Scarlett Johansson’s Ex Wants Wants Full Custody. Here We Go.

After Scarlett Johansson announced her divorce from Romain Dauriac, she almost immediately started talking about how monogamy is bullshit. And since every guy loves to hear his ex basically say, “His dick forever? HAHAHA! Nope,” he’s now going to fight her for custody of their daughter. Because having a baby with a famous person is like an unlimited ATM card. If you’re a horrible piece of shit. Via Page Six:

She’s also asking a judge to give her primary custody of their 3-year-old daughter, Rose Dorothy Dauriac.
The father’s attorney, Harold Mayerson, said his client plans to fight the request.
“He would like to move to France with his daughter and Ms. Johansson does a lot of traveling,” Mayerson explained.
“It will be an interesting process,” he said of the unfolding divorce drama, declining to comment further.

“Very interesting indeed,” he continued, stroking his chin and not even attempting to hide his massive erection. “The billable hours on this one should prove to be quite the fascinating study.” So since I’m not interested in probing the awful shit-show of a celebrity custody battle, which in no way is going to end with a celebrity’s kid going to live away from her in France, I’m going to pivot right to Scarlett Johansson’s side boob tattoo from the Oscars that never got it’s own post. I assume it’s because I was off that day and Fish doesn’t care about you enough to work harder. Seriously, he posted Nicole Kidman’s Nosferatu hands, but just barely slipped ScarBoUnderTat into a compilation post. It’s like he only cares about posting political shit now and doesn’t even see boobs anymore. *walks away whistling, hears comments explode in background*

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