Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley pose nude in Vanity Fair

February 7th, 2006 // 109 Comments

In typical Vanity Fair fashion, tomorrow’s issue will feature Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley posing nude, but with all the fun parts covered up. Sure they’re technically naked, but that’s like saying Paris Hilton is technically dressed. If you’re wearing clothes but everybody can see your breasts and coochie hanging out, it doesn’t count.



  1. powpowpow

    Kiera’s lip implants are terrible. She always has a bewildered Goldie Hawn look on her face because of them. NOT HOT AT ALL.

  2. nikki

    oh yeah, given a choice of Keira or Scarlett, we’re supposed to believe that a man would prefer kKeira. yeah right. :rolleyes:

  3. aurora

    why does scarlett look like renee zellwegger?

  4. rori

    What is wrong with you people? Both of these women are gorgeous. Besides, you’re kind of an idiot if you think there is only one kind of “beautiful.”
    To the person that said, “She reminds me of one of the really pale, puffy women in those really old, antique paintings,” you are an imbecile. Ms. Johansson appears to be quite un-puffy. You might want to take a second glance at that classical art you act like you know so much about. The women in those paintings were supposed to be representations of fertility. And yeah, they were pretty damn “puffy.” But neither of these women is. Go throw up or excersize some more so you can get rid of all your “puffiness.”

  5. sugarfree

    So this is the infamous photoshoot that Rachel McAdams fired her publicist on the spot when she found out she has to be nude to do it! She was supposed to do the cover with Scarlett and Keira, but then she doesn’t want to be nude…

  6. HollyJ

    Um, GUYs,.. that’s NOT REAL. That’s called AIRBRUSH

  7. jka

    Both Keira and Scarlett are beautiful, but even though I think Scarlett has an enviable figure, if I were she, NO WAY would I pose naked right next to Keira.

  8. BadGoat

    I agree with #8, that’s one ugly photograph.

  9. becca11

    it isn;t a good picture, sj’s legs look very awkwardly posed, she should have crossed her legs in the back. she also could use some eye makeup, her face is really washed out looking.

  10. Chris'sMom

    Has it ever occured to those of you who are obssesing over SJ’s weight that perhaps she does not want to look like a stick. Not every one in Hollywood these days is hooked on cocaine and/or has some sort of eating disorder. Besides, even if she were to drop a couple of pounds then the “Oh God, look how skinny she looks, there must be something wrong with her” comments would spill forth. As someone earlier commented, lets put your ass up there and see what shape you are.

  11. kixbooty

    i agree with jka, scarlett has a nice body and she’s not fat or anything but in front of the camera, next to a stick thin keira knightley, she’s only going to look fat. keira’s limbs and body is alot more elongated and slimline than scarletts, which gives the impression of scarlett being pudgy, vene though she really isnt.

  12. Cindylover1969

    “…with all the fun parts covered up.”

    Scarlett Johansson’s ass = a fun part. Definitely.

  13. Jayne

    a new generation that has taken over Julia Roberts’ and Halie Berry’s positions as the most overrated women in Hollywood… not only acting wise, but appearance wise.

    Kiera creeps me out when she smiles or looks like she’s a cocaine head.
    Scarlett looks good when she’s at a different angle… from whatever I’ve read about Scarlett, her persona kills her image and she’s just another drama whore.

  14. There has to be a bigger scan of this somewhere. Has to be..

  15. slinkhard

    Wow. Everyone’s defensive today.
    While I find Keira and Scarlett to be untalented and annoying; and Keira to be the less attractive of the two (seriously. She’s built like a boy, she does nothing but pout…); they’ve both looked a *hell* of a lot better than they do here. Their hair, make-up and posing is all pretty horrendous.

  16. lcheney2001

    poster 15….just be quiet

  17. lcheney2001

    hmmmm maybe they were going for all women arent built equal….duh just a thought.

  18. jennyjenjen

    51 is right, Kiera has a totally creept smile. She’s a freak. The photo is so airbrushed!

  19. jennyjenjen

    Ohh I meant 63 is right.. sorry. SJ looks like she has mountain man legs.

