Scarlett Johansson is a prude

May 9th, 2006 // 53 Comments

sjohansson-prude.jpgExecs at L’Oreal are allegedly pissed with Scarlett Johansson because she’s refusing to strip for their latest ad campaign. She currently has a $5 million deal with them but has been showing up to shoots in long white dresses and no make-up in an attempt to distance herself from her “sex-kitten image.” A source tells The Mail on Sunday newspaper:

“Understandably L’Oreal, which spent a fortune signing Scarlett, and actresses Eva Longoria and Penelope Cruz, want her sexy screen siren glamour. There has been a series of creative differences. She had a problem with the last ad she shot for body lotion. There were a few heated exchanges.”

We’ve already determined Scarlett Johansson isn’t a fan of photographers, but when you’re getting paid $5 million to appear in pictures, you better damn well do what the photographer wants. He could show up with an angry bear, some handcuffs, and an extra large condom and the only thing she’d be allowed to complain about is the handcuffs being a little tight.


  1. Celeb_Hater


  2. liya

    Damn you celeb, in the time it took me to sign in you beat me.

  3. Celeb_Hater

    Two in a row!! my lucky day.

    I hate SJ. Fat cow. Who would ever want to see that fatty strip??? Not to mention her face. Unfortunately because of all her FAT she doesn’t even qualify as a butterface.

  4. That look on her face screams “punchasize”.

  5. liya

    Hey if she can strip for a magazine, then whats the problem here??? hate these moron celebs who think they can strip one day and then cover up the next and everyone will believe they’re actually serious actors and not whores

  6. sweetcheeks

    When you’re fat and ugly, it’s understandable that stripping would make you a touch uncomfortable. All the wobbly, dimple-y bits on display.

    Nothing that the execs at Loreal can clean up with PhotoShop. Long live the myth.

  7. ziggurat

    FUCK YOU Scarlett is hotter than 97% of Hollywood.

  8. JollyJumjuck

    I think it’s a great idea. She can appear as the “before” girl. “Before you put on L’Oreal, you look like this.”

  9. BarbadoSlim

    I don’t know what her problem is really. Wasn’t she the one who took it up the ass on an elevator from Benicio del Toro on some event last year.

    Maybe they should call Benicio and “refocus” their campaign.

  10. SuperSpence

    Finally, an excuse for me to look at cosmetics ads without feeling a little light in the loafers. Scarlett Johanssen MUST do these and she must do them in the nude. I swear by all that is unholy that I will incinerate this wretched Earth and all who live upon it in a boiling lake of fire unless that girl takes her clothes off.

  11. Trotter

    I can’t wait until she learns about L’Oreal’s new line of douches and enemas. I hear Yoko Ono is going to shoot the spots.

  12. SuperSpence

    P.S. I’m not kidding. Someone better talk to that girl or every single one of you will be a charcoal briquette.

  13. heifferzzz

    Shut up already bitch!

  14. Binky

    As the story says – this is a PR move. She wants to change her sex kitten image to ahhh…well… bitch, I guess… Worked for Hepburn.

  15. When the last ad was for body lotion and the next one is for butt-firming cream, I can see why she’d be pissed. It’s finally dawning on her that L’Oreal didn’t hire her for her face.

  16. Pearly

    It was ok to be nude on the cover of Vanity Fair but not for her million dollar cosmetics campaign? She’s an ass!!

  17. evilcookie007

    This chick is ugly. I’m sick of the media telling us who’s attractive and who’s not. She’s not. Not on this planet or any other. GO AWAY!!!

  18. Pearly, literally or figuratively?

  19. Proteon

    Would we hate her more as a stubborn bitch with the nerve to have both self respect and stubborness or if she married a scumbag or rich religious weirdo and pumped out kids?

    Answer: All hate is created equal.

  20. PapaHotNuts

    I knew a Vietnamese stripper named Scarlett, and she had no problem taking her clothes off for a crisp $5.00 bill. The sad part of this story is, it’s completely true. So if L’Oreal is looking to hire someone for a slutty Asian stripper campaign, call me, I know just the chick for the job. She’ll also fuck for a crisp $20.00 bill, if that helps get her the job.

  21. Aww, boo hoo, I’m a gorgeous actress, but I’d really rather grub down and look like the commonfolk.

  22. 86

    #16 I agree. I guess it’s ok to get naked as long as you’re selling your own product, but not for endorsements. Hmm.

  23. Mr. Fritz

    I just saw “In Good Company” and she was kind of blah in it. She has nice lips and boobs, but that’s about it. She reminds me of that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry dates a woman who only looks good in a certain booth at Monk’s. I don’t think she’s fat; I think she has a nice figure. It’s a hell of a lot better than Nicole Ritchie’s or Lindsey Lohan’s. Oh, yeah, Tom Cruise still loves the cock!

  24. Tracy

    OK, I’m standing here naked, just waiting for L’Oreal to call. Call me, dammit! I’ll do it for $100! One hundred bucks! Maybe I should put my robe on… the neighbors are staring.

