Scarlett Johansson gets her breasts squeezed

January 17th, 2006 // 59 Comments

  1. Miz Stressa

    Please tell me that she cockpunched him after this shot was taken.

  2. ishtar

    no she seems like the type that would let it happen, even encourage it…i swear they’re real, feel them! teehee…

  3. Miz Stressa

    It would be funny if it were Meryl Streep instead.

  4. Drew

    Holy crap that annoying Debbie and Ryan seacrest hosting a show. The amount of suck pulling in that room could realign the solar system.

  5. “Look Ma, I got to feel Scarlett Johansson’s breast on national TV!”

  6. Binky

    Apparently the new Seacrest show that he’s contracted for is play-by-play for a reality based “Twister” game to take the place of Monday Night Football. It was ‘right hand red’

  7. vida

    What’s the big deal…besides her chest. Gay guys r allowed to squeeze breasts and not offend woman. I know, I’ve squeezed many breasts.

    Speaking of which :p I luv Ryan Seacrest’s comment on Queen Latifah’s dress. It’s not word for word but basically (if u didn’t watch) he says it’s a blue dress…his co-host says it’s cobalt. He says as they fade to commercial, can u imagine (what would be said about him) if he called it cobalt?

    Ryan, just because u pretend to not know your colors & fashion, doesn’t make u straight…just proves you’re closeted ;)

  8. Well here’s something that hasn’t happened before.

  9. CheekyChops

    Mizrahi is allowed to go around touching up women, he’s a gay. A nice and funny gay.
    Seacrest is a gay too.
    And a tool.
    He needs a roundhouse kick to the head and a swift kick in the nads on a daily basis, IMO.

  10. ebayfan414

    I personally can’t believe that she didn’t get mad at the guy, but I don’t know what really happened, as I don’t give a shit about the Golden’s and didn’t watch ‘em.

    It’s so funny to look at all of their expressions in each picture:

    PHOTO 1: SCARLETT: HeeHee! This is so hilarious! A random guy just squeezed my boob for no apparent reason! It tickles!

    LADY: (Not sure who she is) Well I can kinda see why he did it..those boobs look so….squishy!

    SEACREST: NOOO! Don’t do it, man! It’s yucky! Ewwww, boobies!

    PHOTO 2: SCARLETT: Mmmmmmm….feels kinda nice!

    LADY: Mmmmmm…looks kinda nice!

    SEACREST: Damn! He actually touched it! Gross!

    PHOTO 3: SCARLETT: Hi mom, dad, bro, friends…all my family and friends watching me! Aren’t you all proud of how whorey I look! I dress so slutty that a random guy actually pinched my milk-holder! TeeHee! *smiles a fifth-grader smile*

    LADY: Ooooh, hot….his hand is still on her squeezy! Nice!

    SEACREST: Why couldn’t he have squeezed me? My crotch? Why do all the men like these women creatures? Huh? Makes no sense!

  11. ebayfan414

    Lol ya gotta look at their expressions when you read each comment ;)

  12. popcornsuite

    Ok, I have no problem with breasts, but let’s show a little class here, Scarlett.

  13. Belle

    He’s Isaac Mizrahi. He’s allowed to squeeze. Enough said.

  14. hafaball

    It’s nice she didn’t seem to mind…I should follow her around with a camera, tell her I’m from E!, then strip naked and proceed to hump her. Hopefully, she’ll just laugh and we’ll both be happy.

  15. Belle

    Umm, I think you need to be a gay multi-millionaire designer with your own talk show before you’re completely allowed to squeeze. He’s Isaac Mizrahi. You people don’t seem to get that..

  16. itnsnotalan

    where do you apply for that job?
    i’d have to kill myself if i did that because life can’t possibly ever be better than squeezing her boobs on national tv.

  17. slinkhard

    Scarlett, making great strides for feminism, as ever. *rolls eyes*

  18. Captain Awesome

    Im going to pay someone to cut off that dudes hand, so I can sniff it everyday.

  19. HughJorganthethird

    “He’s Isaac Mizrahi. You people don’t seem to get that..”

