Scarlett Johansson at Comic-Con and other news

July 27th, 2009 // 52 Comments

- Chris Brown and Rihanna might have had a secret rendezvous. Choo choo! Hear that? That was the sympathy train leaving the station and running over Rihanna’s face because Chris Brown’s driving. [Celebslam]

- Gwyneth Paltrow was noticeably absent from the Iron Man 2 panel at Comic-Con. What? Fanboys love cornish hen recipes and whimsical talk of Spain, too. [Lainey Gossip]

- Mischa Barton has been discharged and is ready to start production on The Beautiful Life proving that even crazy people can find work before Lindsay Lohan. [PopEater]

- Avril Lavigne is a role model. I’m actually serious about that. [The Blemish]

- Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are still having sex which proves my theory: Brian Austin Green’s brother is a magic genie. I knew it! [Just Jared]

- Leonardo DiCaprio banged one of those chicks from the Pussycat Dolls. You know those bad 80s movies where two people switch places? That should happen with Leo and me. I’ll bring the Indian skull. [PopSugar]


  1. *****Krazyhotkelli******

    Zhe iz pretty, unlike Zhawna, who iz grozz……

  2. Harold^Sick

    You know a woman is hot when she looks stunning on her “off days.” Just ridiculous beauty.

  3. Narcissist

    Try this, Scarlett:

    I’ve always thought Scarlett was an acquired taste, much like Mena Suvari.

    I think much of this sex symbol stuff was just hype, much like Gwyneth Paltrow.

    I liked Scarletts look on the cover of “The Perfect Score”.

    @ 15 – Exactly. There must be equivalent or better boobs attached to a superior vessel somewhere.

  4. The beaver That farted

    jeez is that a real fucking tattoo? she must be on drugs. and bad ones at that.

  5. GotMilk

    Is she sweating chocolate milk?


  6. jesus

    why are her legs so bruised?

  7. she isnt looking her best

  8. Anexio

    In pic 3 she looks like Madonna.

    For all you guys over 40, that ain’t a compliment.


  9. 897798

    @ 29: Stunt work probably, she has action role in Iron Man 2.

    Nothing in the face has really changed, except that little slimmer now, if you compare to other recent photos. So this trashy Madonna makeup is double horrible in that sense,

  10. Caroline French Girl

    Elle a le tatouage le plus pourri que je n’ai jamais vu.
    = She has the lamest (?) tatoo I’ve ever seen

  11. LouR

    I’ll still break her back!!!!

  12. Valerie

    She doesn’t need all that makeup, I think, is her biggest folly. And she overdid the whole bronzer-down-the-middle-of-the-leg-to-slim-it-down trick.

  13. e-rock

    Every single one of you guys are crazy!! This is what a real woman looks like!! If i was a guy, I would totally have the hots for her. So what she has pit stains? Like thats never happened to some of you on a hot July day?? Please. If she wanted to hop in bed with any one of you idiots, you would be drooling all over her. I would be lucky to look like her, and Im a swimsuit model, damnit!! I wish I had killer curves like that, and lucious lips. The red hair isn’t as bad as the brunett, but its a lot better than that really light blonde. And she is married( or engaged?) to RYAN OMG REYNOLDS!!! Ooooh I would kill just run my hands over thaosewashboard abs!! I bet they have hot, unbridled animal sex… and…. ok… Im getting all sweaty here at work, and need to calm down and go back to eating my watermelon. LOL. Anyway, you guys are lame. You can have your Kim kardashiskanks, I will take the Scarletts out there!!

  14. e-rock

    One more thing, since Im on a rant, she is not trying to be the hottest actress out there (like Megan Fox, or Kim K always trying to be the sexiest thing out there) she is trying to be one of the BEST actresses out there. She can actually act. Like Christina Ricci, or Natalie Portman, or Angelina Jolie. Yes, they are beautiful, but thats not all she is about. So leave her alone!!
    And for the person that said her shoes are horrible, I think they HOT!! She has style people, unlike yourselves.

  15. Paulina

    @ e-rock: Not many people said she was ugly overall, just that she was having an off day, what with the weird hair color and the pit stains ( a good anti-perspirant can fix that, and she can always re-dye her hair) . I think she’s pretty, but I have to agree when people say she looks like Madonna here. No one said they would kick her out of bed. Calm down.

  16. Looks like she had that jaw and chin refurbished. Remember how bad it was? BTW, I hate Gwyneth Paltrow. So if you share in that hate, by all means, come on over.

  17. BOOBS

    Jaw and chin now too? Whenever I read comments on these kind of newssites there is always someone claiming she had tits/lips/nose/cheeks/whatever done. Jealousy is so cute.

  18. dude

    ugh more than eva i wana tap dat ass!!!!!

  19. Freekity geeek

    She doesn’t look as good as usual. It’s a combination of a bad dress, poor hair color choice and she may have put on a wee bit of weight (I’d say no more than 5 pounds though). Oh, and perhaps she was missing some deoderant. So she had a bad stye day… it’s definitely not as tragic as Jessica. Scarlet will be back to her cute self in no time. As a woman, I think she has great curves and looks fab most of the time… haters!

  20. giggity

    @ 42: “she may have put on a wee bit of weight”, you mean since…? Because if anything she has lost some weight for her role in Iron Man 2 and filming was finished just couple of weeks ago. This is still slimmer version Scarlett.

  21. big john

    She’s kind of boring. She takes herself too seriously. Loosen up and do an anal sex take

  22. Bizzo


  23. She looks great, is she still singele?

  24. gee

    What a clown face.

  25. Sofia

    ew… sweaty pits, too much make-up, awful nail polish, vulgar dress, dreadful shoes, trashy hair – correct that, trashy all over.

  26. @37

    HAHA , have you ever saw one of her films ? Angelina Jolie can’t act. At all.
    The only movie she was believable/good in was Girl, Interruped and that’s because she was not acting, but simply being herself.

  27. Nancy Stephens

    I bet they DO have hot sex- it’s theONLY reason Ryan married her- he wanted to f*** her along w/every other guy in Hollywood! Plus,he also ONLY married Scarlett beacuse she is younger and she has a nice set of breasts- thats why the sex is so hot! However,Ryan need to wake up and realize that it takes more than a young,busty body who can give you great sex and BJs to make a marriage work! Just out of curiousity- is giving every guy in Hollywood great BJs the reason she has those nasty swollen lips- or did she just have too much Restalyne injected into them?? Pit stains are just NASTY!!!Wonder if her sweaty pits come from nervousness- that Ryan will wake up and realize he made a mistake of a lifetime by marrying every other man’s WHORE!!!With all that makeup on her face., she looks like a cheap streetwalker!!!Perhaps her Broadway debut should have been walking 42nd Street…instead of View from the Bridge…oh thats right- Liev Shriber wants to f*** her too! Thats how she got the View from the Bridge part!!!

  28. Nancy Stephens

    toJesus#29: I bet her legs are brusied because Ryan Reynolds may have beaten the s***out of her- he is rumored to have a jealous streak and a bad temper,according to the mags. He doesn’t like it when guys fawn all over her- wouldn’t be surprised if that son of a bitch beat her!

  29. I think she looks great – might be wearing too much makeup, but she looks good. She has beautiful eyes and a great smile.

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