Scarlett Johansson is curvy

March 3rd, 2009 // 94 Comments

Here’s Scarlett Johansson at Fashion Week in Milan yesterday. I don’t think I need to explain why I posted these pics on this site. Except for maybe the ones where she looks like a freakishly pale vampire woman. In which case, Chris Brown did it.

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  1. Barack


  2. first

    FIRST and wondering why this was posted…i dont get it

  3. Deacon Jones

    She;s hot as hell.

    Why’d she bring E.T. with her?

  4. Fati

    so let me get this one straight. SHE is CURVY, but Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson are FAT? talk about double standards. I hate this fat ugly whore.

  5. Elmo

    who’s that bald dude?

  6. Racer X


  7. she

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  8. Bickus Dickus

    I’d like to fuck her in the ass, squeeze her implants until they burst, then tear open some shit, then unleash about 15 loads of hot semen all over her face, glue her eye shut, and watch her nostril blow bubbles with my jizz. That’s it Scarlett, taste your own shit off my cock.

    I don’t get why she’s famous. She can’t act, semi attractive, but mostly a pain in the ass….I’d still fuck her though.

  9. Really?

    @2: First time to the site? Or just retarded?

  10. justifiable

    TERRIBLE dress! She can’t dress herself, it’s clear. That print adds about 20 pounds, 5 years – and 3 inches where she doesn’t need it.

  11. Jo Ann

    Redheads suck.

  12. answer

    Do you see a titanium girdle or mommy jeans plus two belts? Curvy. Not fat.

  13. Nero

    Now we’re talking about bald! If it had a vagina i would turned on!

  14. joseph m.mcgrath

    all women should have those beautiful curves.bickus dickus is one sick asshole.he has learned to hide behind first amendment.i would defend miss scarletts honor.

  15. joseph m.mcgrath

    all women should have those beautiful curves.bickus dickus is one sick asshole.he has learned to hide behind first amendment.i would defend miss scarletts honor.

  16. Nero

    Now we’re talking about bald!If it had a vagina i would be turned on! (spelling check?)

  17. joseph m.mcgrath

    all women should have those beautiful curves.bickus dickus is one sick asshole.he has learned to hide behind first amendment.i would defend miss scarletts honor.

  18. blah

    i used to think she was great….now, not so much. she is somehow strange looking, but not in a good unique way but also incredibly boring. her body is overrated as well. look at her in a bikini: her waist isn’t that tiny. and lets talk about that tattoo for one min…

  19. Nero

    Please remove #13.That troll clearly doesn’t have my literate level!

  20. testing

    I am so pleased she finally closed her mouth in a picture!

    Also pleased she stopped dressing up and doing her hair like she thinks she is Marilyn Monroe

  21. Tim

    I’d stick my cock in her mouth, but mostly to get her to shut up.

  22. toobad =/

    I always considered scarlett a bealtiful and incredibly sexy youn woman


    *dark hair doesn´t work for her AT ALL
    (brings out the not so soft features of her face and takes away her glamour, makes her look plain)


    last but not least
    terrible, terrible

  23. sick

    I don’t get what the big deal is about her? she’s soo average looking, if she wasn’t a celebrity she would never stand out in a crowd.

  24. Rick

    “I don’t get what the big deal is about her?”

    She’s got big tits, retard.

  25. I recall her being a bit more busty… perhaps I am mistaken

  26. Lowlands

    Who’s this awesome looking big bummed and -titted brunette?? Her curves are all over her!

  27. sHE IS UGLY

    yeah another example of racism. this is not a very attractive woman at all. sure I would fuck her. but I don’t think she is pretty. because she is not pretty she’s average but since she is a member of the cool club it’s all carte blanche. the sky is the limit. I hope she dies young
    did I make myself clear?

  28. MustangSally


    I want that tattoo!
    how can I get one of those?

    free with my pineapple bubblegum?
    cereal box maybe?

    NICE ;)

  29. Parker

    She’s one major hot babe. I’d love to wedge my cock between the soft curves of her asscheeks and into her tight butt. Inside it feels like heaven.

  30. name required

    she looks good!
    her tattoo is kinda weird though
    and by the way, i think the bald dude is either domenico dolce or stefano gabbana

  31. Lowlands

    I would love to suck myself to a vacuum on those curvy and juicy lips! Till the gravity is pushing us to an absolute 0!

  32. Darth

    #31 Any plunger needed?

  33. Tom K

    Why do pretty women ruin their bodies with the ugliest tats!! American women are stupid!!

  34. Gando

    Wow! That’s a nice weaved dress! Did she do it herself?

  35. Delgo

    I’m just not that into Nordic chicks.
    Nice thus (t9) though.

  36. Lowlands

    Her elegant feminine hips are almost bulging out that dress! While her smooth skin is shining in the spotlights! It looks almost photoshopped as perfect she is! Photoshopped??

  37. lizzy

    18. blah – you’re so dead on.

    she is boring, she is overrated. i can’t stand her.

  38. Nero

    She has great features.Would love to touch her skull.

  39. Pat

    Yes, she’s the most boring overrated girl that your boyfriend would much rather be with.

  40. lola

    She isn’t fat. Those curves are mostly muscle, with a bit a fat. This is a HOT body. I am not going to be rude, so I won’t say anything about her other features

  41. Bickus Dickus


    I find nothing wrong with wanting Scarlett Johansson to taste her own shit off of my cock. It’s quite a lovely act of affection between a woman and a man who just fucked her ass into submission.

  42. Jodi.

    Nice tattoo – my real estate company used to have the same thing as a logo, well, that was until we diversified into kiddie porn.

    Sex for all ages!


  43. Gando

    Ex from Justin timberlake=big minus. Next! And more girls in sandals please!

  44. Gemma




    Stupid fucking americans. You love their clothes but you dont even know what they look like.

  45. hey all-caps tard

    We buy their stuff, but nobody cares about the lisping Eurofags who make it.

  46. Deacon Jones


    Yes, that black people don’t know what CAPS means?


    There’s Parker! She’d love it

  47. brooke

    She looks like Kirsten Dunst in those pictures…and that definitely isn’t a good thing

  48. Valerie

    Gando, foot fetishist?

    S.J. seems pretty cool. She’s not fat, you tard Fati, go throw up some stomach bile, and @8, I’m certain they’re real. I remember watching Ghost World (it sucked) and thinking “dude, that chick’s tits are fucking huge” and she was like, 16 at the time.

  49. Deacon Jones


    Dolce / Gabbana….hmmm…isn’t that the brand that all the trashy b-list celebrities wear??

  50. feckless

    I had no idea she was dating Marilyn Manson.

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