Scarlett Johansson’s Breasts Are Still Promoting That Avengers Movie

While Kim Kardashian possibly being named the mayor of a real town and Ted Nugent threatening to assasinate the president might seem like news, none of those stories involve cleavage so let’s just forget they even happened. On that note, here’s Scarlett Johansson still using her breasts to promote The Avengers only this time in Russia which I’ll just assume is her way of trying to get back together with Sean Penn.

“That’s right, my comrades. Simply revert back to communism and these pale, hypnotic orbs of flesh will belong to the worker because, dammit Sean, I miss your scent. I miss the dust on your balls wafting into the air when we make love. I miss the way my weird shirts at obtuse angles made me look pregnant with your child. Take me back!”

Photos: Splash News