  20. CakeGirl

    Tom Ford is HOT. I’d rather see HIM naked.

  21. MystressJade

    I would love to roll around naked with both of them….OK, throw in the gay guy too…

  22. whodatiz

    Oh lovely. It’s good to know that, as we assume we’ve made strides in equality for women, we’ve once again regressed. As with any style of European antiquated paintings, the women are perceived as objects – to be seen, to give pleasure to the viewer. Tom Ford (playing the token man),is fully clothed,and represents what can be done to these feminine objects. The only defense this cover has is that Ford is gay.

  23. sugarfree

    THANK GOD Rachel McAdams did not agree to do this photoshoot, they looked really UGLY! Scarlett looks like a pig and Keira…well never liked her and always thought she was a boy with a weird Jack in the Box head…so…whatever, she’s overrated anyway.

  24. jennifer11

    personally, i wouldn’t kick either one of them out of bed,

    both very lovely ladies.

  25. PostAcidYouth

    Now, I’m not big on Scarlett Johansson but my goodness, her skin is beautiful there. She looks like a 50′s pinup, Bettie Page style, flawless porcelain skin. Very elegant. And I’ve always had a girlcrush on Keira Knightley, perfect pert little breasts, beautiful long limbs and a classic, elegant face structure.

    Of course it’s airbrushed. It’s not like they’d pretend otherwise.

  26. LaydeeBug

    Bug here again….The idea behind the picture was good, but I really don’t think they picked the best picture out of the whole shoot. We all know SJ is really pretty and has big boobs, but an ass shot (hee hee) was not what the doctor ordered. KK has a very pretty face, but looks old here and she is too skinny. Maybe a picture of SJ on her side, showing the curve of hip and waist would have been nice.

  27. SMF121490

    The only good thing about this photo is the guy. The girls look too pasty. This could have been a very beautiful photo if done right.

  28. Whoever took that picture deserves the Nobel Prize.


  29. bluecanary

    I actually feel better after seeing this. Scarlett is gorgeous, but let’s face, she has heavy calves and cankles.

  30. bluecanary

    And why are these two actresses posing with Jeremy Piven again?

  31. PostAcidYouth

    I’m not entirely sure what’s wrong with being ‘pasty’…it’s far preferable to orange. Besides, it’s not like they’re mediterranean or anything, so they’re probably naturally pale under all the makeup anyway. And I don’t see anything wrong with that. It looks kinda classy in my humble opinions

  32. JudithJetson

    Seriously, how much airbrushing had to go into this picture?

    1) To flesh out boy in disguise Keira
    2) To thin out fatty come lately Scarlett
    3) To hetero-ize Tom (although I think he’s mad sexy)

  33. QTw/aBoo-T

    Scarlett looks totally fat and pasty, I would be em-bare-assed to show my fat white ass on the front of a magazine like that, her agent obviously isn’t doing his job! Gross! Keira looks cute though.

  34. Tania

    Dear rori (post #54): You’re right, “those really old, antique paintings” does sound like I was acting like I know a lot about them (catch the sarcasm?). Clearly I’m not an art history major….and I didn’t pretend to be! I’d have at least used google to find an artist’s name if I wanted to sound like I knew something about it.

    Why do you automatically think that I’m an imbecile just because I don’t view beauty the same way you do? You sound like the narrow minded one here because of they way you reacted simply because my opinion didn’t match yours.

    For the record, I don’t think SJ is fat, I just don’t think this is the most flattering picture of her and yes, she does look puffy (although maybe she doesn’t look puffy compared to some people, such as yourself).

    For the other record, no, I’m not fat or puffy and I don’t have to puke to stay thin. I’m sure you don’t belive me so whatever…I won’t lose any sleep over it.

  35. popcornsuite

    Highly airbrushed? You bet. And I know this to be a fact. No image seen in any magazine, be it Seventeen or Better Homes and Gardens, isn’t airbrushed in some way.

    I’m not really a fan of either actress, but the picture is stunning nevertheless.

