Sasha Grey Will Never Stop Touching Your Kids

November 11th, 2011 // 187 Comments

A California school district has found itself under fire after allowing “former” porn star Sasha Grey to read to students as part of her involvement in the Read Across America program. While the school attempted to cover it up, Sasha has decided to go a different route and announced she will continue reading to kids even if she has to have sex with lonely Internet bloggers who mocked her involvement to win them over. (Stop me if I’m reading this thing wrong.) TMZ reports:

“I committed to this program with the understanding that people would have their own opinions about what I have done, who I am and what I represent.”
She adds, “I am an actor. I am an artist. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am a partner. I have a past that some people may not agree with, but it does not define who I am.”
“I believe in the future of our children, and I will remain an active supporter and participant in education-focused initiatives.”

“I am an actor. I am an artist. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am a partner.” Ah, Christ, put away the slam poetry, lady. Look, I’m all for promoting child literacy considering we live in a nation that prides itself on ignorance and shuns intellectual thought as “sosherlism,” so it’s great that Sasha wants to teach kids to read. However, she also made a conscious decision to spend an exorbitant amount of time sucking dick on camera for money, and now a roomful of school children know her name which they probably Googled on their iPads during lunch and now mom and dad have to explain babies don’t come from two guys putting their pee-pee in a lady’s hiney. It’s really not a comfortable conversation, even with hand-puppets. (Friendly Tip: Never ask me to babysit.)

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  1. Tdizzle


    • cc

      You know, I am pretty open-minded and try not to moralize but…I agree with you on this one. She doesn’t just have sex on camera, she lets herself get used like a human toilet.

      I wouldn’t want this sick bitch to be in my kids classroom either. They couldn’t find someone a little more conventional?

      • Craig

        I don’t think there would be quite this much outrage if fellow human toilet Kim Kardashian showed up to read for kids. Of course, that’s a moot point, because A) Kim would not do anything that unselfish; and B) Kim probably can’t read.

    • Mongo

      It is admirable she is promoting literacy. However, she is best known as a porn star, and these “celebrities” use these “charity” appearances to promote themselves. I would not want my 3rd grader introduced to her then seeking out her body of work. Search her on Google one of the top 5 results is “Sasha Grey on eating sperm.” Maybe she could read that to 8th graders next?

    • agree with tdizzle

      I’m glad someone said it! People will always do the most fucked up things and then say ‘that is not who I am” or they don’t want to be judged. Then what the fuck defines you if not the things you do? They do one seemingly nice thing and thinks that people will buy it and be convinced they are a good person, forget that she is a whore who exploits herself for money. How pathetic to want people to respect you when you have non for yourself.

  2. V

    once you’re a pornstar, always a pornstar, especially HER with her burning-through-your-skull-forever images from her disgusting repertoir. I don’t know what she’s playing at, but she’s never going to be a serious actress. there’s never “former” pornstar. those images will always be out there.

    • cc

      I agree…maybe if she was just having intercourse on camera, but she delights in doing things that are degrading. I remember reading once she likes to go to McDonalds shortly before scenes where she has a large member shoved into her mouth to the extent she starts puking. Sorry, but if you allow yourself to be treated like that, let alone enjoy it, you’re a fucking mental case.

    • Johnny Cochran's Tumor

      Tracy Lords’ begs to differ! She’s done great since she went “legitimate…” Nothing says success like appearing on SyFy shows, and brief parts in John Water and Kevin Smith films.

      Then there’s the convention appearances! A free room at the Holiday Inn, all the pretzels you can eat from the con-suite, and handfuls of sweaty fivers from signing glossy black and white photos!

      • V

        LOL but Tracy Lords is different! You can’t see most of her work because it was taken off shelves because she was 17 at the time. PLUS her stuff was nothing compared to Sasha’s.

        I enjoyed her cameo on Gilmore Girls. Memorable stuff.

