Scarlett Johansson has a new hair color I’m told

February 3rd, 2009 // 154 Comments

Here’s a brunette Scarlett Johansson at the Hollywood premiere last night of her new movie He’s Just Not That Into You. I’m saying she’s a brunette because that’s the word on the street. For all I know her hair color could be turquoise or made of snakes. That’s how incredible I am at my job, folks. Focused like a laser beam, yet sensitive to the fairer sex. PEW PEW PEW! Ladies?

Photos: Getty, Splash News

  1. combustion8

    overrated… fat face…. huge saggy knockers.

  2. Cookie

    She is stunningly beautiful, but looks best with her natural blonde hair. Her eyebrows are darker now to match with the new hair colour. She’d look pretty damn stupid with blonde eyebrows and auburn hair. Still, she’s gorgeous, the face, the curves, everything. Hot hot hot! Anyone who says she isn’t needs their eyes checked.

  3. All I know is that dress makes it look like she is wearing a flower. And that is not a good thing.

  4. cavy

    She’s so beautiful – I think she can pull off any hair color/style. I do think it’s funny though, how she recently said that she “can’t wait till she’s not pretty anymore” because she wants to be taken seriously…yeah…have fun with that! LOL!

    Anywho…I really like that hairstyle on her.

  5. robert doosh

    J in my P.

  6. EuroNeckPain

    @52: I guess I need my eyes checked, then.
    Because I find her very plain and piggy-like.

  7. Rachell

    I think she looks better as a blonde, but maybe that’s just because I’m used to seeing her that way. I know a lot of people think she’s ugly, but I think she has an interesting and pretty face. You know what else is kind of weird, she looks a LOT like Kim Kardashian in the face….well, minus the mustache and all.

  8. Jammy

    insert carpet/drapes joke here

  9. Valerie

    I don’t think she’s ugly, but I’m just not impressed with her. I think she looked better a few years ago.
    #55 You mean like this?

  10. Fati

    she is so absolutely plain. and a mindless whore at that. boooooo!

  11. Alex

    Newsflash to Scarlett: Your face is not attractive enough to pull off a middle part like that. Leave that to Megan Fox, pls.

  12. candiruacu

    The hair color change to auburn just isn’t working-

    I’m of the opinion “If it ain’t broke-Don’t fix it”

    (Valid comparison toMonica Belucci, Tinfoil Raccoon-Post #49)

    As for all of y’all that that think she is plain or even “piggy”-

    Are ya NUTZ??!!

    (When the girl has her swerve on, she can outsmoke Megan Fox or any other pretenders to the throne)
    Please-No obscene observations fostered by internet anonymity

    (It’s totally easy to be vulgar when you’re physically removed from a conversation)

  13. Alex

    ^ In one of her early movies, the one where a group of young adults try to steal answers to a test, she had auburn hair. So, technically, the blond hair came after. Her natural hair color is light brown.

  14. candiruacu

    For those wondering why this is news (Post #19 & others)-


    This site is called “The Superficial”

  15. candiruacu

    For those wondering why this is news (Post #19 & others)-


    This site is called “The Superficial”

  16. Danielle

    JRZ @ #34 YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!! I SAID EYEBROWS!!! NOT EYE COLOR. I also do know it’s possible to have blonde hair and brown eyes, I DO!!!
    Read before you comment you fag!

  17. BunnyButt

    Danielle, I’ve had blonde hair and dark brown eyebrows (and eyelashes) my entire life, all natural, as do several of my relatives. I’ve been dealing with “that’s got to be fake” B.S. from idiots like you since I was in grade school. Get over it already.

  18. jrz

    mea culpa, but you’re still a yetti.

  19. authorego

    So she’s got nice tits. Big deal. So do a lot of women. Simon Cowell and Jack Black also have nice tits. The Golden Retriever down the street that gave birth to nine pups also has nice tits that will never go away.

    BUTTERFACE people. She looks like Peter Pan. Michael Jackson was aiming for that.

  20. Rachell

    See it’s really funny, I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. I think her face is her nicest feature, she has beautifully shaped eyes, I love the shape of her face and her high, full cheeks. I like the way her mouth is shaped and her smile too, but when I asked my boyfriend what he thought, he was like “there is not one thing attractive about her!” =P Funny how that works.

  21. wet newspaper

    Wow, she looks totally fabulous. That dress is STUNNING.

  22. gigi


    umm..lots of natural blondes have brown eyebrows?? i have a natural blonde friend who has really dark eyebrows…its really not that uncommon. you should probably get out more

  23. gigi


    umm..lots of natural blondes have brown eyebrows?? i have a natural blonde friend who has really dark eyebrows…its really not that uncommon. you should probably get out more

  24. a redhead

    That’s red hair, not brunette.