  36. popcornsuite

    By the way:

    “Tom Ford looks like a 70′s pornstar with his hairline and his shirt open like that.”

    I was kinda thinking myself that he looks like a darker Leisure Suit Larry. :P

  37. I just love reading these comments! As a long time
    subscriber to Vanity Fair, I must say that this is not my
    favorite Hollywood cover but still, it was done tastefully
    and artfully and therefore sets it above Maxim.

  38. PostAcidYouth

    I’m with Gossipmonger…rather something done tastefully and subtly than something like Maxim.

    As I said I’m certainly no fan of SJ but her arse is far from fat…they’re either too thin or too fat, is there ever a happy medium? Damned if they do…

  39. Iouliana

    oh cmon…they’re hot and you know it. Esp Keira….shes hotter than so many people. Im sort of iffy on Scarlett, cuz shes an annoying girl in all of her interviews and i hate her movies (except for lost in translation, but its cuz of bill murray). But keira’s films i highly enjoy and her sexiness just doesn’t give up…this is a wicked picture and i wish they put more keira in more magz, cuz she’s fabulous….

  40. Iouliana

    ps comments that are talking about “puffy, white women in antique paintings” are most likely referring to Picasso. And no Scarlett looks like nothing in Picasso’s portrayal of “beauty”…You should see what he paints..then you’d call her an anorexic in comparison…but i wouldnt compare vantity fair to timeless classic art….

  41. chronic

    Looked at the high-res shot, and what the eff happened to Keira’s lips?! She’s giving Jessica Simpson a run for her money. Gotta wonder why someone who’s already drop-dead gorgeous would be messing with their face.

    Never cared much for her, never shuts up about being a tomboy, not a girly girl, blah blah blah. Yeah right.

  42. Tania

    I looked at the high-res shot too and I noticed that Keira has her belly button ring in. I’m suprised they didn’t make her take it out. Seems kinda tacky in this situation because it doesn’t match the theme of the photo at all. This situation aside, if anyone has the stomach for a belly piercing, it’s Keira.

  43. Mr. Fritz

    Hey, I wonder why all of Hollywood is suffering from eating disorders. Hmm, could it be comments made like the ones above mine? Scarlett has a curvy figure and celebrates it. I enjoy a woman with a soft body, not a friggin skeleton. Would you want Nicole Ritchie posing on the cover? Her ass is smaller, but she doesn’t have tits or her period.

  44. escapevelocity

    #91: damn, thanks for the high-res photo! whew!

  45. fluku

    no nips no care

  46. becca11

    yeah, the man looks REALLY out of place, and scarlett’s legs look super awkward, as do her flat archless feet. This would have been better if rachel adams was in it and scarlett knew how to lay down in a way that looked less goofy and uncomfortable. keira should have taken out the belly ring, and maybe scarletts lips should be a more natural color less, fuschia

  47. Two extremes – Keira looks like a pre-pube, Scarlett looks like a real woman. One looks like a boy, one looks like a girl. The guy doesn’t belong there. Bring on Naked McAdams!

  48. LaydeeBug

    Saw the Hi-Res pic.

    Keira, stop with the lips, you’re English, no one expects you to have a thick upper lip.

    Rachel McAdams has the Apple Butt to pull off the butt shot.

    I’m sorry, Scarlett J does not have the glutes for this shot, but overall, up close and in hi res, the picture looks a lot better than I thought.

  49. JadedSophisticat

    This cover does neither of them justice. SJ’s body is far more amazing than that! she actually is fairly long-limbed–more so than keira. Keira actually has a really long torso and pretty short arms and legs; it’s just that Keira is in a slightly more flattering pose. Keira isn’t too thin either. She’s always had hips and thighs and a very athletic build.

    Also, whoever mentioned SJ’s unarched feet is right on; her feet shouldn’t have been hanging off like that. It would have made her legs look much longer if her feet had been arched.

    The thing that also bothers me about the picture is that there is no interaction between any of the people in it (and I don’t mean that in a sexual way). It’s just that none of the figures in the picture look like they’re even remotely relating to one another.

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