        To be fair, I like Tracy. She has something. She could’ve had a career on TV had she not been a pornstar…

      • Johnny Cochran's Tumor

        I’ll give Ms. Lords credit. She’s got charisma–unlike this current dead-eyed pincushion.

  3. I once saw her go down on a woman; then a woman go down on her. Then the two of them put on strap-ons and made a third woman a coffee table. The title of that film was ‘Sharing is Caring’. Kids across America, take note.

    Also, I saw it 74 times.

  4. V

    “I have a past that some people may not agree with, but it does not define who I am.”

    YES IT DOES what you do defines you, that’s why you have to be careful with your choices and decisions and professional career. and if you truly are comfortable in your own skin, you won’t deny your past, who you are, what you’ve done and you won’t pretend to be someone new. nothing is ever really “in the past”. it’s always going to come back and bite you in the ass, people have memories. yeah, you can try to change and start doing things right for yourself, but even your mistakes and bad choices will stay and be part of your life forever. harsh but true.

    plus her “past” still happened like, last year, so really…

    • Dan

      This I agree with too. But it is not like they are dating her. You know this girl has a whole lot of issues.

      She is reading a book to them for 30 minutes.

      • Dan

        Also, she can come to my house and read me a story any time.

      • BE

        RE: coming to your house and reading you a story –

        It’s a free country – but don’t forget your latex body condom…

      • Dan

        re: “It’s a free country – but don’t forget your latex body condom…”

        I didn’t say I would touch her.

      • BE

        RE: I didn’t say I would touch her.

        That would be wise, but remember there would be two people in that room…

      • Lisa

        The problem is not the actual reading of the story to the kids, it’s the kids’ curiosity afterward. They are going to want to learn more about her, that’s just natural. And what are these youngsters going to find on the Internet? Nothing we as a society should want children seeing.

    • Johnny Cochran's Tumor

      +1 to V

      Nothing shows a guilty conscious like a blatant disregard of one’s past.

    • V

      Yeah, but I’m talking about her wanting to create this new image of a nice young girl, reading to children whose parents she didn’t ask for permission. Do you think she cares? It’s PR. Show me you care and go to a children’s burnt unit, or the pediatric cancer unit. Something that actually makes people see that you have a heart. Something hardcore and difficult. Not something she can easily fake.

      Even Bush read to children. It means nothing.

      • Johnny Cochran's Tumor

        “Not something she can easily fake.”

        But, that’s all she’s learned in the business!

        Hmm…Maybe she is right for politics…

    • BE

      Hmmm. I think the problem with this is that she may be seen as role model within that school. Kids are getting older faster and have access to the internet too.

      Of course in a world where the Hiltons (fame whores), the Kardashians (extreme fame whores) and The Girls Next Door (plain old whores) are considered role models – a porn star that works the extreme just seems like the next logical step.

      I mean Paris and KK managed to sell the same load of baloney about their sex tapes “not defining” them. I love how KK’s facebook comments are laden with clips from her sex tape and various nude poses she did. Gosh, what a talent. I want my daughter to grow up and strip for any camera that’ll snap her too. There’s a career for ya!

      If we’re not defined by our actions, then what ARE we defined by. I know – our texts and tweets – where we tell everyone we’re angels who poop rainbows, huh? If I go out and bludgeon someone, does saying THAT get me off the hook?

      I guess so, she’s still allowed to read to these kids so far…

    • Carla

      RIGHT ON, V. Jesus H & Buddha I’m the farthest thing from a prude & have “my past” too but unlike the dildo socket above, I own it and much of it I look back at warmly (mmmm some of those moments of very yourthful indiscretion0 and — yeah anyway where was I? So yeah, what V said.

      • Reading is Sexy

        No, bitch, you’re a prude. I like your cute psycho-babble, “I own it,” even though you obviously have no idea what it means.

        You like to judge, that makes you a prude. End of fucking story.

