Sarah Silverman used to be skinny, right?

May 8th, 2009 // 79 Comments

Here’s Sarah Silverman on the set of her new movie Peep World, and I’m starting to see why she broke up with Jimmy Kimmel. He’s contagious. That said, what are his thoughts on dating Lindsay Lohan? You know, just until the lizard back clears up. I’m not talking marriage here.


  1. Anexio

    Even Joe Franklin wouldn’t fuck that..

  2. NO

    She looks very mean in expression. I bet she has never really wanted for anything in her whole life. Her show was just vulgar and dumb as though I teenage wrote it. She basically acts like a creepy asshole kid anyway although not a white one because she would get her ass beat for acting like she does.

  3. matilda jeffries

    she still is skinny! i remember hearing in an interview with her that the only joke she doesn’t make is about girls and their weight issues. for a reason, assholes.

  4. timmy the frisky virus

    She used to be skinny, but she’s never been funny.

  5. little dick


  6. jimmy

    I never understood this yenta…Carrot Top is funnier than this fugly moron.

  7. Sarah SIlverman sucks!

    Sarah SIlverman sucks!

  8. wth

    WTH? yall confuse me. The stupid idiot that runs this site posts pics of celebrities calling them fat and they arent fat by any means. Then yall post comments like “ohhh she’s so fat, nasty, EWW” And then these pics get posted and Sarah really does look like she gained weight and yall are defending her saying “she’s not fat! It’s bad clothing choice!” Yall are a bunch of idiots that make no sense and I suspect you just follow what everybody else is saying instead of actually thinking and forming an opinion for yourselves.

  9. Savalas

    She looks like a fat gypsy from Romania

  10. blahj

    Sarah Silverman is ugly.

  11. Unklejoe

    Is this bitch a jew

  12. fuckyou

    you are a fucking shamanistic piece of filth. I hope you burn in your own insecurity’s.

  13. fuckyou

    you are a fucking piece of filth. I hope you burn in your own insecurity’s.

  14. maeby

    why isnt anyone mentioning that hes not wearing a bra and you can see her nipples in some of these photos

  15. LEB

    She looks better now. She didn’t have boobs before.

  16. am i of the few who thinks she looks relaxed, happy and pretty? oh well. F all you skinny bitches out there.

  17. Must return the tie after pic shoot (along with penis)

    FAT, PALE, and UGLY!
    Good thing she’s funny thought. (wait…)

  18. fat casper

    Either she’s the next octomom, or she opened a wendy’s in her house!
    (and PS, this is not a girl)

  19. Put your fingers down your throat

    New Rule!
    The FCC should do something productive for once, like censor FAT people from TV, and make them got to radio instead!
    (It’s for the children)

  20. Krassy McKrass

    I’d circumsize just to get it on with her.

  21. esol esek

    Anybody who thinks she is not fat is probably fat themselves. She’s fat. Women can look skinny above the neck, and have huge asses. Her arms show it, too. If you see her on snl clips form the mid 90s, she WAS smoking hot, and not just average hot. The ravages of hate get us all. Part of her act was always that she was cute and foul-mouthed. I like her, but she needs to hit the gym.

  22. Hello, your blog great, refueling

  23. Hello, your blog great, refueling

  24. Jack King

    WOW! I just crossed her off my “Must see naked” list.

  25. He looks very mean expression. I’m sure he really does not want anything in his whole life. Her show was just rude and dumb as a teenager I wrote though. It basically works like a scary ass baby anyway, although not a white one because he beat your ass for acting like he is.

  26. Rose
    Commented on this photo:

    i am about this height and weight, like Sarah S

    , it bothers me that people truly pick us apart and notice 130 vs. 140 or maybe she is 150 in that photo
    and men date us or want us based on our EXACT weight
    like gain 10 pounds and we are “fat”
    and most of us go up and down depending on stress or whatever we have going on
    are MEN really that superficial still ?

  27. Rose
    Commented on this photo:

    she is probably close to 150 maybe 145
    but do men really care that much?
    i think she looks more norma like that and maybe she even gained the weight on purpose
    is this still what men are all about? and wonder why none of us want any of them???

  28. Sarah Goodwich

    I think this is a joke, i.e. she’s imitating one of those fat chicks who thinks she’s fooling anyone by tying a sweater around her ass.

  29. Kat

    She’s fat-skinny….she’s always been gross.

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