Scarlett Johansson has looked better

July 3rd, 2007 // 131 Comments

I guess Scarlett Johansson has finally gotten sick of being sexy and decided to start looking like this. Instead of owning a mirror, she probably has a giant poster of herself up when she was hot. There’s no other explanation for how she could leave her house wearing my mom’s pants. And I guess she’s still doing the nose ring thing. Because, you know, if you’re gonna look like crap you might as well go all the way. It’s like when her trainer asked her what her target figure was she whipped out a photo of a pear.


  1. Sas

    Scarlett is pretty. So she choose a bad outfit, wow big deal, she’s human. It is obvious that she is happy enough with herself that she feels she doesn’t have to dress to impress all the time. That is why I find these photos of her refreashing, she doesn’t give a fuck. Ladies, to comment on her weight??? Shame on you! Don’t we have enough trouble with the media pressuring us to be stick thin? Men with a sufficient amounts of testosterone do not want to fuck twigs!

  2. JCMJR

    If you caption picture #4 with The Sexiest Woman of the Year, and she did win that title from somewhere….how ironic…where do you start…she needs a tan..or a tanner, way too paile…she appears to never, ever work out with that muscle tone…and overall she is just average at best…why does everyone get so excited over her !?

  3. All the same, her skin is perfection.

  4. betenoir

    I don’t think she looks THAT bad. Not her best look, for sure. But Scarlett is an attractive sensuous-looking woman. It’s her hair that is the most fucked up. All that bleaching is taking its toll. And the nose thingy is just silly and pretentious.

  5. Nathiest

    I think she looks punkelicious!

  6. Ma

    The shorts are HIDEOUS. She is GORGEOUS.

  7. drowningfool

    It seems like most women, no matter how hot they are when they are younger, just hit this invisible brick wall of ugliness when they hit their mid-20′s. What’s up with that? We should get our scientists all over that problem immediately. Screw Global Warming and Cancer, let’s just get these bitches back to their prime! (Or I guess we could just find some other young tramps to replace them…yeah, thats probably a better idea…)

  8. LOL. Damn you’re a funny writer. No one makes me laugh like you do. Consistently. :)

  9. lohans liver

    Rather DOUGHY i’d say. She better be careful cause in a few years she will be Kirstie Ally size

  10. CompleteBreakfst

    Technically, that’s a septum piercing, not a “nose ring” as common nostril piercings are called these days.

    I actually have one myself, and I could give you one good reason why Scarlett would choose this piercing over any other: YOU CAN HIDE IT. Septum rings can be tucked up into the nose with little or no discomfort, making the piercing completely invisible (unless, of course, you go through the trouble of craning your neck to look up her nose). This is helpful for such things as movie filming and award shows, i.e. she can still get work with metal in her face. That’s probably the reason we haven’t seen a lot of it lately, it’s been hiding.

    Lastly, fuck the hate. She may not be dressed up to par, but I still think she’s gorgeous. YOU try to match that face.

  11. Sheva


  12. lucky7

    What I get from these photographs and from Scarlet’s attitude in interviews and her 911 call is that she doesn’t give a fuck and knows her “job” as an “actor” is total bullshit.

    What I can’t believe is that you people pay money to see this fucking yard pig’s movies, enabling her a lavish lifestyle of rolling in her own shit, cash, and mud.

  13. Lucky#13


  14. Ummmmmmmm

    Did anyone say anything about her shoes???????????????????????????????? I think I wore those when I was 8 to go play in the river in my backyard….

  15. cinnarose

    I’d still hit it a million times over and beg for me. Scarlett I love you!! I watched a fucking Justin Timberlake video over and over again because of you, is that not love??

  16. wiinja

    i’m still convinced it’s boogers. call Kleenex bitches!

  17. bob

    HOT !!

  18. Audrey

    She is not hot by celebrity standards. I admire her for doing her own thing and not going all whore/anorexic, but that nose ring has GOT to go.

  19. astella

    seriously. and she’s a highfashion model modelling for louis vuitton?

  20. blah blah blah

    God…she’s a disgusting pig ALL THE TIME! I don’t understand how people can find this thing attractive..Scarlett is hideous! I am one of those people who can say “yeh that chick is hot!” but only when it’s true and the person doesn’t look like this…I just don’t get it…so fucking gross

  21. Paolo

    with that ring on her nose she looks very much like a Swiss cow. No offence for the sweet sweet Swiss cows who are the primary source of wonderful chocolate.
    Anyhow, for someone a cow may be sexy…

  22. Umbrella Bird

    UH When was Scarlett Skinny? How about NEVER.


    she is always beautiful no matter what. Personally i don’t think the nose ring is bad, it’s like a fuck you to everyone who tells her its ugly. Why should she care what they say? she can dress however and pierce whatever she wants. it’s not for anyone but herself.


    i hope she is lesbian.

  25. people you need to get over yourselves!

    Scarlett is and always will be beautiful… id love to see pictures of everyone posting here on there day off, i bet none of you look half as good on your best day as Scarlett does on her worst!

    I think her septum peircing suits her nicely.

  26. luzaluza

    her body shape is fit for dresses, NOT shorts. Also, if you’re going to have so many pictures taken, jus t DON’T go out on the street wearing something that exposes your cellulite
    and that is how it works

  27. Pierre

    She’s still beautiful, quit berating people that you all don’t even know. I’m sure none of you are anything to write home about(myself included). She has a decent looking septum piercing, and her lobes look like they are sizing up nicely. I personally like girls who don’t have to have it all together all the time. I’d still snuggle up to her.

  28. Amanda

    I heart that she was snoring and farting very much . i only think sHE HAS A BIG NOSE AND BUTT

  29. Amanda

    and bad legs …hey whore wear jean !

  30. emmy


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