Scarlett Johansson has looked better

July 3rd, 2007 // 131 Comments

I guess Scarlett Johansson has finally gotten sick of being sexy and decided to start looking like this. Instead of owning a mirror, she probably has a giant poster of herself up when she was hot. There’s no other explanation for how she could leave her house wearing my mom’s pants. And I guess she’s still doing the nose ring thing. Because, you know, if you’re gonna look like crap you might as well go all the way. It’s like when her trainer asked her what her target figure was she whipped out a photo of a pear.


  1. wiinja


  2. wiinja

    she needs a tissue, stat

  3. Italian Stallion

    Must be hanging around with Britney Spears…….

  4. farty_mcshitface

    i was never all that impressed by her to begin with. however now she really looks unimpressive. her legs look totally underdeveloped- it’s like she has no quadriceps on her- blech.

  5. ????

    Is that a peircing on her nose? Or a white powdery substance????

  6. wedgeone

    It’s easy to imagine her in an abusive lesbian relationship with Anna Nicole Smith’s former assistant.

  7. veggi

    Is she 4’3″? And 150 pounds?

  8. Jimbo ∞

    She’s definitely wearing a buttplug. There’s no other way to explain the expression or the walk or the shorts

  9. Anexio

    She looks like any other no-name woman you’d see at your 10th high school reunion.

  10. could they hold their headz
    any higher?
    thatz what old people do when
    they look like zhit…

    zhe lookz like a fuckin offenze to the

  11. Shinanigans

    The boyscouts called, and they want their shorts back

  12. Apple

    oh shut up all of you, turn of your computers instead

  13. Dana

    She’s dressed like Lara Croft.

  14. Magnolia

    Uhh…is that a sticker on her arm? If its a tatoo, its UGLY!

  15. wiinja

    yeah? well, i hate apple and their stupid phone. nyah.

  16. creme of sumyunguy

    So, you unexpectedly bag a big titted hottie, your personal best by far, and you take her to a party at your best friend’s house and she dresses like…this…

  17. Kathleen

    Without the nose ring, she would look really pretty.
    She needs a stylist, STAT.

  18. Texas Tranny

    @8, yes indeed it’s a buttplug and I should know. I love to put one in and then slip on a pretty pair of thong panties to keep it snug.

  19. Shinanigans

    you would think if she was trying to be incognito she wouldnt dress like a homeless person

  20. She'sGotAFatAss

    She has quite the pear shape. Or, are those shorts an inflatable flotation device that has accidentally deployed?

  21. veggi

    Will someone eat #12?

  22. lynn_gwisa

    this nerd fashion thing is going too far

  23. sourgrapes

    this chick ALWAYS does the beutiful girl making herself ugly routine…except, she aint that beutiful that she can pull it off. she aint no Keira!

  24. danger danger high voltage

    whatever. shes hot still. maybe its just laundry day.

  25. Dee Penndz

    I’m glad you all find her incontinence so amusing.

  26. Stoolie Joe

    You people are such morons! This isn’t from real life, this was shot on the set of her new movie! It’s called “The Exact Day When Scarlett Became a Bull Dyke”

  27. cosmetologist

    She needs to trade in the nose ring for a bone, and then her outfit will be complete.

  28. Eternal Trekkie

    If that’s considered not hot for Scarlett then damn! She’s way better looking then some of the other not hot things that get put up here.

  29. lambman

    honestly she was never that good looking, she’s rather plain and bulbous face that needs a lot of make-up to look cute.

    She has nice breasts and fake blond hair so people pretend she’s pretty

  30. suzy66

    What’s she doin with David Beckham?? Posh will NOT be happy!

  31. lickmybutt

    i think she is pretty… but seriously… this fucking outfit is just NOT HOT. you’d think with her celebrity resources, she might know what looks good on her body and what doesnt look good on anyones body… and those shorts…. YUCK. and that tattoo on her arm is fucking hideous.

  32. Doomhammer

    yeah, she would look better in my mouth

  33. some guy

    even on scarlett’s worst day she is probably better looking then all of the ugly fat chicks that are spewing hate about the way scarlett looks.

  34. wedgeone

    Hate to disagree with the majority here, but if you take out the nose ring, and bake her in the sun for 15 minutes 3 times a week, this shit is PHINE!!
    If she’s getting thick, it’s only because her ass isn’t being tapped enough. I humbly volunteer to correct that injustice.

  35. I completely agree with 29.

  36. Hayward Jablome

    Hottest girl in the world. Bar none. I’d love to see the girls the author of this post has tapped.

  37. Toots

    Hey! She’s wearing Toms shoes.

  38. haroof

    Not one of you nerds would throw her out of bed.

  39. Kim

    Hey look – somebody put an adult diaper on a dolphin!

  40. Courtney

    Ugh, you people have got to be kidding. I’ll spare you the “stfu and let’s see your pics!()#W” lecture, but honestly. She looks good and you know it.

  41. katy

    the sad thing about it is that women that chose to comment on the state of her weight here, are not only depressing for doing so but im sure if you asked a line up of young men, who they’d rather fuck w/ the contest being b/w the aforementioned presumed teen superficial bb and a scarlett, sans fame – it is no question the bb would be most likely loose by a landslide. she is inherently sexy and has unique style (even when questionable to some) which is what, sadly, women will always resent and be envious of in that type of woman.

    get over yourselves, bbs and examine your own realities

  42. Angry Lesbian Women's Studies Professor

    Excellent work, katy. Here are your 5 extra credit points.

  43. on the 5th pic. the piercing is gone and on the 6th back. did she learn that tric from the prestige :D

  44. I don’t like her, but she doesn’t look that bad in those photos.

  45. costamar

    We’ve lost her.

  46. hi it's me, reality

    She can look very attractive (proper makeup, push-up bra, etc.) but here she’s making herself look thick-thighed and bottom heavy, and that nose ring pulls attention to her least flattering facial feature (she looks snouty). It’s not shallow or ruinous to society (take some Midol, katy) to recognize your best god-given features and highlight them. It’s just common sense, and kinda fun.

  47. Donkey

    She’s looked better? Not to me. To me she has always looked like a fuckin slag ho.

  48. Karma

    Wow. I wasn’t expecting to see photos of her looking like this. What the hell happened?? I always thought she had a classic sort of beauty. Now I’m completely disgusted.
    And that tattoo reminds me of the ones I used to get in bubble gums wrappers when I was a kid..(lick and press..)

  49. This weasel faced skank is so over rated. She needs kicked in the twat. She’s a dumpy dyke full of Timbertard juice.

  50. Never been a fan of Scarlet’s. Perhaps it’s because her style is so awful…

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