this be an AK prank. please!!! first jt takes jessica, now this? whats next??

  47. How Can Ugly Guys Expect to Have Hot Girls?


    A guy writing comments on a gossip site like this means he can’t get laid, i.e., he is ugly as Lohan’s overused labia, as fat as Roseanne Barr, not to mention penniless. So what the hell do you think #18 would even consider going out with you?

  48. joe

    #24 you moron she is definately not refined ! she a whore that’s all !
    oh and her tits might be huge but covered with strech lines !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you can even see it in this pic.
    thanks to the make up !

  49. gus

    Christ, imagine being married to that cunt. Sure, I’d love to bang her, but I imagine she’s quite intolerable to live with.

  50. PostmortemG

    “yeah great idea get engaged at 23 when half the world wants to fuck your brains out. I give it two years.”


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