Scarlett Johansson loves her boobies

September 19th, 2006 // 112 Comments

  1. RichPort

    #47 – You just made me spit pizza sauce on my monitor. Thanks for that.

  2. commissioner


    I fondle mine all the time. In fact, I shut my office door so we can be alone. My staff knows to knock before abruptly entering.

  3. RichPort

    I just reread comment 34 and I realize Edna’s got me so horny, I wrote ‘when’, instead of ‘me’. I must have meant ‘when’ as in the phrase “Say when BITCH!!!”. My bad.

  4. frenchtoaststix

    I, like the elegant Scarlett, enjoy my boobies. Not too big, not too small. I even get FREE breast exams from this nice young fellow, can you believe that!?

  5. hamacus

    #26 if by funny shaped you mean “Bukakke Dream Perfect” than I agree with you whole-heartedly.

  6. jrzmommy

    Damn! Is there a full moon or something? Folks is HOR-NAY today!

  7. Grobpilot

    Great cans. I just wish she wouldn’t wear sunglasses big enough to cover both of them if she wore them on her chest.

  8. HollyJ

    11 – That’s what I was about to say! That tatt-headed photographer head is more interesting than she is

  9. hamacus

    #57 That’s eye protection for…well you know. I likes a girl that comes prepared.

  10. RichPort

    #56 – It was Edna’s fault. She’s such a cum sucking whore.

    #59 – HA!!!

  11. hamacus

    Edna…put your glasses on.

  12. bigponie

    does anyone else notice the concrete cock in the background, I have the same effect when looking at scarlett.

  13. If I had her glands, I’d caress them alllllll theeeeee time.

  14. Baroness

    What the hell? Look at her, she’s not “curvy” at all — she’s skinny, just with a pair of big tits.

  15. Devil Is Chrome

    #9 – #64

    I agree – why the hell does she have to apologize for not looking like a skeleton?

    She’s not curvy – she’s thin with big boobs…

    She’s gorgeous. Thank Shiva for a woman whose clavicle isn’t a dangerous weapon!

  16. andrewthezeppo

    17/18 – “not a whore” um, perhaps you never heard the story of her having sex with Benico del Toro (yep, the ugly one) in an elevator!

    she’s very attractive but can’t act her way out of a paper bag.

  17. popegoestheweasel

    Can’t blame her for liking them, I know I do too LOL

  18. biatcho

    I feel sorry for this chick once gravity takes over in a few years… she’ll end up like tit-hips Simpson by the time she’s 25.

  19. commissioner


    Well, yeah. If I want foreplay, I have to do it myself!

  20. RichPort

    Is it me, or does she have freakishly small hands, like a midget? I don’t think she could masturbate us both simultaneously with those little digits.

  21. doihaveabooger

    yup, she’s on top of the world, but those big natural funbags just mean she’s two tons o fun at 30.


    Aye, and I like ‘em, too!

  23. alaskanchicsickle

    Size of the tits doesn’t matter. She can just get them fixed when she gets older. That’s the beauty of science. When I get tired of getting black eyes, I’ll get these puppies pulled back up to their original shape and size.

  24. hamacus

    #70 that’s the beauty of it all…you can use the fun bags to make up for the small hands. life is about balance.

  25. RichPort

    #74 – That’s very zen of you, kinda like saying “Confucious say put rooster in freezer and come out with hard cock”. Those crazy old Asian guys!

  26. jrzmommy

    If somehow Scarlett and Jessica Simpson could make a daughter……one super-boobed human being.

  27. hamacus


  28. emptyrepublic

    She looks a billion times better here than she did in that pick with the nose ring. She looked like a disgusting cow in that one. I had to stop humping my monitor with these pics.

  29. jrzmommy

    Her bust size is only exceeded by the size of her big honkin’ sunglasses.

  30. Woweee. She has boobs. What an amazing thing. And so big, too. Wonder how they pumped up in contrast to her boobs in Lost in Translation. Anyone have any ideas how that could have happened?

  31. 86

    What difference does it make how big your boobs are when you have no sense of style? Kulottes are so 80′s…and not in a good way.

  32. PostAcidYouth

    She’s not at all curvy. She’s just as thin as most hollywood girls, she’s just got big boobs.

