Scarlett Johansson gets L’Oreal loving

January 5th, 2006 // 28 Comments

johansson-loreal.jpgScarlett Johansson has signed a $4 million deal to be the new spokesmodel for L’Oreal, only weeks after her two-year contract with Calvin Klein fragrances ended. Johansson will join the ranks of Beyonce Knowles, Natalie Imbruglia, Eva Longoria, Aishwarya Rai, Claudia Schiffer, Andie MacDowell, and Milla Jovovich at L’Oreal and says, “It’s wonderful to be working with L’Oreal, a company that has celebrated independent women for years. I’m very excited to be part of this campaign, which is modern and fashion forward.”

I bet that’s the sweetest $4 million Scarlett has ever landed. Instead of actually having to act or work, now all she has to do is stand there and not go bald.


  1. Sheva

    She has come a long way. Very lucky girl. From looking almost matronly in Lost In Translation to the “it” girl. Saw her on Leno a while back. She’s on a program because she had lost some weight and looked very good.

    Funny but girls her age don’t seem to like her. When I asked why, they wouldn’t say a word. Not one word why.

    Is it the celebration of breasts they resent? I don’t see this girl riding that train.

  2. Damnit. I auditioned for the L’Oreal spokesmodel role last year and they told me I was too “male.” Instead they pick that piglet. She might be cute, but she’s no Andie MacDowell!

  3. PapaHotNuts

    She could be a spokesperson for the “Spread Cow Shit on your Penis” company and I would buy. Her heaving breasts are so beautiful and her semi-whorish ways get my motor running. The “Spread Cow Shit on your Penis” company just jumped up $1.26 per share on NASDAQ.


  4. diddleysquat


  5. DrDanny

    What to say? L’Oreal is getting a bargain, IMO. She’s hot, and everyone knows it. More power to her.

  6. Synthwhore

    I’m her age, and I love her. I don’t think there are that many actresses out there with any talent, but she’s good, she’s interesting looking but really really hot, she’s got a deep voice-which is hot-and she comes off as stuck-up and acts wise beyond her years. That’s why I love her, and that’s why chicks my age hate her. ‘Cause she’s awesome. And she was in Lost In Translation. Which is the best.

  7. bluecanary

    She was great as a peg leg in Horse Whisperer.

    At least she’s more deserving than one hit wonder Natalie Imbruglia.

  8. I just bought 10,000 shares in L’Oreal.

  9. Sheva

    Natalie Imbruglia is no one hit wonder. She had a great album and the chick is flat out lovely.

    Not to take anything away from lil Scarlett but she didn’t have much to say on Leno. But not many people do at that age.

    More power to her.

  10. Zapp Brannigan

    She (or her handlers have) has cultivated an image of class, talent and beauty for herself that recalls the actresses from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Seriously, just look at her objectively, even if you hate her: She’s blonde but not trashy looking blonde. She has curves, but is neither fat nor skinny. She has breasts, and they are clearly real. And we never read stories about her being stumbling drunk in bars, doing coke, or purging the contents of her stomach.

    This is why mostly older men love her — she presents this “younger woman ideal” that they fantasize about. She has this image that it’s the higher class (richer and more educated) of older males who go for her, while it’s the poor tasteless trash who go for the likes of Britney, LiLo, Jessica, etc., etc. Young women who resent Scarlett hate her because it’s much harder to be like Scarlett, and easier (and appears to be “more fun”) to be like Paris, Nicole, and the other sluts.

  11. andrewthezeppo

    I hate this skank,

    now we have to see her in hair color comercials instead of the infinetly prettier Mila Jovovich that’s just great. Who’d she screw to get this job?

  12. me¬¬

    I second that. Bitch needs to stick to the movies, only movies.

  13. Doodooface

    Aishwarya is the prettiest of the new faces! scarlett comes in second in beauty.

  14. morgstress

    Scarlett is pretty, in a weird way, but she’ll never hold a candle to Milla Jovovich. And what about Laetitia Casta? L’Oreal has not been using her NEARLY enough lately.

