Scarlett Johansson eats it

April 25th, 2007 // 117 Comments

Scarlett Johansson ate it on some steps after the SNL after-party over the weekend because she was trying to avoid the paparazzi by putting a coat over her head. No, seriously. Watch the video. It’s like a scene out of a National Lampoon movie. I’m surprised the government hasn’t already picked her up for her amazing stealth techniques and put her to work for the CIA.



  1. crazyotto

    ooh oh ooo I cant breath,I cant breath oooh oh oh………(from the bit she did on SNL)

  2. NicotineEyePatch

    Nothing stops the Town Mattress!
    Wait, wasn’t that last Saturday?

  3. WARNNG: Chicken perve and Plowsit perve has been apprehended at a rest stop bathroom….

    Plowshit is stuck in chichens ass!! HELP, ANYONE!

  4. DrPhowstus

    @103 — Lemme guess: the boys on the locker room keep tellin you anal sex protects yur virginity. Aaaahhh… to e young and naive… (or in your case middle aged and lonely).

  5. Hey bitch..You reall hate being middle aged..glad to know u hate being u…In my case I love being me..18 yr.old vigin and u know that’s something u can never get back..The guys in my school go after virgins..the like the game…so I can’t play the game if I am old and used up like U…

  6. DrPhowstus

    @105 — So, did it hurt the first time, or was the first dude in the train nice enough spit on hs cock before he violated you like parole

  7. NEVER will a dick go up my ass!!!!!!!!Even when I decide to have sex…U R the dick f’er, not me…..enjoy…I’m sure your ass is big enough..your old, gross..

  8. jrzmommy♠

    Senor Kelli, with an I…..all fags start out saying they’re gonna play pitcher and not catcher….just give it time, young man.

  9. DrPhowstus

    I thought a zebra never changed it’s stripes, butI swear kelLIE is danielle Part Deux.

  10. Please don’t compare me to Danielle…I don’t know her.
    Bitch–u better stop calling me a he…and yea, so, like now…your British..funny.

  11. DrPhowstus

    @110 — So how are those narcotics you apparently consume in volume? Don’t make threats you can’t back up, sir.

  12. Not hooked on narcotics like u….weed is where its at..don’t need Dr.trips the rest of my life…and yea, my principal is a girl and I don’t blow cock a doodie dooz, like u.. chicken i waiting for his flowers.

  13. Gotta go help my teacher, I am here TA for the rest of the school day…see u brokebacks later..make sure chicken,oopps, I mean assman gets his flowers.

  14. OMG, that must have been embarassing.
    But, who can be embarassed when you like like this:

  15. john

    I didn’t realize anybody named their kids Scarlett anymore. In any event, she’s a real beauty and an excellent actress.

    Some magazine (People?) just named her the best breasts in Hollywood. I was stunned to find a Scarlett Johansson nude video online. Actually, she’s topless taking a shower. I don’t know what movie that would be from … but you can see why she was voted best breasts.

    If you’re interested the video is at It’s one of their most downloaded videos. Be careful though, there are some NSFW areas on that site.

  16. Karisha

    Thats what you get when you’re wearing a jacket over your head. Must have had a bad hair day or something…

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