  5. Dan

    I really don’t understand this at all. This person is just reading to kids. If she was trying to tell them about sex or something, I would understand all the complaints, but as long as she is keeping it G rated, why do you care?

    • Bianca

      Seriously, you really can’t understand why someone would have a problem with a recently “retired” pornstar, who made a name out of being the dirtiest dirty in all of dirtyville, preaching about education to your kids? You don’t see the hypocrisy in that and are we that hard up for real role models anyway?

      • Is it really possible that the High Sheriffs at these schools are telling the children exactly who this woman is and what she is well known for? I think not. IF THE KIDS DON’T KNOW, IT WON’T FUCKING HURT THEM. Everyone take a deep breath, swallow a Xanax or two, and mellow the fuck out.

      • Dan

        There is so much hypocrisy in the government and authority that this is probably just a good lesson.

      • Dan

        “preaching about education to your kids?”

        Maybe she came in the room and said if you all don’t want to end up like me having to sell my body, you all should read more.

      • BE

        Hey vitobonespur – do you REALLY believe these kids (9 going on 30) aren’t going to eventually figure out that not only is she a porn star but she’s the porn star that disgusts OTHER porn stars.

        How naive are you?

    • stratacat

      this is not about what or who she is or isn’t doing. no one gives a flying cock-shaped shit about her.

      all the criticism has been directed at the SCHOOL for their mind-boggling decision to invite (of all the possible people on this planet) this whorecunt to read to a room full of kids.

      maybe sandusky wasn’t available.

    • Cock Dr

      In attempting to think like a parent I came to this conclusion.
      By bringing this woman into a classroom of grade school children, it could be interpreted that the school is presenting her as a role model, someone to for kids to look up to and emulate.
      Since her only claim to fame is for on camera sexual gymnastics for pay I can see where the outrage is coming from. I don’t think people who have repeatedly and publicly engaged in prostitution should be held up as figures of admiration to children.
      Very glad I’m not a parent. It’s an awful world.
      It would be even worse if it wasn’t for those who serve.
      Happy Veterans Day.

      • Dan

        I guess I can see that. I suppose it was all how it was done. If it was “this is Sasha Grey the actress who has come to read to you” might be different than “hey kids it’s story time – listen to this lady read you a book.”

        I probably don’t care much because I don’t think it is the public education’s job to provide any sort of role models for kids. It is the parent’s job to be good role models and teach them what is right and wrong.

      • MJB

        Co-sign with Bianca & Cock Dr.
        Can’t we agree that people who engage in inappropriate sexual conduct (people who f*ck for $ like porn stars or people who abuse kids) shouldn’t be allowed on a campus or school grounds?
        @vitobonespur: Kids are a lot smarter than we give them credit. I know 4 year-olds who know their way around the internet quite well. Kids in the higher grades probably told these kids who she was during recess.
        She can call herself an “actress” or “artist” all she wants but she’s a stoned-faced whore with dead eyes and flat affect.

      • Dan

        “inappropriate sexual conduct (people who f*ck for $ like porn stars or people who abuse kids)”

        These are totally different things. Whoring is a consensual business agreement and raping kids is an act of aggression on children.

        I don’t dispute that she is a whore, she is a super-whore, but I don’t think that should disqualify her from being able to read a book to children under the right context – not as an “actress” but as a woman who reads books.

      • BE

        Hi Dan – The inherent problem is that the parent really doesn’t get to choose their child’s role models. At best, they can try and limit who the kid sees and gets advice from. Children have a whole other life the minute they get on that school bus. One you cannot control. And, they’re going to identify with whomever they identify, you hope it’s their parents.

        Would you just let other “troubled” people around your children? A psychopath, a bi-polar, a schitzophrenic? I agree that this woman is very troubled. As her choices for herself are questionable. I don’t know how much unsupervised exposure she has to children – but I’d wonder.

        Even Madonna held onto “her personal expression” excuse – then she had kids and publicly said “I don’t what the F*** I was thinking.

