Scarlett Johansson attracts old men

December 20th, 2005 // 19 Comments

*scarlett_johansson_thumb2.jpgScarlett Johansson, while promoting the Woody Allen directed Match Point, says that Allen was obsessed with her love life.


  1. Alan_Alda_Is_Gangsta

    Woody Allen cares because he’s an undersexed, old neurotic Jew. Basically your prototypical dirty old man.

    But I’d be willing to wager that John Travolta cares because he wants to hear about men’s penises. Or penii. I think penii is gonna be the new plural of penis.

  2. PinkRose

    Is it me or did Scarlett come off as naive and a tad bit arrogant with that statement, (especially with the “live vicariously” part)?

  3. Oh, I dunno I think its pretty common for people to want to hear about others sexual exploits. If the person telling is young and attractive and the person(s) listening is of the opposite sex, that just makes it that much more exciting. I mean maybe she’s a real slut, she could be giving these guys some real masturbation material.

  4. kbs

    Hohlraum I don’t understand why she has to be called a slut. Every time a woman on here wants to have sex and perhaps (gasp!) enjoys it she is labeled a slut. Maybe she gets off from telling about her sexual encounter. If so- more power to her. It doesn’t make her a slut but it does make her extremely hot.

  5. Scarlett needs to stop it with the dirty old man fixation….

  6. d-list

    john travolta wants to live vicariously because he is GAY GAY GAY and wants to have sex with the guys she gets.

  7. hafaball

    woody allen is just a sick man. A very sick man. A very genius sick man. a very genius writer sick man. a very…oh sry. Wow, John travolta…that was surprising. I can’t imagine him saying, “So Scarlett, who;d you have sex with last night? Cause it wasn’t me!”

  8. iamboredatwork

    Travolta is probably inquiring because he is just making sure all of his in the closet boyfriends a.k.a. Jake Gyllenhaal aren’t cheating on him that’s all.

  9. BadassFred

    I totally agree with what PinkRose said. Scarlett always sounds like such an arrogant little snot. STFU, girl.

  10. HollyJ

    Is it just me or does her face look like she’s suffering water intoxication? She’s all poofy. I wanna just take a needle and pop her check then squish all of that mushiness out.

  11. andrewthezeppo

    I’ve had enough of this ho-bag, can’t we bring back one of the other skanks we pretend are talented? What about Jennifer Lopez, lets start pretending she’s talented again and forget about Scarlet Hosebag or whatever her name is

  12. travolta has vagina envy. and woody is probably hoping that scarlette will bear a child he can then marry at age 10.

    funny brad/jen/angie pic

  13. Georgia

    She just has to stop thinking that she is famous because she is SOOOO talented and realize that most people are only interested in her because they want to have sex with her and they think that it is possible because of her SLUT VOICE.

    My boyfriend explaind to me that when guys hear girls with voices like Scarlett and Lindsay Ho-han they know their likely to get a blowjob.


    or maybe so they can go home and masturbate to the “details”

  15. Popz9

    woody allen is super creepy… he wants to hear about her exploits so that he can base one of his movie characters on a slutty.. poofy faced actress that gets off on telling old dirty men her secret love affairs…

  16. Captain Awesome

    I’d cut one of my arms off to sniff her cooch.

  17. cap077

    Has anyone seen “lost in translation”??? yes i watch and get “deep” movies but i guess this was just way too deep for me. anyways, i don’t like her she has christina aguilera crooked legs, which i find EXTREMELY unattractive.

  18. Bella

    well woody allen needs to hear about scarlett’s love life because he knows alllll about his daughter’s…

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