    I imagine a scene like the Theresa Russell/Outlaw bit in the Aviator, with Scarlett striking poses in the background and some Howard Hughes-esque character looking on and saying, “We’re not getting enough production value out of those breasts.”

    Anyways, I don’t care because Milla will always be the hottest.

  15. derekd

    For some reason I held back on jumping on the Scarlett bandwagon. Maybe it was that horribly overrated “Lost In Translation” movie or she just hadn’t completely blossomed yet but now I think she’s hot. I’d suck on her pee hole until her girl juice was dripping like a leaky faucet and say, “Thank you miss,” and walk away. Completely and totally satisfied. Giddy in fact. 8 outta 10.

  16. Zapp, that brought a tear to my eye.

    Bless you, wonderful sir.

  17. TiredAndEmotional

    L’Oreal have supported independent women HOW? By providing us with REALLY great hair dye!

  18. cat_taylor

    Scarlett is pretty and has fab breasts, but when I saw her on Leno, I was extremely let down. She came off as a real zero. She seemed really stuck up and had nothing to say. My vote: overrated.

  19. That’s why she’s awesome ’cause she just doesn’t give a fuck. She still gets paid, even when she acts like a douche. I’m really straight, but I’d eat her box.

  20. Marina

    This is crap. Her breasts are so great, they are so great…NO, they really are not. There was just that one picture where they were pushed up to her damned neck. In certain angles, they looked great, but if you saw the other angles…oy. She’s an annoying man-woman. I simply cannot wait for her to crash and burn, preferably right into Woody Allen, whose new “muse” she is. That puts her in a class with other strange man/women like Mia Farrow and Diane Keaton. What a trend!

  21. That is one hot white woman.

  22. wendy

    Fuck, she’s hot. And now we get to see her in yet another place — I think I’m going to buy from L’Oreal a lot more now.

  23. slinkhard

    ‘Funny but girls her age don’t seem to like her.’

    I’m her age, and while she’s very beautiful; she seems to have an obnoxious personality: stupid, arrogant, pretentious.

  24. HollyJ

    I think slinkhard’s right on with that one…

    You know…she’s beautiful…but there’s something somehow “off” about her lips and mouth. I think it’s the super-puffy upper lip maybe…the way it sticks out in some photos.

    It doesn’t look so bad at this angle (that’s a great pic, I think), but sometimes, she looks like a wide-mouth bass.

  25. Seamus Begonia Smell

    i disagree…i’m her age and i really do like her. mostly her looks and style, though.

    she looks so much better with her nose job! she had the tip refined a bit. i didn’t like her as a blonde a long time ago when she first lightened up, but now i can’t imagine her without it. it goes so well with her fashion image…kind of a modern pin-up with 80s thrown in.

  26. Don’t get me wrong, Scar Jo is beautiful, but she looks so fake. You know it’s true, she doesn’t look anything like she did in LiT. She’s the perfect example of how “produced” an actress can look.

  27. Rose

    I’m her age, too. She annoys me endlessly. I can’t help it; I’ve tried to like her, but everything I read about her just annoys me even more. I myself have curves and am blessed with a wonderful D cup, so that’s not what it’s about. There’s something about her attitude that I don’t like. Like on Leno; she has nothing to say. She just has nothing to say! Nothing to add! She keeps saying how she’s mature for her age, but I don’t hear any wisdom coming from her mouth. All the matureness I hear coming from her mouth is her constant yammering about older men and how she likes older men. She may not be an anorexic party slut like Lindsay Lohan, I think she’s still tacky.

    Her constant comments on liking older men, her passes at actors such as Jake Gyllehaal through the media and her willingness to publicly catfight show to me only that she is highly unprofessional.

    Take, for instance, actress Keira Knightley. Keira didn’t even finish highschool (because of her acting career), but she has things to say that are more intelligent than all Scarlett’s quotes together. It’s very stupid of Scarlett to just lay her personal life out there like that, because that makes it easy for people to look down on you.

    I just don’t like her. I’m sorry. I tried.

  28. uh, and this is news how? I want my news humiliating and embarassing

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