Scarlett Johansson puts on her Nobel Peace face (And other goings on)

December 11th, 2008 // 28 Comments

As the world turns:

- Scarlett Johansson hosts gala event for Nobel Peace Prize winner. Because nothing brings legitimacy to an organization like a woman who dips her teeth in gold as gifts. Good game, Nobel. [CNN Europe]

- Heath Ledger nominated for posthumous Golden Globe. Meanwhile, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie forced to settle for lame prehumous nominations and might as well not even show up. [I Watch Stuff]

- Mark Ruffalo drops out of movie to mourn brother’s death. Ben Stiller to replace him because Hollywood’s a sucker for compounding tragedies. [E! Online]

- Josh Hartnett wins lawsuit against Daily Mirror who admitted to fabricating a story of him having sex in a library. Had they made it two women and one was the Little Mermaid, Josh would’ve let it slide – for the children. [TMZ]

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  1. wtf

    >Sigh<. Yet another celebrity trying to appear cultured and intelligent. Please, just stick to being the whores that you are. Really.

  2. Aaron

    Too bad she ain’t a natural beauty, I saw her pre- plastic surgery nose and laughed.


  4. Barry O

    Pitt & Jolie getting nominations? Yeah, that’s legit. Makes the Golden Globes as legitimate as MTV Total “Request” Live.

  5. shimmy

    Why would she bother dipping her teeth in gold when its already so goddamn yellow to start with?

    Plus shes ugly, with or without titties. Joker’s hottter than her. Shoulda had his face in the big pic, Fish.

  6. Massa'

    I don’t get the Scarlett Johanson thing. She’s got total butter face. She’d be mildly attractive in a bar at 3 am after a 12 pack and 6 jagr bombs. She’s got a good push up bra, and she can’t act worth a shit. Her stupid English accent in The Prestige almost ruined the movie. She’ smore suited for porno, where she can showcase her skills at giving blowjobs, which is obviously how she gets herself into movies, by blowing big time Hollywood execs.

    At least if she did porn we’d get to see something like #5 posted. I think she’d look 100% better with about 12 streams of hot semen running down her face and 1 eye glued shut, with jizz bubbles gurgling out of 1 nostril…..

  7. Wow!! She is really really beautiful i must say . She has got such a clean face. I I like her transparent eyes very much . Thanks for such a wonderful post.

  8. Starring Michael Caine and Scarlett Johansson are due to host the evening gala features performances by Diana Ross, opera quartet Il Divo and Swedish singer-songwriter Robyn.

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