Scarlett Johansson Pulled the Trigger

December 15th, 2010 // 82 Comments

Despite my obsession with inserting Blake Lively into every post, Scarlett Johansson is apparently the one who decided to bail on Ryan Reynolds and not vice versa as most normal people would’ve assumed on account of all the Blake Lively. (I need help.) Us Weekly reports:

“Ryan has been reaching out to an ex the past few months,” a Reynolds pal tells Us.
Yet it’s purely platonic, the insider insists: “He is seeking comfort, but not in a romantic or sexual way.”
Suddenly single Johansson, meanwhile, has “confided in friends.”
… “She’s been unhappy for a while,” the source says, noting that the busy actors were force to spend too much time apart.

While all this “too much time apart” talk sounds like a convenient cover story for Scarlett’s rumored promiscuity, I can’t help but think there’s side boob in these photos. And now I can’t even do that. Or make sentence pieces and then you so much hahas come out. Cinnabon?

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  1. Scarlett Johansson
    Commented on this photo:

    Her nose looks sharper than before… I hate how she wears the clothes that give the allusion of a curvy body. In real life this girl is stick skinny and short. Her boobs aren’t big, she doesn’t have hips (unless you compare her to someone like Kelly Ripa) and she has a flat butt that she sticks out when she walks. weird.

  2. aine

    So, I’m acquainted with a pub owner, who is acquainted with Josh Hartnett. Back when Mr. Hartnett was dating miss Scarlett McTrashFace, they came in to said establishment. Hartnett is known for trying to lay low and just enjoy life like a normal human being. Apparently this failed miserably for him on this occasion, but Miss Prissy Pants was being pouty and bitchy that no one recognised her or was asking for *her* autograph.
    True story.

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