Scarlett Johansson might be spoiled

sjohansson_spoiled.jpgThe Style section of the New York Times has an article on Scarlett Johansson, which is incredibly boring except for a few key parts like this:

“Robert Redford gave me a silver bracelet, which I cherished,” she recalled. “And I haven’t gotten anything lately that was like that. The studio will send you a wilting fruit basket or some mediocre Champagne or maybe the newest iPod. Some people get cars – that would be nice, but will they also pay for my parking?”

Just when I thought I finally understood celebrities, one of them goes ahead and says some crazy shit like this. Receiving cars as gifts? That’s fine. But to be so bold as to expect them to pay for your parking as well? That’s just plain greedy. It’s a good thing Scarlett Johansson is hot, because I doubt any guy would want to get with a woman whose idea of a gift is a car and free parking. And maybe the occasional unicorn.

Scarlett [NY Times - thanks Neil!]