Scarlett Johansson also ruins Halloween

October 25th, 2006 // 44 Comments

I take back everything I said about Gisele’s costume, because what Scarlett Johansson wore to the same Moet and Chandon Fashion Tribute event makes Gisele look like a master of freaking disguise. Are any of them even trying? I wish somebody had the balls to show up to one of these things dressed as RoboCop. Everybody would be like “Holy shit it’s RoboCop!” And then they’d take off the helmet and inside it’d be Dakota Fanning on stilts. Smoking a cigar. Because I said so.


  1. BeautifulNightmare


  2. RichPort

    She should have gone as someone flat chested and smart…. that would have been unbeatable!

  3. mbarkr

    Lip and tits… get you multimillion dollar paychecks in Hollywood.

    Just ask Pam Anderson.

  4. macheteseduction

    I think she looks nice. At least she didn’t get skanked out.

  5. Alex


  6. InstantAsshat-AddFame


    She looks cute! How many women can have a natural set as nice and big as that and go braless and still have them be perky? Not too many…

  7. What a crock. If only Scarlett put the same amount of imagination into her costume as I do in picturing her with it off.

  8. Italian Stallion

    The only thing Scarlett could ruin is my sheets…………

  9. Oh man, I am just imagining the ways I could soil her.

    Fish – you ignorant slut. She is cute as a bug in these pictures!

  10. tits_on_snack

    I used to think Scar-Jo was amazing. I’m kinda burnt out on her now, though, as she seems to be everywhere I look, and not doing anything very amazing anymore. Her l’Oreal campaign commercials are subpar. I’m taking you down a notch, Scarj.

  11. commissioner

    Gawd, she’s boring. She’s as wide as my grandmother, and she’s birthed four kids.

    Bring back Jake’s dick.

  12. jrzmommy

    Big fat fucking deal…… I would have open fired at this place. A bunch of mirror-kissing jack-offs in gay fucking masks sipping faggy fucking champagne?! Wah-fucking-hoo….sign me up, me and my goddammed Uzi.

  13. PapaHotNuts

    I hope cum stains wash out of black dresses easily, otherwise she’s gonna be mad at me in the morning.

  14. cole007

    DAMN… she looks so MUCH CLEANER than the Moss-Doherty trainwreck. She’s almost virginal and pure… whew. My brain is feeling better now. Thank god someone looks CLEAN: in more ways than one do I insinuate… by that I mean Moss-Doherty looks actually like they smell bad. That’s all.

  15. yuckyfresh

    i just have to say i hate this cow.

  16. BeautifulNightmare

    @14, to pull the “racist card” or to be sterotypical or whatever you want to call it… aren’t these two Europeans? So, they probably aren’t very clean and probably do smell bad… real bad!

  17. BeautifulNightmare

    And by “these two”, I meant Moss-Doherty… Goo, they are gross!

  18. lollie


    she’s a dumpy-looking bitch anyway.

  19. Ed Bambrick

    Scarlett should wear that mask 365 days a year.

  20. It looks like she forgot she was supposed to dress up and just borrowed a mask from one of the wait staff. Any mimute some other rich drunk celebrity is going to ask her to bring some more booze to their table.

  21. She can “ruin” my cock with her mouth.

  22. shmoody

    Ok so it is not a costume per se, but it would look great on the floor next to my bed and next to Gisele’s costume.

  23. gatorbates

    There once was a gal named Scarlett
    I convinced her to be my harlot
    I led her to my lair
    dropped a load in her hair
    then jetted my way back to Charlotte.

  24. At least her mask looks better, though the rest of her outfit is quite dull.

  25. PrettyBaby

    #12 Shit that was funny, the Bosses are wondering what’s up with me laughing sssssooo hard! Ah- the imagery-

    Scarlett is cute but the dress, not so much. She needs to vamp it up a knotch, get skanked up and let those big bouncy boobies loose. She could get thrown out on her arse in that dress.

  26. jrzmommy

    27..stunning…yeah….like a Taser.

  27. Uhhh Scarlett, Halloween is a time for slutty costumes

  28. RichPort

    I think that outfit would look way better if I was staring at the top of her head…

  29. Hey, I’m not into Halloween anymore, but I know boring when I see it.

    Then again, we all know that most stars are boring, unimaginative people! All that money and they wear dresses and suits?? SIIICK!!

  30. hendero

    she’s got her dress on the wrong way round

  31. becca11

    im not into her. she has a large bubble nose and other than that is kinda plain and pasty with a massive face.big tits, but whatever.. star jones prob wears a D too, does that make her hot as well? chubby chicks usually have big boobs too, i don’t think it makes them special.

  32. yuckyfresh

    scarlett IS a chubby chick and she’s not special.

  33. Scarlett has beautiful eyes!


  34. J&M

    #16 & 17: not all English people smell. You are confusing the English with th French. Although I take your point on Moss&Doherty. Going on appearances they smell like dead stoats covered in Big Foot’s smegma.

  35. Missallanpoe

    ROFL, jesus tap dancing christ! Maybe she could of left the mask off and pretended to be someone else, pretending to be her? That’s the only way she could of got out of the sad situation..

  36. BarbadoSlim

    The “costume” be lookin’ very stoopid. That notwithstanding, I would plow her thru the end of this lifetime and the next, and I would keep plowing her in the afterlife, slowly, down thru the centuries ’til the Universe implodes in on itself and becomes a hard ball made of a single diamond, and i’D STILL BE THERE, PLOWING HER.

  37. She should have gone dressed as Elvira.I shed a tear whenever those boobs arent on display.

  38. BLucky

    It’s not some trashy bar Halloween party where you can come dressed as a slutty nurse. Gisele? That’s funny. This? Pointless.

  39. Sam

    Do u really do what you said Mojo ?

    “She should have gone dressed as Elvira.I shed a tear whenever those boobs arent on display.”

  40. ufos8mycat

    I don’t get it…isn’t that what she’s suppose to look at a “Moet and Chandon Fashion Tribute” ?

    I think she looks nice…

  41. ha ha…smoking a cigar!

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