Scarlett Johansson Left That French Dude, Is Single AF

Seen here shilling her new popcorn company that she’s going to give to an always angry-looking French guy as a consolation prize for not having sex with her anymore – I’m not even joking. – Scarlett Johansson has announced she’s separated from Radicchio Dijonnaise. (Close enough.) PEOPLE reports:

“They’ve been separated since the summer,” a source confirms to PEOPLE.
Johansson, 32, attended the women’s march in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, where she was seen without her wedding ring.
A source in Dauriac’s circle tells PEOPLE: “I’ve been expecting this for some time. Romain and Scarlett has never made sense to me. They aren’t equals. There’s always been something wrong with this picture.”

Uh yeah, dude. You’re a rando French guy and she’s Black Widow. No shit she had all of the cards. – Why did I just say that like it’s different from any marriage? – And here’s US Weekly with a ScarJo source to make that very, very clear:

Scarlett initiated splitting up and made the decision,” the insider tells Us, explaining that “she felt like they didn’t have much in common as far as lifestyle.” Differences aside though, the exes “have an amicable relationship” and plan to co-parent their 2-year-old daughter, Rose, the insider tells Us. ”She feels blessed to have a daughter,” the source adds.

And in case I didn’t make a big enough joke about it in the intro, this dude went from sex with Scarlett Johansson to owning a popcorn stand. And you can see how well he’s taking it in this photo from months after they were separated, but weren’t telling anybody.

scarlett johansson romain dauriac
(Hint: Look for the dude who’s clearly going to murder everybody in that room because he went from having sex with a movie star to popcorn. “Non, non, it doesn’t feel as good as on ze penis! Sacrebleu and other French words!”)

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