Scarlett Johansson breaks up Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz

claims Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz split because Justin went behind Cameron’s back to cast Scarlett Johansson to be in his $1 million music video even though Scarlett has a crush on him.

“Scarlett has always liked Justin. They’ve always had a flirtation – that’s why Cameron was threatened by her.” With good reason. The decision to cast the 20-year-old as the video vixen pushed Timberlake’s relationship with Diaz to the breaking point, and paved the way for Johansson to move in for the kill. “She could not believe he went behind her back to put her in the video,” says a Timberlake pal. “Cameron was very jealous of Scarlett.” Adds the source, “they definitely got together after she did the video.”

If your’e Cameron Diaz, you’ve got way more to worry about than Scarlett Johansson swooping in and taking your man. Like accidentally swallowing your boyfriend in your sleep. Or trying to stop Batman from thwarting your evil plans. Get it? Because she has the world’s biggest mouth. High five!