Scarlett Johansson As A Naked Japanese Cyborg Thingy, Anyone?

So I know jackshit about Ghost In The Shell except that it’s some sort of anime that The Matrix probably ripped off and really shouldn’t be starring Scarlett Johansson as a Japanese character. – Wait, talk like that still happened even after Trump was elected?! That wasn’t supposed to happen! (Suck it.) – However, I do know that if I put the words “Scarlett Johansson naked” in a headline, people will click on it and then realize I meant naked as in a weird nipple-less robot with a full-on Barbie crotch that’s so far advanced it can’t fight with a shirt on? What’s the design process on that like?

“So how do we make this thing as efficient as possible?”
“What if right before it starts killing people, it wastes time getting naked?”
“But no nipples. That would be weird.”
“I’ll just go ahead and sand those off.”
“The, uh, ahem, vagina too.”
“Okay. Quick question: Why are we making it naked again?”
“The future.”

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Photo: Paramount Pictures/YouTube