      • Dan

        BE – I can see what you are saying and I agree with you on most points. Sasha Grey probably is troubled (daddy issues), but it is not clear that she is a psychopath, a bi-polar, a schizophrenic. And I agree with you that one day, if not now, she will regret her choice to be in porn.

        But reading a book is pretty innocent and harmless. I think children are more damaged by the exploits of Kim Kardashian, Jersey Shore folks, and their irresponsible parents that they view on TV and at home every night.

        I suppose I am assuming that first graders would have no concept of Sasha Grey – I wasn’t even sure what sex was at that age. She could have came a read to my class in first grade being introduced as Sasha Grey the porn star and I wouldn’t have thought anything of it. Maybe that is my mistake in logic.

    • V

      Because 1) she didn’t ask for parents’ permission and not one parent in the world would be ok with exposing their children to a pervert like that. 2) she’s doing it for PR. 3) her place is not in schools reading to children. WTF is that??

      • BE

        It’s probably hypocritical of me but I’d err on the side of caution with the kids. Every parent makes their mistakes. I’d rather have to iron out my own that I know about than troubleshoot what this messed up piece of humanity did to them. Simple pragmatism, I’m afraid.

    • Kitty

      Same here. She’s going to read to kids. So doing voluntary community service with children is out if you have been filmed having sex? That’s news.

  6. Joe

    It may be something she can never get away from but I respect her stance and right to turn her life in a different direction

    • it had to be said

      Yeah. It depends on what you think her life has been about. If you think that attention has been a major motivator, she’s not turning her life at all. She’s just using kids instead of cocks. I mean, she isn’t trying to repudiate her past, she’s just saying that it isn’t what she does today. I think you’re reading too much into this. I think she’s trying to stay relevant without having to make a snuff film (because there isn’t much else left for her to do).

      • Jon Hex

        Her IMDB page shows that she has no problem finding non-porn work seeing as she finished two movies and has been casted for another.

      • Joe

        I’m sure none of these kids knew who she was and all she was doing was reading children stories. No harm was done. Now with that said the school officials should know who there allowing in the class rooms. Let hope there not allowing certain coaches from Penn State in the rooms!

  7. Some Random Old Guy

    She can read to my kids anytime, at least I trust the book with be right side up, which is more than I can say for a certain former President. It’s not like she’s trying to force Guardasil on 8 year olds.

    • Inmate 12236969

      You’re saying this slut is smarter than a former President of the United States? You are a serious dumb fuck!

      • mike

        No he’s saying that slut is smarter than one *specific* former President of the United States. Which is probably true.

      • That Bastard Tony

        If you actually think George W Bush Jr (or Sr. for that matter) is smarter than Sasha then you are crazy. The irony is people have so much misplaced contempt for this woman who past career hasn’t hurt anyone as opposed to W who past career… well… you get the idea… especially if you live in New Orleans.

      • INMATE 12236969

        At Mike & Tony when you two get out of high school you’ll understand about grown up things. This whore has done nothing but suck dick for a living and has no education she’s only 23—do the math? That’s her freedoms not a problem with it. Hello no fucking college but the college of sucking dick like you two probably do to each other. You two fucks say she’s smarter than a President! I tell you what; she is smarter than you two fuckheads!

        As for New Orleans that’s one of the dumbest comments since Michele Jackson don’t fuck little kids—the Feds always said you need to have three days of food and water on hand. The leftwing government of that State and New Orleans deserted those people and the military came in and saved the day like we always do. So you two fucks get shit together before making dumbass comments—oh BTW—FUCK YOU!

      • That Bastard Tony

        Well between your inability to spell, your lack of punctuation skills, your inability to make a point, your obsession with watching male-on-male sex, your incredibly judgmental nature and the incoherent nature of your post, I’d say you definitely live up to your name Inmate. Funny how you have a 69 at the end of your serial number.

