Scarlett Johansson hates the paparazzi

May 2nd, 2006 // 132 Comments

  1. thatsmyname


  2. jkough

    damn! not first :(

  3. jkough

    maybe it’s a new fashion statement ?

  4. chanel_bear

    well…that’s, uh, interesting.

  5. MissyDra

    I wonder if she made the sign all by herself or if she had her personal assistant help with the coloring in of the letters.

  6. the sweatsuit is the fashion statement

  7. Chrystal03

    Maybe she thought she was being creative and funny…well she failed miserably, she just looks stupid!

  8. Tania

    Aside from the sign in front of her face, she looks like a boxer on her way to the ring for the big fight.

    I’d pay $50.00 on PayPerView to see her fight someone. Preferably Lindsay or Paris.

  9. It probably took Ms. Scarlett three weeks to conceive the concept. Josh helped her out. Between the two of them they concocted that sign of great wit. I loathe these celebs that spend years auditioning, practicing the casting couch, and screaming out for someone to notice them, and the second we do – they want to be left alone. Celebrity is such a bitch, isn’t it? Fame, fortune, and if you’re lucky a dose of celebrity herpes courtesy of Paris Hilton.

  10. #7 – Much like a hipster, no?

  11. BigJim

    When I saw the photo I was expecting to read a title that said, “Scarlett Johansson kidnapped by black men.”

  12. Your Eponizer

    I love it how celebrities, who get paid millions upon millions of dollars because people like us will pay to see their movies/shows/commercials, can’t get it through their heads that they forfeit privacy when they sign on for their lifestyles.

  13. txb

    i hope she was on her way to the gym.
    this gurl is overrated. 13th!

  14. At least she took the time to draw block letters and color them in. Cute, party of her!

  15. Binky

    I used to carry around a similar sign – then I decided to let my squeegee do the talkin’.

  16. #8, I wouldn’t. Scar would probably take down both Lindsay and Paris in one single punch, and then I will be upset that I lost $50 on the fight when the next week they’ll show it on HBO for free.

  17. 86

    We have every right to know where she is going & what she is wearing 24/7.

  18. Chrystal03

    #10, Yes, I totally Concur.. :)

  19. bjpack

    I often hold a sign like that up over my face in the shower while I take the pictures with the other hand.

  20. BEAM

    idiot celebrities. “oh no, they’re taking my picture!”

  21. sundaybl00dysunday

    Ha!! that’s funny, I may say classy and a little innovative, if it was Lindsay LowHore she should’ve only fingered or ran straight to the paparazzi to “treaten” him telling he would never work again in this city or something really bitchy-stupid that she could never be able to do.

    Oh I’m sorry I got out of the topic but I hate that LowHore bitch sooo much!

  22. It’s like John Lydon said: If you don’t want to be a star, stop being one!

  23. mags

    “I’m holding a sign that looks like it was designed by a 10 year old”

  24. WTF

    BigJim is canadian. That explains alot, eh?

  25. ziggurat

    But I love pictures of Scarlett Johanssen so much…

  26. WTF

    oh, and scarlett johanssen loves the cooch.

  27. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    “Boo-freakin-hoo, I’m rich, famous, I signed up for this celebrity thing, but I don’t want the attention that it brings”.

    Poor, poor, horsey face.

  28. The Mad Scientologist

    i’d still willingly insert my penis inside her vagina

  29. trickybtch

    Unfortunately for the celebs…this is the life they asked for. I agree if they don’t want the attention, get out of the limelight.

  30. Nimuë LaMer

    Weep weep weep… I’m a celebrity and everyone’s hassling me in the street…

    next time print out the sign from your computer. The hand lettering thing just looks sad and illegible.

    Soon enough, you’ll be begging to have your picture taken. Just ask Mariah.

  31. Nimuë LaMer

    No one’s mentioned Tom’s love for cock lately.

  32. Grphdesi23


    Is she the unabomber?

  33. gammanormids

    2 minutes ago, I liked her…
    What a moron…!

  34. IwearBananahammocks

    She’s not the only one. I mean honestly imagine living your life with people all up in your grill with a camera, going through your garbage, harassing your neighbors and family, screw that. I would just knock their teeth out and give them something to talk about for real.

  35. Land-Man

    My Land-Cock has a sign which reads “OVERSIZE LOAD”.

    Those dudes are totally going to rape her.

  36. pinky_nip

    You wouldn’t know harrassment if I can up and slapped you across the face.

  37. BigJim


    Yes, it does explain a lot. It explains how I went to public school and got a good education. It also explains my sense of humor in dealing with a needle dick, unfunny, individual such as yourself. Finally, it must say something about my attractiveness, because I seem to have lots of chicks hitting on me.

    How’s that wicked wit of yours doing, Mr. “Potatoe” head? Go watch the Comedy Network for a few years and then maybe you’ll be funny one day, but then again, maybe not.

  38. pinky_nip

    *came up* not *can up*, what a tool I am.

  39. Banana&Clam

    Taking her picture is harrassment, but being felt up by Isaac Mizrahi isn’t?

  40. BigJim


    What brand of tool? Black and Decker? DeWalt? Stanley? Skil?

    Whatever kind, I’d definitely buy it.

  41. pinky_nip


    Just bring your drill over and we can hammer it all out. Oh, I also need a ballcock.

  42. sweetcheeks

    I had like six angry fat girls berating me for calling Scarlett “fat and ugly” several threads back. Now, I am vindicated.

  43. Land-Man

    Why is retarded BigJim lecturing someone about being funny? He has run afoul of my Land-Cock one too many times. I look forward to meeting you on the field of battle.

  44. sweetcheeks

    Why hasn’t Land Man been banned? I hate every one of his fucking posts. They are cluttering up the threads.

  45. gogoboots

    There is a HUGE difference in being harassed by “famous” people and being harassed by peons (AKA the paparazzi), OKAY?!?!

  46. BigJim


    Speaking of fat chicks, I think we finally scared poor Edna (the real one, that is) away.

    Was she a troll? Who give a (shit, fuck, piss, cunt, motherfucker, cocksucker and tits — catch all that, Edna?).

    Even if she was a troll, she brought a ray of sunshine into our otherwise mediocre lives by unifying us in our desire to make fun of preachy fundamentalist Christians.

    Now all we’ve got to make fun of is ho’s like the boyfriend stealer, megan hairy ass, and sherry “I’m not brainwashed. No, really I’m not” cumdumpster.

    Oh, yeah, and feel free to rip apart the WTF guy. He’s a total intestine cramming protein exchanger.

  47. BigJim

    Land-whore is just pissed that I outed him as a needle dick bugfucker.

  48. Pearly

    Poor poor Scare-lett, she has to be in the public eye. I guess that’s something she hadn’t realized when she went into acting. Dumbass.
    I have no symapthy!!!

  49. Land-Man

    More hilarity from BigJim. He’s here all night folks, unfortunately.

  50. sweetcheeks

    I personally hated Edna and all of the subsequent posts that ensued. I stopped reading the threads for, like, three days, because every time Edna posted or was mentioned I could feel my lower intestine curl up inside. It just seemed too contrived. And boring. Like Jugs Girl.

    I like you, though, BigJim. When you’re not talking about doing it with Krisdylee or Jugsgirl.

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