  25. I’m with you, Pearly… makes no sense.

  26. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    #16, 22, 25,
    That was the first thing that I thought of too. What a hypocrite. I don’t know what the big fuss is with her anyways. I personally don’t think she’s all that. There are much more beautiful and talented actresses in Hollywood, but they don’t get the exposure that Scarlett does because they’re not mindless whores who wear their tits up to their chins.

  27. thetruthhurts

    You don’t get to be a whore only when it works for you honey. You took your clothes off to get this far, keep it up bitch!

    Seriously, this chick is fugs…I don’t get it. She can fade away into oblivion now.

  28. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Alexis Arquette is looking hawttt. But seriously folks, how are you going to promote an exfoliating breast cream without dressing up like a naughty nurse and then slowly peeling the uniform off your creamy skin while taking your own temperature? The numbers don’t lie, people. Marketing. Yeah.

  29. colormeskanky

    i guess they should’be hired x-tina, huh? no such problems there.

  30. colormeskanky


  31. Iambananas

    I can’t stand her… she’s weird-looking.

  32. dubya24

    Did everyone forget SHE SHOWED HER ASS ON THE COVER OF VANITY FAIR recently?

  33. @32 – You just might be the real Dubya being that illiterate. I use post #16 as my evidence.

  34. dubya24


    You think I have nothing better to do than read all the posts?

    Fuck that. I leave my opinion and get lost.

    I wouldn’t have used the word “illiterate”…I would have used “negligent”

  35. Celeb_hater, are you by any chance _blind_?! Scarlett is not fat. She’s hot like forkin magma.

  36. gogoboots

    Ok, what the fuck was Vanity Fair then?! Sure her tits were covered cause she was laying down but you had a clear view of her ass. If you do it once, people are going to ask you to do it again…so don’t be pissed off, in fact, stop wearing all those dresses that showcase your boobage factor… if you’re going to be REALLY prudish!

  37. redsonja1313

    # 16 DITTO

  38. TrannyGranny

    28 Osh

    Tell me it’s not an oral thermometer, please!

  39. I support Scarlett in whatever she does. Good for her for sticking to her guns.

  40. Yeah, Nikk, that’s exactly what I was thingking. However much clothes she’s got on, I’ll be right behind her. I mean… I’ll be all over… dammit…

    Honestly though. On or off, it doesn’t change my opinion, she’s cute either way.

  41. Alma

    this proves that she actually thinks with her brain and not with her vagina. and if you really think that she is oh so fat and ugly compared to anorexic skanks like paris hilton or nicole ritchie, i pity you.
    go scarlett, go charlize, go rachel mcadams and all the beautiful actresses who are celebrities cause they know how to play, not cause they spread STDs.

  42. Captain Awesome

    You sign a 5 mil deal to allow a company to whore you out as a spoke person for their make-up products but don’t want to strip?

    Get over yourself and drop trou, sluttikins.

  43. ProbablyTooOld

    She always had a stupid look on her face and now I know it isn’t a look.

    Come on, honey! You stripped for Vanity Fair and are annoyed at showing skin for a L’Oreal body lotion ad? No one is that stupid. This latest bit of idiocy must be to drum up publicity for some reason.

    Besides, since when is L’Oreal a sex kitten line? A couple of the models sort of reek of dirty sex in the back of a flat bed truck (Eva Longoria and Beyonce), but the rest are sort of classy. Andie MacDowell, Penelope Cruz–they’re sex kittens? On what planet?

    Whatever. Scarlett’s a dolt. And soon will be a jobless dolt if she continues to eschew photographs and major cosmetic endorsements. Soon not even Woody Allen will want her for his yawnfests.

  44. Fa Cube Itches

    Forget Vanity Fair – the girl owes her entire career to the opening shot of “Lost in Translation” which was her ass crack through a pair of see through panties.

    SuperSpence – I’ll help you land her on the condition that you always keep your dick in her mouth so she can never talk again. I’ll help you find your #2 girl if you pinch her nostrils shut while you are inserted.

  45. Seamus Begonia Smell

    what’s with the people who called her FAT?! jealous that your fat isn’t deposited exclusively in your tits and asses? losers.

  46. sid

    Ah, it is only ME who pines for her co-star in Ghost World, Thora Birch.

    Thora, it should be YOU getting those deals! I have very little, but I’ll give you all I have, Thora…just give me a moment…

    Thora….THORRRAAAAAAA! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


    Yeah, pfft. That Scarlett is a stupid bitch and a hypocrite.

    Tom loves the cock.


  47. MasterofMuppets

    I’m sorry, what’s this thread about? I’ve just been staring at her boobs for three minutes.

  48. Captain Awesome

    Im with sid, Thora needs to sit on my face.

  49. To_Bill_Braskey!

    46, i pine for thora as well, i remember her in american beauty
    scarlett posed nude for vanity fair! what the fuck is her problem? she needs to get fucked with my cock

  50. brideoffrank

    Wait a minute, she was on the cover of Vanity Fair naked! It was VF right? Anyway, she was way nude, and way pale.

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