Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley pose nude in Vanity Fair

February 7th, 2006 // 109 Comments

In typical Vanity Fair fashion, tomorrow’s issue will feature Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley posing nude, but with all the fun parts covered up. Sure they’re technically naked, but that’s like saying Paris Hilton is technically dressed. If you’re wearing clothes but everybody can see your breasts and coochie hanging out, it doesn’t count.



  1. A2Bcom

    The tease of all teases! But I’ll take what I can get of these two babes. :)

  2. Absolutely! I’m picking this one up!

  3. LaydeeBug

    Yeah…OK. Whatev…. No really, I still don’t know if I like Johannsen yet. I really liked her in Lost in Translation, but I’m getting a “my shit don’t stink” vibe off of that one. Knightly, well, she’s kind of cool. I like her in those tough, kick-ass roles (but honestly, she doesn’t look strong enough to rip a piece of foil.)

  4. TorontoGirl

    I’m pretty sure the only people who want to see Keira naked are closet pedo’s.

    Seriously. She’s built like a nine year old boy.

  5. Wild Rose

    Wow, Scarlett looks like she’s straight out of an Ingres painting…yay for a gal who actually has curves. Hope this cover doesn’t get anyone’s knickers in a knot. It’s tastefully done!

  6. Tania

    I think Keira looks good there (look at her abs!), but Scarlett just does not look attractive! She reminds me of one of the really pale, puffy women in those really old, antique paintings.

    Maybe that was the point, but why would anyone do that on purpose?! Not hot!

  7. cornelius_prot

    sounds like you need to go on a diet. it’s okay, you don’t really need an extra layer of blubber to survive the harsh canadian winter: that’s just a story made up by the big food industry.

  8. PinkRose

    It’s a terrible picture.

  9. thebor

    Do hate ladys, those girls are hot hot hot…opps my balls just exploded.

  10. thebor

    opps again, DONT hate ladies.

  11. Lynette Carrington

    Yes, I know Tom Ford is gay. But DAUMMN…..he’s fine.

  12. SuperSpence

    I will have those two girls and anyone who stands in my way is gettin’ slayed.

    My name is Brown, that’s what they call me.

  13. escapevelocity

    gotta love that tush. i think scarlett looks better than keira in this picture, who looks like she’s about to turn 40. scarlett’s feminine curves over muscled-up keira anytime.

  14. SuperSpence

    11. Posted by Lynette Carrington on February 7, 2006 04:40 PM

    Yes, I know Tom Ford is gay. But DAUMMN…..he’s fine.

    REPLY: If bald gay guys are hot what chance do I — a devastatingly handsome straight dude with a full head of hair — have in this world?

  15. Samson

    Toronto Girl: please refrain from making idiotic Canadian comments from now on.–That’s all.

  16. Keira looks hot, Scarlett does not. Even thought Scarlett is actually a lot prettier than Keira and there’s no pictures of Scarlett with dodgy ass skin, the pose is all wrong for her. I think they should swap poses. Nobody wants to see a fat ass looking pasty and in that pic it looks as tough her whole upper leg area is one big white ass. Also, would it have killed Scarlett to suck in her stomach? Oh and, trust me, I’m not jealous – of Jessica Alba, yes just a little…

  17. escapevelocity

    check out the vanity fair website, they have a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot. scarlett was on the phone the entire time, probably with josh hartnett trying to convince her not to do it.

  18. ESQ

    Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley posing nude is classy, angelic looking. Paris Hilton nude = used up slag period

  19. Eh, it’s a cool spread, but Ms. Johansson gets the sweet pose, while Ms. Knightley doesn’t get to stretch it out…

  20. LaydeeBug

    Kudos to Tom Ford for being all kinds of fucking FINE. Word #11 Lynette. And by the way, only shallow girls care about balding men. Hair or no hair, it’s all the same to me.

    By the way, SJ is very pretty and I see what they were going for with the old style, but it just makes her look old and pasty. Come to think of it, now that I look again, they both look old. And Tom looks great. Hmmmmm. Gay Mafia anyone!

  21. hermanita

    Well I’d rather have the girl that won’t show her boobs even in a shot like that then the girl that will show them everytime even when not asked.

    Keira is so beautiful! It just has to be mentioned. She’s perfect. I don’t know much about Scarlett…she seems too pale. But how much makeup do they have on their bodies? Not one scar, not on pimple, no nothing…it’s weird.

    PS:TorontoGirl,that’s just your jealousy speaking. Do lay off the burgers, like someone already said.

  22. PapaHotNuts

    What’s the best way to clean sper- I mean mayonaisse off a keyboard?

  23. ohyeah

    They both look pretty good, but Scarlett is quite pasty for a black background. Not to say that Keira is ugly or anything, but I’d do Scarlett over her any day. Need some shading or different lighting in the next photo, guys.

  24. Captain Awesome

    “She reminds me of one of the really pale, puffy women in those really old, antique paintings.”