  25. Gemma


    Where the hell did you people get that from?

    Heres a pic of her as a child (top one, ignore the nose url)

    Its pretty easy just to google pictures of her as a pre pubescent tween and see that she is clearly not a natural blonde. Her eyebros had most likely been bleached aswell, most bleach blondes do that.

  26. Barry O

    Ugly hair color, ugly hairstyle, and ugly dress.

    I’d still fork her up the ass, slap her around, and piss in her mouth though.

  27. Has anybody seen my grandma’s curtains?

  28. Joe

    huge improvement over the frizzy blonde mess. The tits are always awesome

  29. tahnee

    i think she needs a fringe of some sort to hide her ginormous forehead

  30. Guest

    But it’s better than her
    terrible blonde dye
    job. She’s so gorgeous
    but her hair is just
    not having a good
    few years. xoxo

  31. britney's weave

    total fail. she should go back to wavy blonde.

  32. mink

    hate it

  33. daleile555

    Scarlett Johansson is my dream girl!! she’s just the type I like most!
    you may wanna check this out, guys, ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^, hot cougars and milfs there may just suit you the best!! who knows?

  34. Eddy

    I actually kinda like the blonde better on her. Now she just looks exactly like my sisterinlaw.

  35. dude

    Megan Fox wannabe.

  36. amnada

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  37. Delgo

    She’s corny now.

  38. Russian Chick

    I love how no one gives a shit about Scarlett, so you are paid by Celebuzz to bump the post.

  39. this is the truth

    eww redheads suck. sorry. i loved her much more as a blonde.

  40. But her FUCKING behaviour still exhists, folks!!

  41. lucy

    Someone said she joined an online service
    —blackwhitefriends . c ^o^m. it is a site for women to date charming and handsome men. some of female celebrities are hanging out there.

  42. phuckyu

    I agree with 85.


  43. She is kind of ugly with nice body only

    Yeah she said she would gladly hem Woody Allen’s pants. Um I am sure she is aware that Allen is a pedophile? Ahhh when you are sucking in Hollywood you will suck the nasty old semen out of any pervert no matter how hideous and criminal. Allen should be in prison rotting.

    Anyway, she is not naturally attractive in the least in the face.
    She is homely.
    What is her ethnicity? Mixed? God a nice garbage bag for that one and a 12 pack of beer and yeah if my internet was down and there was no porn.

  44. Ryan Reynolds

    WTF people. That’s my woman. Show some respect, man!

    P.S. i jerked off while ‘Bama nailed her reverse cowgirl.

  45. PostmortemG

    S.J. wields tremendous physical appeal and power. Meagan Fox looks like she stinks.

  46. wayee

    long bone straight hair, floral print dress, broad cheekbones and pig nose, it’s obvious she has chinky in her

  47. Cliff Notes : Wow this is great news !
    (I always thought she’d go with the ‘scarlett’ color.)
    Meanwhile…Bink….you’ve been a bit quiet lately.
    Binky : I getting sick of things Cliff.
    Nothings changed. Bush is gone so now there’s no ‘hard’ news at all on the American news networks – Stewart, Colbert, Letterman, etc. – worth watching.
    No reason to watch any of them..
    Jon, Steven, Dave, Jay, Conan, Jimmy, Lorne,Craig, well ok let’s throw in Gordon Ramsey – that type of thing.
    Let’s face it, writers of those shows – I’ve learned more about life and the ways of the world from Rosie O’Donnell, Charlie Sheen, Ed Asner, Willie Nelson, and this guy from this channel I don’t think I get – than I ever will from your shows.
    So why bother watching ?
    I’d like to laugh at these shows, or at least the commercials – but 9/11 was an inside job and now that Bush is gone – these TV guys are getting a bit too co -conspiratorial for me.
    Cliff Notes : REALLY DEEP Bink ! And how about ‘Jerky’, ‘Perky’, and ‘Lurky’ – those scoop reporters at TMZ as well ?
    Binky : No comment.

  48. GG

    Is it just me or does she have a crazy eye? That right one looks more than just a little outta wack when she’s looking back over her shoulder.

  49. Scarlett’s got the best tits in Hollywood which scuttles the significance of whatever the hell she does to her upstairs hair color. Who cares what color she dies it Da Man wants the know the color downstairs, with pics confirming this crucial info.

    PS: Scarlett it’s time to step up to this!

  50. What you weelee twying to say here exatwee # 98 ?
    She trying concealing something…?
    Perhaps some sort of….inside job ?

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