Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds Ate a Meal at the Same Location

Seen here in the new Mango campaign, Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds apparently had an “emotional” dinner over the weekend which sounds unusual for two people who just dissolved a legally-binding union predicated on a life-long commitment. Weirdos. Us Magazine reports:

Johansson, 26, did most of the talking in what appeared to be a rollercoaster conversation. She would at some points smile, then appear to fight back tears. Turns out it wasn’t just a nightcap, either.
The pair also dined at L.A.’s Little Door earlier that night and “seemed comfortable,” says a source.

Okay, if people don’t know this by now, having dinner or “coffee” with your ex after a break-up is always a bad idea. ALWAYS. No matter how strong you plan to be, one of you ends up bawling and storming off to write a celebrity bashing website sprinkled with inside jokes about your new boyfriend being a bassoon-playing pedophile lookalike staring longingly at the others almost granite-like pectorals, longing for their powerful yet tender embrace against your “sloppy tittybags.” (Their words, not mine.)

Photos: Splash News