      • Lightfailure

        He is saying that , and since you admit you are in the military , she is most likey smarter than you. I mean you need orders to wipe your own ass right?

        Oh and as for your New Orleans comment below , Yeah the military came in and saved the day , by turning away trucks full of fresh water , and medical supplies ?

        Go find a banjo you simple minded hillbilly …

      • theTruth

        Obama is STILL president. Pay attention to any of his speeches, that man can read just fine.

      • INMATE 12236969

        @Bastard and Light you two fucking libtards as usual have no facts just a bunch of bullshit—I do like orders like the time I ordered your mothers to blow our platoon for twenty bucks oh BTW—FUCK YOU punks I know you two pussies would never say the shit your talking to my face because you’re a bunch a dick-less little assholes hiding behind a keyboard.

        It’s the Internet on a forum who gives a fuck about punctuation—think about that when you’re in your 7th grade math class tomorrow.

  8. Sheppy

    I don’t care. She’s hot.

    • That Bastard Tony

      +1 I want her to read me a bedtime story…and I would be saying that even if she wasn’t a porn star. Hell, I wouldn’t mind having Rose McGowan or Christina Ricci read me one too.

      I might have problems.

  9. Richard McBeef

    I want my daughters to know that if they want to get jack hammer throat fucked and pile driven through walls buttfucked that they might as well get paid for it. Oh and that reading is fun.

    • BE

      Well put. Don’t underestimate your 8 year olds getting online and finding out what that nice lady does for a living.

      Care to explain it to them. If you’re luck and they ask?

  10. Frank Burns

    You guys suck, with all the preaching and counter-preaching. Where’s the funny porn names for kids books that I expected from a story like this? And no, I’m not going to start you off with one. Now get to it!

  11. Fiona32

    Check out her photos at –CELEBU R.COM–

  12. Do members of the Personhood Movement look at her in horror when they think about how many people she’s swallowed?

  13. Inmate 12236969

    I think I would have stayed in school longer if porn stars were reading to me and all those female teachers fucking their students now days! Damn kids got it lucky today.

  14. Gideon

    I can understand that she wants to help and encourage kids to read, that’s admirable. But as a former (?) pornographic actress, maybe there’s a better way of doing this without inadvertently exposing kids to her past.

    However, if I was a grade school kid and a pretty girl wanted to read to me, I would probably start reading more. So maybe the school is on to something here?

  15. Poor Fishy

    there’s the Fishster crow-baring his dopey political comments, because he really needs you to hear his opinion. No matter it’s totally irrelevant and not funny.. This is a post about a FUCKING PORN STAR YOU UNFUNNY HACK. god you suck now. show tits, goof on celebrities or shut the fuck up.

    • Carla

      Chill out, Perez, damn.. Just cause Fish won’t go gay for you, don’t need to come here all butt hurt breaking furniture, puto.

  16. Sasha Grey
    Commented on this photo:

    “Sosherlism” is as anti-intellectual as it gets. The notion that all other biological systems on this earth are somehow inherently wrong – in that they function in a manner not much different than capitalism (small, elite top; large, average middle; small, destitute bottom) – is no more intellectual than Christians debating how a fictious man in the sky feels about “fags gettin’ married ‘n such”

  17. Zee Brat

    Sasha Grey is one of my favorite people. Let her lead the boring life of reading to children if she wants to. Who cares?

    • V

      the childrens’ parents. she’s attention whoring, as usual. nothing else.

      It’s such a joke that after the kind of bullshit she’s known for doing, she tries to create the most innocent Mary Poppins image ever just to get a smidge of respect. I don’t what I’d do if she was my sister and I knew all the things she has done in front of the camera, and I’m not even talking about the sex. All the gross stuff she did.

  18. Spermin Herman Coke Cain

    Sasha Grey sucks a lot of penis and drinks a lot of semen. shit loads of guys squirt their semen all over her face and in her mouth. she likes getting gang banged by several guys at the same time. i wouldn’t kiss her but i would fuck her with a rubber on my penis because she is not bad looking.

