Sasha Grey is naked so your cat won’t have a uterus

January 20th, 2010 // 68 Comments

Here’s Sasha Grey pretending to pose nude for PETA which makes no fucking sense when you think about it. Keeley Hazell went completely topless to save the animals and even the Real Housewives chick made with the full ass shot for whatever the hell she was against that probably wasn’t important, but the porn star wants to make “art?” C’mon. There are guys reading this site who could draw Sasha’s taint with their eyes closed. Just for that, I’m going into an alley and feeding fertility pills to stray cats.

UPDATE: Octomom bit my finger off before I could even open the bottle. Really should’ve seen that coming.

Photos: PETA

Photos: PETA

  1. PunkA

    Interesting that they get a pussy entered into more times than the Holland Tunnel to try to gets people to spaid and neuters their pussies.

    PS Over rated. Jessica Jaymes owns her.

  2. brian


  3. Johnson&Johnson

    Well, she must be doing something right, she hasn’t done any preggo porn yet like her friend Belladonna.

  4. gotmilk?

    i’m sorry, who is this?

  5. BarnabasCollins

    Sasha Grey has the best ass on a white woman in porn!

  6. BarnabasCollins

    …but she needs to work on those souless eyes.

  7. Nameless

    PETA is retarded when it comes to their advertising and campaigning. Unless they are marketing specifically to lesbians, PETA’s marketing is focused on the wrong demographics.

    It’s obvious that PETA uses sex and sexy images to promote what they want. Every chick on a PETA ad is naked one way or another. YET, how many guys do you know are vegans, wear fur, own cats….?

    Chicks don’t give a rat’s ass about a naked chick billboard. Not the way a guy would stare at it. Yet a new PETA ad with a new naked chick…

  8. havoc

    If she doesn’t do midget porn, then I wouldn’t know who she is….


  9. So hot. Anybody who saw Sasha’s spread in Vice Magazine last year knows what I’m talking about.

  10. Rob

    When’s Bob Barker gonna pose like that for PETA?

  11. glace neuf

    my god i would hit it but my god i would wear a condom

  12. mimi

    not impressed

  13. Anon

    Fucking dumb.

  14. havoc

    mmmm just had some chicken that was scalded to death in a very painful, horrific process.

    Sure was good……


  15. Troy

    Sasha Grey is smokin. Keep up the great work!! Big Fan!!

  16. Farthammer

    Spay and neuter your cats or they may get anal warts like Sasha!

  17. czar

    Way to go PETA! Put someone’s bare ass that has seen more di*k then a doctor who does physicals for a living!

  18. Vinnie the Chin.

    Looks good.

    Heard she’s an intelligent porn star.

  19. Name (required):

    This is a goddamned joke right?

  20. MR. T

    seriously PETA is one of the lamest groups ever…it’s just a bunch of losers who never made friends in high school and didn’t have a normal social life. Have you ever seen the lady in charge? she would scare a baby if she tried to pick it up she is so ugly. Ever notice when you are going down the highway, the more “liberal” “Vegetarian” or PETA stickers a girl has on the back of her car, the uglier she is. One to two stickers she is like Susan Sarandon to Ugly Betty Ugly…you know not the ugliest chick you have ever seen but has that shitty smirk on her face….three to four stickers and your in the Ellen Degeneress range…Four or more and your talking Rosie Odonnel fugly……you NEVER see a good looking chick with Liberal veggie peta stickers on their car…EVER. If you are reading this and you have a bunch of bumper stickers on your car and your thinking Hey I have a PETA bumper sticker on my car and I am good looking….YOU ARE WRONG!!! People have been telling you your goodlooking to not hurt your feelings but trust me you are ugly!!!!!

  21. Except Sasha Gray (who is gorgeous BTW) is always naked – and being choked – and being pissed on. This isnt exactly Sasha doing something racy for PETA.

  22. Hydro74

    I’m sorry – someone on this string asked “Who is this?”

    Sasha Grey is hands down one of – if not THE – filthiest porn star in the business. Holy shit … please go to and search her name. You will be turned on, disgusted, turned on, grossed out, then turned on again. Usually all in about 4 minutes.

  23. Name (required):

    PLEASE…Someone find a long lost clip of Sasha doing a dog or something…That would make this story AWESOME.

