Scarlett Johansson Would Rather Have Anonymity Instead Of Beauty

Scarlett Johansson has a history of saying such mind-numbingly pretentious shit that she’s almost Gwyneth Paltrow with bigger breasts. Almost. Here she is telling an Italian magazine she’d rather have anonymity than be recognized for her looks which must be difficult because it’s not like she has access to millions of dollars allowing her to disappear off the face of the earth and never be looked at again. I don’t know how she even gets out of bed in the morning. Via The Belfast Telegraph:

The actress has grown tired of being referred to as a sex bomb and wants to be known for her acting rather than her appearance. That said she is proud of the way she looks and hopes to be a role model to other women because of her career success.
“Sometimes yes, sometimes no!” she laughed ,when Grazia Italia asked if she ever thinks she is amazing. “I also think there are so many wonderful women out there, and they aren’t even actresses! I don’t like being labelled as ‘the sexiest woman alive’. As an actress I prefer to maintain the anonymity.”

Keep in mind, that was Scarlett Johansson who was clearly cast in The Avengers because she’s such a good actress she practically fades into the background. You hardly even notice her in tight black leather doing Kung Fu with her butt. She’s like a ghost.

Photos: Getty, Splash News