    Actully we people do get that. We’re just in awe that he has achieved such a level of gayness that he can fondle starlets breasts on national TV. Thats a level 1A gay man right there kids, don’t get to close to his cage, he might bite.

  20. Mugato

    Ok, so the plan is, 1) act like I’m gay from now on 2) get my own show on E! 3) 2nd base with dumb starletts. It’s going to take a lot of work and sacrefice but I think it’ll be worth it.

  21. Jolene

    She actually deserves a price for the dumbest look on that last pic… like a cute little beaming piglet..

  22. diddleysquat

    This is a reason why we need “Super Hi-def Squeeze-a-Vision” to be invented. Those are some glorious, round boobies!!

  23. SuperSpence

    I think this will cause hordes of heterosexual males to begin prancing about like queens in the hope that they will be mistaken for homosexuals and be permitted to fondle the roundest and juiciest mammaries in all the land. At least, that’s what I plan to do.

    Hopefully, I will be able to pull that off without giving up my football season tickets or sex with girls.

  24. SuperSpence

    Knock off the anti-Scarlett comments. The girl is glorious. She’s beautiful. She’s magnificent. She’s got fantastic hooters and she’s not ashamed of it. She’s a prettier, classier version of Pam Anderson, minus the silicone. If you’re jealous of Scarlett that just means you need to spend more time working on your boobies until they are as perfect as hers are.

  25. alteaon

    Isn’t it in bad taste to feel up a mentally handicapped person?

  26. cloud nine

    Ohhh, so the reason I don’t have boobs like Scarlett’s is because I don’t WORK hard enough on them?(slaps forehead)Thanks for clearing that up, SuperSpence.

  27. Jehanne

    Seacrest is going, “Aackk!!! Why didn’t I think of that before???”

  28. sugarplumbaby

    Next Ms Scarlet will be bleating that she wants to be treated as a “Serious Actress”.

  29. PapaHotNuts

    If sucking cock is all I got to do to be allowed to grab on the tits of some of the most beautiful women in the world, I’m buying kneepads today. But just one cock- I’m not gay or anything like that.

  30. SuperSpence

    cloud nine: Ohhh, so the reason I don’t have boobs like Scarlett’s is because I don’t WORK hard enough on them?(slaps forehead)Thanks for clearing that up, SuperSpence.

    REPLY: [Sorry. I guess the internet is the wrong place to make disingenuous remarks.] I’m here for you and all the other lovely ladies. I’m on your side.

  31. Captain_Pugwash

    And the world wonders why women are treated like “tits on legs”.

  32. SuperSpence: If all it takes is a little work, then I’m getting to work on my boobies right away so they can be more like Scarlett’s. And I’ll stay at home squeezing them all day. And then my wife will be jealous because we both will have great racks — how awkward.

  33. allison joy

    did anyone actually WATCH this, or are they just commenting on the pictures? i happened to catch this part, and in scarlett’s defense, she was very uncomfortable and that’s why she laughed…if you could see her actual expressions throughout the whole incident, you’d understand. and in isaac’s defense, he is a DESIGNER, and they were discussing the fact that all of the “control” in the dress was built-in…he was feeling the underwires. yeah, yeah, i know that probably wasn’t all of it, but y’all should lay off scarlett…she’s definitely not as whore-ish as a lot of other ladies out there. she wasn’t “letting him fondle her boobs and laughing about it”…know the story before you start talking badly about people. (this is one of the few times i will ever defend someone from hollywood!!! i love scarlett…i think she’s amazing!)

  34. ScottyBitch

    Thank you allison. I have comment tho’ ….designer (gay or straight) or no, anyone reaches out to feel my “underwires” I take evasive action (gently brush hand away?….or step backwards?… unless of course there’s a 50ft drop right behind you!). Granted she is young, prob nervous, and on camera….and he may have taken her completely by surprise in which case she had no choice but to act graciously (or better still cockpunch him as suggested previously!).

