Scarlett Johansson: ‘Hey, I wanna dress like Marilyn Monroe, too!’

January 19th, 2009 // 52 Comments

Scarlett Johansson is the new face of Dolce & Gabanna, and this is her first ad which better not be a crack at her rival Lindsay Lohan. I mean, c’mon, when Lindsay posed as Marilyn she had the wherewithal, and shitty career, to go topless. So, Scarlett basically showed up to a NASCAR race with a pinewood derby car – that doesn’t even have breasts. I’m embarrassed for you.

Photo: Dolce & Gabanna

  1. His daydream times a stampede in a bag as Borat tried to do with pam, but Id really succeed.

  2. Sam

    Yeah every starlet in Hollywood or almost all of them try to be Marilyn but the sad truth is they all come off trying to hard and looking stupid.I understand that it’s flattering for someone to try to look like someone else but it gets old when you just see a bunch of starlets that are beautiful and natural then they go and turn into clones with the bleached blonde hair,red lipstick fake boobs.Marilyn Monroe had something we will never find again it’s flesh impact the camera loved Marilyn she could project whatever she wanted to,Marilyn was very beautiful most people that met her in real life said she was stunning .

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