Sasquatch is pregnant

June 1st, 2010 // 80 Comments

Realizing people forget she’s even related to that chick with the big ass, Khloe Kardashian has reportedly filled her uterus with seven months of guaranteed attention, according to RadarOnline:

Khloe was inspired by Kourtney having a baby,” a source close to the family tells “Lamar is happy and ecstatic” about having a baby with Khloe.
The source tells that the family is elated by the news.
“Khloe is having cravings of fruit and ice cream,” the source told “They’re really happy, but Lamar is a little weary of exposing his baby on TV. He already doesn’t like his life being played out for everyone to see eight months of the year.”

LAMAR: What if we just had a baby like a normal family instead of exploiting the whole thing on TV? Wouldn’t that be nice?
KHLOE: …. *pilots the Millenium Falcon into Lamar’s face*

Photos: Getty, Splash News

  1. Bagina Face

    I hope she does nudes preggo.

  2. Gweb

    Great, another fucking celebritard POS.

  3. Deacon Jones


  4. turd da third

    that is one ugly-ass face, she is dressed like she should be abord the space ship Enterprise…ok Scotty, beam me in another one..

  5. turd da third

    no one has said First so I better say FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. UGH


  7. Urbanspaceman

    Now she’s guaranteed a cheque for 20 years.

  8. Randal

    Congratulations Khloe! It’s great to see such a wonderful individual as well as the entire family, become blessed by such a beautiful moment. You all deserve the best that life has to give. Continue reaching for the stars!


  9. Anonymous

    Yeah, she’s “elated”. Elated she got knocked up so she can continue sucking money out of this guy for life.

  10. GingerLounge

    OMG Bagina Face I think I love you LOL!

  11. meow

    Sasquatch was out to Sacksquash

  12. Jerkins

    To the husband:

    Goobye sex life, hello lotion!

  13. Truth

    Pardon OJ if he will take out these 3 and their Mother!

  14. OJ's Mom

    @3 – Killing me. Classic.

  15. bar room hero


    Is she a coalburner too????? It’s a feckin epidemic!

  16. jkh

    ugh, this bitch is gonna look hideous pregnant. shes so fuckin ugly, omg. shes like a marie osmond-rosie odonnell hybrid. its fucking horrifying. fuckin chewbacca-esque physique.

  17. Leslie

    I bet the Kloe ate your baby!

  18. TetterkeT


  19. Drundel

    Yuck, I felt I had to help everyone out by posting this much better picture of it.

    If you look hard enough, you’ll just notice the hardbody on the right.

  20. josh

    What is this yeti famous for ?

  21. cringer

    How does she know she’s pregnant? Maybe she lost count during her last cheeseburger eating contest.

  22. Indifferent in Minneapolis

    FUCK YOUR NEW ADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I USED to LOVE this site, if not purely for the writing & clever as hell commentary, not to mention the fresh, funny pics! Now I can’t stand the site due to all the fucking pop ups and “surveys” and various other bullshit. Look dude, I know you have to make your money, but at what expense? This site has taken a SERIOUS turn for the worse. I participated in your user survey a few months back, about future changes to the site, but fuck this. And BTW you used to be a mobile friendly site, read your work from my smart phone everyday, LOVED IT! Now, the useless ads (well useless for everyone except you and the company you’re promoting on your now lackluster website) make it not worth anyone’s time. And a final note, when did you get so lazy? Seems nowadays with your Facebook page (which is pretty much a less interesting, spamfilled carbon copy of anyway) & whatnot, all we get are “So-and-so does this, and other news” posts. DAILY. WTF? Those used to only be warranted when there was a “big celeb news-day” (sad, even I can admit, but I digress, we’re talking about the quality of a website going to shit here, not the fact that the very subject matter is meaningless to most of our lives anyway, but we all gotta kill time, and unfortunately isn’t a place where I do that much anymore). If we wanted various snippets of other peoples way-the-fuck-less-funny-comments, we’d have gone directly to Dlisted, Celebtuna,, etc directly. We weren’t here for them, we were here for you.
    Alright, I’ve said enough. Now excuse me while I brace myself for the haters proclaiming your glory. (I loved your work too man, up until like 6months ago…) And now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to saddle up for this here intrawebz to chastise me for “keeping it real” with you…gentleman, start your engines!
    (And by engines, of course I meant “pizza roll slicked fingers a-typin’ bout how I’m a hater, whilst calling up to Mom from your cozy basement demanding more purple flavored Kool-Aid, and wonderin’ how you too may be able to bang a Sasquatch” kinda engines.) Hit the nail on the head, didn’t I?
    Let the ignorance begin…..

  23. dbug

    hahahaaha omg #16, she really does look like a marie osmand & rosie odonell hybrid.

    What is the bitch famous for? For being the sister of a “famous” big assed girl whos only famous because her deceased father was famous for getting a barely famous foot ball player off the hook for murder???

  24. Tek

    No ads for me, so I have no idea what people keep complaining about. And yeah, Lamar = SUCKA. This guy already has kids so you know Khloe had to get in on that too and make sure that she was gonna get more money out of him regardless if the marriage lasts or not.

  25. Tek

    @23 barely famous football player? You must not follow the sport.

  26. Dear Terrorists,

    Please to be flying a plane into the kardashian house next time.

    Thanks in advance,


  27. LW

    ummm pretty sure this girl is too dumb to know anything about star wars, much less what the millennium falcon is. don’t insult nerds everywhere by ruining something we all hold near and dear to our hearts with this trash!

    and really…who cares? i know a million other people who are having babies. big deal.

  28. Fati87

    She has pretty eyes. There. I found something nice to say.

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  30. Dark Secret

    Why is it that a get a burning sensation when I urinate right after I see any of these Kardash hoes??

  31. lardassian

    @25, oh i’m sorry, your right, he’s a VERY famous murderer.


  32. Johnny

    I hope it is still-born.

  33. This guy has children, so that you know Khloe must be obtained, and that she was going to get more money out of, regardless of whether he continues or not to marry.

  34. V Kay

    Lamar couldn’t be WEARY… baby isn’t born yet… WARY, perhaps!

  35. Borat

    The cost for never having to work again = one brown baby.

    High five!

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  37. Do not insult the nerds everywhere ruin something that everyone near and dear to our heart of this waste

  38. Kortni

    How can you wish someone’s child to be still born? Seriously I swear I’m sick of assholes and their ignorant comments on gossip sites. Some are saying they hope terrorists kill them, to kill her baby, they hope she dies, what the fuck is wrong with you people? You wouldn’t want this stuff to happen to you, why wish it upon someone else? But it doesn’t matter what you all think, she could care less about what some idiots have to say. I personally have nothing against the Kardashians, I love their style, and they are icons, so deal with it.
    *this comment was from a 15 year old, I have more sense than all of you dumbasses posting hateful or negative comments because your jealous of celebrities or your low self esteem, I pray for you*

  39. Who is this?

    She is like a high-end Snooki.

  40. Spungehead

    I guess Lamar was definitely “Messin’ With Sasquatch”

    Does anyone actually know the gestation period for Bigfeets??

  41. 12:48 Youre totally bang on. Snooki’s older sister.

  42. @ #22

    Get a mac! Ad problem solved!

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  44. Emily

    Uhhh those aren’t pregnancy cravings. It’s called being fat, and you have mastered it.

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  47. captain america

    she looks like a woman!!

  48. Frank

    “Khloe was inspired by Kourtney having a baby,” Who the hell even thinks like that? How is someone reproducing an inspiration? Inspired by all of the attention she recieved for having a baby may be more accurate.

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