  33. thesarahficial

    I love her. she is so classic and beautiful. she’s got great knockers too!

  34. Sheva

    Best she’s ever looked. This girl’s people have had her on a program. She’s looking pretty strong and athletic. And by athletic I mean lean with no breast reduction.

    In “Lost in Translation” she was the straight character to Bill Murray’s Oscar performance and she looked downright frumpy.

    Someone has this girl on an excellent program. For some reason, I remember talking to some girls her age and mentioned her name. Both of them didn’t have one good word to say about her and wouldn’t say why.


  35. sid

    Remember the movie Ghost World? With BIG-boobed Thora Birch? Scarlett was the co-star back then. The movie got great reviews. All for Thora. Now, Thora’s career suffers in obscurity while this bitch with her AVERAGE sized boobs gets the press.

    THORA! Why don’t you and your giant tits email me? Go to my fake flamer account at

    When I get something from your website, I know it’ll be true. Oh, Thora! I wish it were YOU getting all this attention!

    (wow, I hope she emails me)


  36. LL

    Who doesn’t like Scarlett’s boobs? She’s got a great rack. Those sunglasses are fugly, but the rest of the outfit is OK. Esp compared to some of the getups we’ve seen on other people. And she’s not orange, for the love of cheese. Let’s be grateful for that. As 20-something starlets go, she’s the pick of the litter, seems to me. She’s the Gen Y Uma Thurman.

  37. Dory

    She’s great… not into the white shorts but who cares

  38. Lord, I love her boobies! They are just wonderful!

  39. @18 Angry Ferret- Take my right nut. My left one got blowed off in a hunting accident.
    It wasn’t pretty.

    I’m not going to need them much anymore anyway… not with this brain thing.

  40. RichPort

    #90 – Funny, I still smell fucking walrus… or is it banana fucking troll I smell? I can’t really tell, but it’s close… fucking trolls.

    Hopefully Mischa is getting in the car right now with a troll, becomes delirious due to lack of sustenance, and over-indulges in apple mar-fucking-tinis, while reciting her old OC lines as if she were speaking in tongues. The dream ends with her grabbing the wheel while screaming “Fuck food!!!”, steering them both into a vast chasm, mimicking the abyss that is both their sense of humor and acting abilities, respectively.

    Oh this is the Scarlett thread? My bad…

  41. Hey Rich, lay off the Walrus, he’s reformed himself.

    Come on over to my site for a visit.

  42. Courtney

    Say Rich (#13), I live in Chicago, might you be so good as to point me toward one of these malls? Oh, and change “blowing you” to “eating you out”.

  43. BarbadoSlim

    She’s not alone in loving her fun bags, I love them as well.

  44. afpjr

    1. Who has better boobs, Scarlet or Jennifer Love Hewitt?

    2. I can’t believe in almost 100 posts nobody mentioned the dude with the spiderweb tatooed on the top of his dome in pic 3, above.

    3. She’s far too hot to be wearing glasses that ridiculous.

  45. Well, she’s just joining a large group of people who love her boobies. We have a convention every year, and we have to rent out the entire state of Montana for our meetings.

  46. fat ugly girl with frizzy curly hair

    her knees need lipo

  47. Italian Stallion

    @94 read #58, that is all……………

  48. Ok, I do agree that Scarlet has great breasts, but I don’t know if I would classify her as “curvy.” For that, I think her line of thinking is flawed. By Holleywood standards, sure, she’s curvaceous. The average American woman is something like a size 14, plus sized and curvaceous, no doubt. Scarlet certainly doesn’t, as the above photos demonstrate, have an exaggeratedly rounded set of hips, legs, or ass, for that matter, hardly qualifying her as curvacous. Beyonce is curvy, Kate Winslet; also curvy. Scarlet looks more like a Kate Moss than a Kate Winslet. Scarlet Johanssen merely exaccerbates the Hollywood body dismorphia by claiming she has real curves through and through, when she’s really just kind of top heavy. Bad, Scarlet, bad.

  49. assfacecocknocker

    i could spend a lazy afternoon going to town on dem milk puppies!

  50. stonefoxhippie

    #98 Curvaceous doesnt mean obese either. Kate Winslet and Beyonce sure as hell arent size 14s. They’re tinier than the average American u can bet on it!

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