    That was the point of the shoot, and shes extra pale considering they used a talc powder coating on her the most. The blame would go to the photographer here if anything else.

  25. ohyeah

    Next to Keira, anyone would look thick. She has nice breasts, but the rest is not that great. Her face is especially stretched-looking in this shot.

  26. lomies

    Sure it’s nice that they’re posing nude and all but why are their faces not-so-sexy-as-they-could-be?

  27. Such negativity from everyone. Let’s slap your purty ass on VF and see how awesome you look.

  28. spamnews

    Samson you said on February 7, 2006 at 04:43 PM

    Toronto Girl: please refrain from making idiotic Canadian comments from now on.–That’s all.

    She’s not from Canada, she’s from Toronto – the World Class City. It’s o.k. to ignore her.


    Your friend,
    The rest of Canada

  29. ayteesevn

    That dude looks wayyy too much like Jeremy Piven for his own good.

  30. akahuge

    Tom Ford looks like a 70′s pornstar with his hairline and his shirt open like that.

  31. escapevelocity

    oooooo just had an epiphany: i now know where i got the “looks like she’s about to turn 40″ remark from: she’s going for a sharon stone pose. stone always poses that way in pictures, especially the way she turns up her face – it’s uncanny.

  32. andrewthezeppo

    Scarlet looks demented, what’s going on with her face it looks all kinds of fugly. And something about her lowerback/ass area just looks wrong, like they photo shoped the bodies of two people together and it didn’t quite match up…also she’s a whore

  33. DannyJames

    they need to get some dudes posin nude in this magazine, shit.

  34. ferret1

    Looks like Scarlett fell into a vat of Bisquick. And I don’t care for the “I’m ready to have my temperature taken” pose. I’m just glad that she can’t talk in a photo. Such a manly voice on that woman – could she be covering the balls?

  35. whackjob

    Why is SJ flashing Vulcan gang signs? or maybe it’s a secret “V, is for…”

    yummmm, pasty. I’d hit it.

  36. Linnea

    I think Scarlett looks better than Keira here. Keira is a beautiful girl although I do think she’d do to gain a little weight.
    And anybody who is calling SJ fat is crazy.

  37. Wild Rose

    Watch the video–was Tom Ford even in the same room room as them? I think we’re witnessing a little bit of “Hollywood magic” here, folks. The test shots only featured Scarlett and Keira, or was I missing something? They both looked a little uncomfortable and embarassed; it was refreshing to see two young actresses behaving so modestly. Ha, betcha the thought of Keira and Scarlett gettin’ all snuggly in that tiny room is makin’ all you guys really hot and bothered now.

  38. escapevelocity

    here’s a link to the video, btw:

  39. HughJorganthethird

    On first glance it appears as if The Rock is about to bite some anorexic eastern european hooker’s ear clean off.

    Can you smell what the rock is cooking?

    Thats right. Tuna.

  40. akahuge

    They should have forgot about John Ford and the drab Keira and just went with the hot Scarlett J. with this photo and been done with it.

  41. Scarlett is a beautiful girl, but the angle of her face in this photo was not very flattering. I think Keira is pretty too, but she looks too angular next to Scarlett.

    And anybody who is doubting whether or not Scarlett is pretty should see Match Point.

  42. JollyJumjuck

    What would make the photo better would be a Keira-sized handprint on Scarlett’s left ass cheek. Give the girl a bit of color. Oh, and Tom Ford to grow a cheesy mustache to complete the 70′s porno-dude look. And talk like Antonio Banderas.

  43. urheartshapedbox

    DAMIT keira can sit up like that and she has absolutely no fat at all. that takes a lot up situps and some fast metabolism to get that. im pretty skinny too but shes just wow. and scarlett doesnt need to suck in her stomach thats what your stomach does when you like down like that. its called gravity

  44. Solaera

    Comment #29 Spot on. I thought it WAS Jeremy Piven until I read the text.

    Scarlett appears borderline retarded in that shot. What’s up with that goofy look on her face? She looks like a chubby Traci Lords.

    Plumpness and scrawniness aside neither girl looks very good in that pic.

  45. Brokeneyes

    I think the shot was extremely well done. Keira does look a little too thin to be pair with SJ there, but it doesn’t throw off the shot that horribly. I’m hoping people see more the artistic side of it all instead of a “cheap 70′s porno.”

  46. Wait….so people still read Vanity Fair? Riiiiight. Maybe this will egg Jennifer Love Hewitt on to do something….

  47. funkygoldmedallions

    Let me just state for the record what all hetero guys are thinking right now: 1. Scarlett’s tits and Keira’s body = peanute butter cups. Hmmm… peanut butter cups. 2. What guy do you girls keep talking about? I don’t see a guy in the picture.

  48. QuiteFrog

    Ok so why isn’t George Clooney naked COME ON fair is fair

  49. I never really found either of them that hot

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