Scarlett Johansson is lazy


Scarlett Johansson has been pulling some diva-like moves on the set of her new film “He’s Just Not That Into You.” Us! Magazine reports:

A source tells Us that on her first day, the star, 22, had a driver shuttle her the 100 yards to the set, while costar Drew Barrymore simply walked the distance. (Johansson also asked for three assistants to shield her with umbrellas.)

I’ve got a great “Scarlett is lazy” story. You’ll love this. This one time, she and I were supposed to go out on a date. But Scarlett sent her cousin instead and made up some excuse about Ryan Reynolds or something, I wasn’t paying attention on account of she’s a woman. But, how lazy is that? You can’t get off the couch so you send your crazy cousin who steals locks of dude’s hair in their sleep. Thanks for the warning. This luscious mane didn’t grow itself overnight. No, wait, yes it did. I forgot I drank that whole bottle of Rogaine – and then moved next to the power plant. Radiation makes me forget things.

NOTE: What in the hell is a “Scarlett Johansson?” Who’s superficial? That bottle of Evian in the corner? It should get over itself.