  19. Nada

    This is totally blown out of proportion. She’s reading a book to 1st graders. They don’t know who she is; they probably think she’s some nice lady who read them a story. People can change. Grow up, people.

    • nada dumb

      Nada sounds like a naive person. Why don’t YOU grow up? Yay Sasha is now reading books to children so she must have changed! Gosh. Pigeons learn faster than you. This is a woman who did well, everything, on cam and I have an easier time believing when people say this move is just get attention. She is a whore. There’s no judgment just stating the obvious. She has had more than her fair share, well, everyone’s fair share of cocks lol and we are supposed to just respect her because she read a book to kids? You are one of those people she was counting on to be stupid enough to actually believe she has changed. Or will.

  20. rough

    Hey man, if she can teach kids how to read in a 15 minute appearance; im all for it.

  21. Tinklepants Astronaut

    Fuck Everlasting

  22. Tinklepants Astronaut

    The Lion, the Witch, and the Cornhole

  23. thespiral

    Roll of Thunder, Smell my Cunt

  24. thespiral

    Mrs. Frisby and the Twats of Trim

  25. thespiral

    Clifford the Big Red Cock

  26. thespiral

    The Sybian in the Cupboard

  27. thespiral

    Anne of Green Gloryholes

  28. thespiral

    Where the Wild Things Are (In My Ass)

  29. Carla

    The Wind in the Willing Ho’s.

  30. fesftivusmiracle

    frankly, her involvement with entourage is much more offfensive than the porn…

  31. Sasha Grey
    Commented on this photo:

    She is also a DJ a very crappy DJ

  32. forrest gump

    no no noooo, she isn’t a paedophile!!

  33. Jake

    What’s the problem? She’s a nice girl who’s only doing porn to pay for college. Just like every stripper everywhere.

    Don’t know why everyone’s so hard on her.


  34. Jon

    All celebrities are whores, Sasha Grey is just a bit more honest and open about it, compared to most other celebs.

  35. Jim

    so what?

    shouldn’t it be much more important WHAT was read to the children?

  36. Whores in the Classroom

    All choices have consequences. Whores are so dumb.

  37. Mark

    kinda funny that you all shun her for her choices, yet consume her products…probably on a daily basis, probably while posting here

    • roughneck business

      Leave the stay at home moms out of this. They have so much on their plate they don’t have time for that kind of nonsense and filth.

  38. Nicole P

    She made choices to be a hardcore porn girl and now wants to be a sweet girl to the kids. Come on, she made some choices in the past and did not give a damn the consequences…. People like that annoy me.

    • Mark

      judgmental people annoy me, so, we are all annoyed!

      • haha

        yeah don’t judge porn stars who enjoy getting gang banged, guzzling semen, being fukt every which way while being taped all for money, right mark? i bet you jerked off to one of her “movies” lol you’re annoying.

  39. carmen

    dick and dick and dick and dick and jane

  40. towel

    None of the book titles you’ve come up with are the least bit funny to anyone older than 11. Except for that last one (dick and dick etc), that’s pretty good.

  41. Ho Sit Down

    Bitch please. “Your past.” Having a past that doesn’t define you is being raped or molested against your will. You choosing to simulate either of these acts on film is pretty much ALL you are. So sit on that and twirl.

  42. thespiral

    “I am an actor. I am an artist. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am a partner. I have a past that some people may not agree with, but it does not define who I am.”

    Yeah, but nobody would be coming to you for these soundbites, or even know or care who you are, if you hadn’t become “famous” for getting publicly degraded, violated and splooged on in every single orifice for cash money.

    So in terms of your public image, yes honey, your past very much defines you.

  43. Jon

    I’m tempted to say she still has more class then most people who post on this site.