  24. PunkA

    Sasha goes donkey style for PETA. Bet she’d do a Mexican donkey show if they promised her enough blow. Her eyes look vacant, like the strung out crack whore she probably is. Most porn stars are.

  25. uhh

    shh! you guys are ruining the magic.

  26. Fred

    @20 – your science is brilliant. hat’s off to you.

  27. lolz all along

    True story. Every time I see a PETA ad I get hungry for steak.

  28. R. McDonald

    (from a recent interview)

    Interviewer: “You also like to vomit on your partners?”
    Sasha Grey: “Well, it’s kinda connected to the above question but really it’s about pushing boundaries, I mean it’s nasty and disgusting really and personally I do go through that effect when you’re so ultra turned on and sexualizing and fetishizing almost everything around you, it just works. It’s play too, you have to remember I’m not bulimic. I don’t do it all the time but to be intense, to be gross and raw I’ll eat a big Mac and then get faced fucked as hard I can, tah dah, McPuke on the cock.”

  29. Wat

    I don’t think anyone will know who this is except a small handful of us porn watchers.

  30. arealcad

    Sasha Gray is the queen of the skull-f$$k

  31. Name (required):

    @ 29
    Every man who owns a computer looks at porn, therefore, every man who sees this will know who she is.

  32. J

    right……Sasha Grey…..her fan base consists of male, mostly caucasian who most likely eat red meat and own guns….NOT PETAs primary demographic. Now, if her advertisement included copious amounts of anal action with Teagan Presley and Phoenix Marie….I would maybe donate to PETA.

  33. Valerie

    @28 I approve. She’s got MY respect. A true business woman, making more money than any of us will ever see.

  34. cc

    Her behind makes for some fine reading.

  35. cc

    “I’ll eat a big Mac and then get faced fucked as hard I can, tah dah, McPuke on the cock.”

    God that’s repulsive.

  36. Nate

    WOW PETA HAS CHANGED! Back in the day they would call this animal torture.

    Sasha nude, That’s like seeing naked pictures of your girlfriend. Whatever, you like nice, I guess.

  37. Sasha is so damn hot!

  38. Naked Chicks Rule

    Hey all you PETA-haters, I ask you what other non-profit charity has done more to put naked chicks on posters???

    None, that’s who.

    Red Cross, United Way, the group that Jerry Lewis is always hocking for, the folks who tell us cancer is bad, people who do walk-a-thons for retards or sick kids or retarded sick kids, NONE of ‘em has ever gone to the heroic lengths that PETA has gone to provide us w/ hot naked chicks.

    So who cares if they stand up for pets in the Olympics, or whatever it is they stand for. Just keep those clothes off the chicks.

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  40. Alejandra Rosas

    Best. Ever.

  41. I reckon Peta could have finally made that fatal faux pas.
    You can read why at grafik reaction.

  42. Wow, very lovely picture. I will use this cards as my backgroung in my blog.

  43. Every man who owns a computer looks at porn, therefore, every man who sees this will know who she is.

  44. skg213

    I am so sick of peta. Do they have to objectify women to save animals? Their ads are offensive and gross. I might not care as much if they included men every once in a while, but no, always naked women. I know most guys reading this site think I should shut the hell up, but it really pisses me off that this organization respects beavers and farrettes more than women. So everyone do what I do and donate to PAWS or WPCA, or a smaller local animal charity/shelter. Peta is so freakin rich and instead of spending their money on abused animals they use it to buy ad space to post pics of naked porn stars. ok im done bitching,

  45. I love the pic i am going to put it up as my background so i can drool everytime i look at it who says sex is a bad thing…

  46. Hillary Clinton

    There is a video of this chick drinking her own piss on spankwire. Good spokeswoman peta!

  47. J

    Sasha is hot and has a great ass.
    If you’re looking to save the planet blah blah blah
    then PETA figures the ass of a hot porn chick
    will convert you.
    Every time I see a PETA ad/bumpersticker, I feel an overwhelming
    urge to buy and eat 4 KFC meals while I wear a sealskin and
    calfskin jacket, snakeskin boots and a belt made
    entirely from endangered animals.
    I eat veal often and while driving, I never avoid running
    over small animals stupid enough to be on the road.
    PETA sucks.

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