More Bikini Pics of Scarlett Johansson’s Cellulite

Before we buffet you in the face with 8,000 pics from the Grammys, pre-Grammys, pre-Grammy’s brunch, the BAFTAs, Whitney Houston’s death, the pre-Whitney Houston’s death brunch and the five million other things that happened this weekend, here’s a new set of pics from Scarlett Johansson’s day at the beach in case you missed how much cellulite she has now. And for the record, I’m neither criticizing nor condoning the presence of said cellulite. My penis and I shall remain neutral on the matter mostly because I’m pretty sure at some point I’m going to have to decide whether to keep having sex with Scarlett Johansson or take my chances finally finding someone whose shirts don’t make them look pregnant all the time. Call it a hunch.

Photos: Fame/Flynet