    • cc

      You know you are right… I am sure most people here have done worse that appear on camera with a huge cock plunged in their ass and forced into their throat while being slapped and called a piece of shit whore.

      No offense but you are an IDIOT.

      • That Bastard Tony

        As much as people will forever refuse to admit, most of what Sasha has done on camera has been practiced (or at least tried) by many in the privacy of their own homes… or cars. It may not be something that you’ve tried, but one person’s kinks (or lack thereof) don’t speak for the populous.

  44. Lisa

    This woman made a decision to do porn. And now she wants to pretend like she’s a good candidate for promoting literacy to children? There’s a saying…You made your bed, now lie in it. People like her think they can have their cake and eat it, too. Wake up and smell the reality!

  45. Nick

    We should unleash Sasha Grey on Justin Bieber. It could be the most disturbing, twisted, scary-funny thing you have ever seen. Better yet, I bet she could make a woman out of Selena Gomez.

  46. Cabin Derada

    Listen, twats – I once interviewed Sasha and she is not only smoking hot but intensely smart. Anyone who wants to match wits with her is in for a battle. Whether you buy into the “I film sex as confrontation” (my quotes, not hers) angle is a matter of personal taste, I suppose, but confusing her for a dead-eyed floozy is a stereotype of grand proportions. She can read to my kids anytime she wants. She’s not there to be a guidance counselor.

  47. she could have become a legit actress or a model or a singer – I m not sad that she chose porn (:P) but it is confusing as hell – regarding kids – hell no way should she be teaching kids unless its something against porn or some social issue crap – kids are getting smarter by the day and they will find out soon ….

  48. Emy

    Maybe if she was repentant and admitted that what she did was wrong, people would be able to forgive her and let her have a fresh start. But I don’t think she’s ever said that she made any mistakes. I believe she rationalized and justified what she did and from what I’ve heard, she did some pretty ugly things. I saw her on a interview with Tyra Banks. She seemed so cold. She asked this man she was working with to punch her in the stomach. I think she let herself be degraded. When people watch this stuff-especially perverts in the making-they want to reenact these scenes with live people. They are trained to get turned on humiliating someone and they seek out victims. Others have said that images of her movies were foul and the pictures were burned in their brains. Is that okay? If it was okay for Sasha to lick toilet bowls and do degrading things wouldn’t she think it was okay for other people to be used in the same way? She calls it art doesn’t she? It’s just sexual expression to her but it isn’t-it is corrupting people and playing on their baser desires to make money. It’s being gross to sell a product. It isn’t about self-expression. And now she reads to kids but there is a hardness about her. Could she resent the innocence of the children? What are her morals? When is it okay for someone to be used and degraded? Is it ever okay to be used and degraded? Many studies have show that pornograpy leads to objectification, child abuse and rape. How would a rape victim who was gang raped feel watching Sasha act like she enjoyed getting gang banged? And these scenes; what does it tell men? That women like to be used? That this is what sex is all about? How can it be okay? Now she’s out of the porn industry but she makes no apologies. All those images are still out there corrupting people. And people watch that stuff and want to act it out for real. It’s not sexy. It’s not progressive. Maybe to her it is empowering because she has some choices (I assume) but she is depicting herself getting used. What about the women who really do get used that way? What about their pain? In my opinion, she sexualized degradation. There are women out there that are being raped like that for real. What about their story? Is it sexy then? Are these the images that should be in anyone’s mind and can you say that it doesn’t affect a person.
    And now she wants to read to kids and I wouldn’t have a problem with that if she was an anti-porn advocate. If she acknowledged the harm that porno does to the world. How people become addicted. How people become desensitized. How it destroys marriages and creates abusers and eggs abusive people on. Ted Bundy said he was addicited to violent, degrading porn and it spurred him to want to make the violent sex fantasies real.

    But Sasha doesn’t say that what she did was not wise. If she had a daughter would she want someone to do those degrading things to her?

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