Kelly Kapowski, 41 And Pregnant? STILL WOULD

If you’ve been literally anywhere on the Internet today, you’ve probably seen that Jimmy Fallon had some sort of Saved By The Bell reunion last night minus Screech and Lisa because one of them stabbed a guy and the other speaks her own language. But more importantly than whatever I just said is how hot Kelly Kapowski still looks, and while pregnant, even though I’ve had a crush on her since 1992. Which flies directly in the face of everything that Leonardo DiCaprio taught me. In fact, his exact words were, hold on – *unfolds piece of paper from wallet* – “As soon as they hit 23, act like they’re a ghost you can’t see or hear. – *flips over* – J/K take whatever you can get. You’re very pale.” God, that was a great summer.

Obligatory Jesse Spano Warbling Vagina GIF or I Failed You As A Journalist (NSFW)

Jesse Spano Warbling Vagina

Photo: NBC