Scarlett Johansson Has Leaked Photos Now ‘Allegedly’

Two nude leaked photos (Don’t worry, they’re censored so you won’t lose your mediocre job providing for your mediocre family. See how much I care?) alleged to be Scarlett Johansson are making the Internet rounds this morning. Although, I swear to God the butt one was passed around earlier in the year, only now it magically has Scarjo’s face in it instead of Perez Hilton-esque doodling, so just pretend my foggy memory somehow counts as relevant information. I’m pretty sure that’s how journalism works. In related news, did I leave the coffeemaker on all night? Story at 11.

UPDATE: And somebody’s already called the FBI because this is the kind of thing the Feds should be looking into. “Alright, boys, time to stop messin’ around with terrorists and step into the big leagues. Are ya familiar with the Internet? Well, someone’s put a vagina on it…”

Photo: Splash News