Scarlett Johansson goes for $40,100

Scarlett Johansson’s eBay auction ended on Wednesday and some guy from the United Kingdom paid $40,100 for an evening with the actress. Here’s a run down of what he’s in store for from the auction page:

The winning bidder will receive:
* Two tickets to the world premiere of He’s Just Not That Into You. The premiere location has not yet been determined but will be in either Los Angeles or New York this July.
* Chauffeured car service to the premiere
* Hair and makeup for one by Privé
* A meet and greet with Scarlett Johansson at the premiere

Now here’s what Scarlett Johansson’s in store for: Using some investigative journalism (Watch and learn, Dateline), I scoped out the winning bidder “bossnour’s” recent purchases. Since the beginning of 2008, this rich clown has bought three hair straighteners, no less than five pairs of Pumas, two tweed blazers, a metallic bomber jacket, a book on medicine ball exercises, a Corvette headlight and two distressed trucker hats. He also had one mysterious purchase that is listed as private. I’ll assume it’s a steel drum full of rohypnol. So, ScarJo is either in for the most awkward night of her life in the backseat glove compartment of a Corvette, or she’s going on a date with Ashton Kutcher. Whichever it is, may God have mercy on her soul.

Photo: eBay