  35. asenath7766

    I didn’t watch the Golden Globes, but I agree with you, allison joy. For once here’s a gorgeous starlet that seems like she’s got a brain in her head and is not caught up in the “how low can you go skinny game”. She really seems comfortable with herself. Wish I saw the that clip though!

  36. HeeHaw

    Mizrahi pulled a Schwartzenegger!

  37. CheepShoos

    I know who Mizrahi is, but don’t care if he’s the Queen of England he’s taking liberties. He wouldn’t have done this if her bf/husband/escort were standing beside her.

    By the way evening dresses with built in support are nothing new. Been around for eons. My mum had one in the 70s.

    Maybe he’s a closeted heterosexual?

  38. andrewthezeppo

    Wow, she kinda looks like crap there. What’s wrong with that dress? It makes it look like her hips come directly out of her breasts, she has no torso or waist at all…it’s just boobs and then hips…really weird

  39. MonkeyWithTOES

    Yikers! I was gonna buy myself a new car but on second thoughts I need to get myself a set of those.

  40. meterlapata

    Actually, what’s bizarre is her HAIR. I bet that she wasn’t even born the last time that hair style was in fashion — sometime in-between Marcia Brady and Charlie’s Angels.

  41. SuperSpence

    I’m down with the retro hair style. Looked good on Farrah. Looks good on Scarlett. Whatever the decade, hot is still hot.

  42. Populist

    I think she looks great. And she must have talent–I caught her in one or two sketches on SNL this weekend and she actually made them watchable. Normally, bits on that show look like they’re being performed by high school kids in rehearsal.

  43. I don’t know what people see in her. She must be a GREAT actress because she sure is lacking in the looks department. She acts like a bimbo most of the time.

    AND her hair extensions look like crap. Doesn’t she have enough $$$ to get a decent hair stylist as well as fashion stylist?? She needs to call up Rachel Zoe!

  44. ghostwriter

    In my opinion, it’s all about good taste versus bad taste. As good taste is dying quickly on the TV vine, this sort of thing is a non-event. There are so many vulgar pigs and peasants on TV, speaking in cliches and platitudes, fancying themselves creative, witty and lovable, that a boob-squeeze or a burp or simply boiling everything down to the lowest common denominator qualifies as entertaining behavior and commentary.

    You can certainly buy style (Isaac, et al) but you definitely cannot buy class.

    I much prefer the Oscars and other awards ceremonies of yesteryear, during which everybody was smokin’, drinkin’, laughin’ and swingin’ — even the presenters. At least that was honest; nobody was posing or faking too much. Today’s entertainment, however, has taken the taboos (smokin’, drinkin’, etc.) out and by doing so created an even emptier concept of “entertainment.”

    Geez. Pretty deep, coming off a three-day weekend. …

  45. Re: post # 6

    My thoughts exactly. That is halarious.

  46. boymoto

    Hell, that is so funny…

    But the reality is, if you know your wonderbras, they have a foam cushion exactly where he is squeezing…

    I believe he is touching the support, not her actual breast. Either the support has a cushion in the bra, or the dress design.

    It is such a let down, unwrapping something, that is not the same as advertised.

  47. After relooking at those 3 images, she looks like a tramp who enjoyed it. Making the mongoloid face after smiling. Oh yea, thats the money shot, right there! To funny.

    Seacrest is in the background, confused asking “why am I not allowed to do this kind of stuff?”. In image 2 he looks like he blew a load in his shorts.

  48. SuperSpence

    Seacrest jealous? I don’t think so. If you pumped that dude’s stomach you’d find enough man-juice to fill Lake Ontario. I think that’s the smallest of the Great Lakes, but it is still an awful lot of semen.

  49. reeeeka

    Mr. Mizrahi said/did a few (if he wasn’t gay) questionable things last night. Like asking Ms. Longoria what her haircut “down there” was like. I was SHOCKED then I was like…well he’s gay so it’s not he’s dreaming of it. I dunno though…I was SHOCKED lol.

  50. Kitchy

    She looks like a guy that used to go to my school with a wig on. I have never been impressed with her. Bill Murray was cuter.

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