Scarlett Johansson Looks Awesome Again

“I see you over there, weird angles…”

Here’s Scarlett Johansson and her boyfriend Nate Naylor (Who she apparently didn’t leave for a dude from a 1989 Pert Plus commercial. Whoops.) in Paris on Sunday where she looked absolutely awesome. Because when you have a name like Nate Naylor, you don’t cheapen your brand by inexplicably Nayling™ famous actresses with cellulite. No, sir, if they’re going to be seen with the Nayl-gun™, they drop the weight and you make them do it with your black magic which is literally the only theory I have to explain this happening: “Hello, Hollywood actress, I’m some guy with a porn star name. Please stop storing fat in your thighs so I can have sex with you.”

Photos: Abaca/AKM-GSI