Scarlett Johansson & Eva Mendes are not even trying

December 8th, 2008 // 54 Comments

Scarlett Johansson and Eva Mendes attended the Berlin premiere of The Spirit with Samuel L. Jackson and director Frank Miller last nigh,t and you’d think the two ladies who play sexy villains in the movie would schnazz it up a bit. Instead, Eva looks like she’s about to swap recipes in the latest issue of Redbook, while I’m pretty sure Scarlett is wearing a leotard with a lamp shade around her waist. Congratulations, ladies, you’ve pissed off Germany. This should end well.


  1. I like Scarlett’s outfit.

  2. verygiftedyoungperson

    Ok that’s enough. I’m so sick of those never ending narrow-minded comments about Germany.
    Of course you tried to be funny but when will you people finally realize that we can’t take this anymore? I’m German and yes,we have a horrible history, our ancestors made horrible mistakes but in Germany we are sick of feeling ashamed and being portrayed as nationalists.
    It’s half a century ago and our generation is still faced with those stupid predjudices.So I, personally feel totally offended, although I know that you probably just wanted to be funny and what can you associate with Germany? Yea sure: Nazi, war…etc. That’s so pathetic. There is so much more to our country!
    And don’t pretend you Americans don’t have blood on your hands, so who are you to go and make fun about “pissing off the Germans”? That is just so disrespectful. There is a line, and you def crossed it with that comment. Just saying.

  3. scarlett is a horse

    scarlett j, is one over-rated, not even average-looking girl who’s painful to watch on screen. she’s also known to be a diva without any talent, charisma, intellect or sweetness that would make up for her bitchy attitude. just another fabrication of hollywood—looks pathetic without enough make-up & photoshop. eva mendes might look rather masculine to some, but at least hers is natural beauty that can pass as ‘exotic’. plus she’s humble and doesn’t try too hard to look different from what she is.

  4. Eva all the way, there is no comparison here, is pure warmth, scarlett resembles the typical girl next door (who is trying very hard to look good, but nothing special.

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