Scarlett Johansson puts on her Nobel Peace face (And other goings on)

As the world turns:

- Scarlett Johansson hosts gala event for Nobel Peace Prize winner. Because nothing brings legitimacy to an organization like a woman who dips her teeth in gold as gifts. Good game, Nobel. [CNN Europe]

- Heath Ledger nominated for posthumous Golden Globe. Meanwhile, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie forced to settle for lame prehumous nominations and might as well not even show up. [I Watch Stuff]

- Mark Ruffalo drops out of movie to mourn brother’s death. Ben Stiller to replace him because Hollywood’s a sucker for compounding tragedies. [E! Online]

- Josh Hartnett wins lawsuit against Daily Mirror who admitted to fabricating a story of him having sex in a library. Had they made it two women and one was the Little Mermaid, Josh would’ve let it slide – for the children. [TMZ]

Photos: WENN