Sarah Silverman used to be skinny, right?

May 8th, 2009 // 79 Comments

Here’s Sarah Silverman on the set of her new movie Peep World, and I’m starting to see why she broke up with Jimmy Kimmel. He’s contagious. That said, what are his thoughts on dating Lindsay Lohan? You know, just until the lizard back clears up. I’m not talking marriage here.



    still would

  2. Nooken

    Is she preggers? She looks preggers!

  3. Racer X

    She still is skinny, yo!

    /I’d hit it and throw in facial

  4. TAZ


  5. Fleur

    It’s just the sweater tied around her waist and a few bad angles that make her appear heavier than she really is in these pictures. Her collar bone is still prominent and her arms and face are still thin.

  6. Alex

    Are you high? She’s still fine. And she was never SMOKIN’ HOT, she was always, “dirty hot.”

  7. blackout

    I still like her jewbs.

  8. Good lord, that water melon had no chance, I think she might be eating for 2!

  9. wow

    Seriously? You think she looks fat? She apparently is lacking fashion sense and has a hideous sweater wrapped around her … other than that she looks pretty thin …

  10. Adonis

    She looks like she’s gained a few pounds, maybe, but I think she looks okay here. I never found her attractive, but in some weird way, she’s cute here.

  11. Lou Bricate

    Her puss stills smells, I’ve always thought that….

  12. jen

    new reality show about nfl star and his hot cheerleader wife:

  13. pavmentaled

    Superficial Writer gets voted 100% wrong on this one.
    What a dick.

  14. pavmentaled

    Superficial Writer gets voted 100% wrong on this one.
    What a dicky.

  15. SoTe

    She looks fine! Don’t be a jerk.

  16. clarkehead

    I guess it’s safe to say she’s not still fucking Matt Damon.

  17. dirk

    I see fat old jewish “crazy cat lady” in her future.

  18. Titi

    She’s always been pretty thick – look at the Pamela Anderson roast…it’s her stupid dumpy outfit…

  19. Modwild

    You have the most fucked up sense of fat and skinny. I sense you have a personal disdain for your own appearance.

  20. No one

    Damn, Superficial… you rip on someone when they’re too skinny, yet make fun of them when they look normal and healthy. That’s pretty messed up.

  21. fat, untalented snatch.

  22. coco

    Tiene panza de birra!

  23. Why do I picture her have the biggest damn bush on a women alive?

  24. Danklin

    I’d still do her.

  25. Paragon

    She has gained a lot of weight. As for her collar bones being prominent and her face still looking thin, that has nothing to do with being thin. There was a teller at my bank who looked amazing. I could NOT tell she was hiding a huge belly and an ass the size of two basketballs. Her window only exposed her from just below her breasts up.

    Look at pic one. Her face is a bit cubbier and dimpled where it wasn’t before. Her belly sticks out as far as her breasts which it has never done and the back of her arm is larger and dimpled. She has gained weight. Sorry folks.

  26. alex

    She still looks hot. I would totally love to disappoint her sexually.

  27. Nooken

    I’m calling it, I really think she is pregnant. I’ll always have a thing for her and wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers *looks at own crotch* right Crackers?

  28. Oggy

    its just what she’s wearing. very unflattering. look at her arms. they are not the arms of a heavy girl

  29. sarajessica

    Oh noes. She’s not fat. And look at those SKELETOR-hands!

  30. sarajessica

    Oh noes. She’s not fat. And look at those SKELETOR-hands!

  31. sarajessica

    Oh noes. She’s not fat. And look at those SKELETOR-hands!

  32. mfbinc

    She looks like Laura Nyro in some of these pics….

  33. lola

    She looks really good here. The sweater and skirt are not flattering and make her look heavy

  34. Papa Bear

    Yesterday I could have used her picture to get hot at a Weight Watchers meeting, today I am gonna take her picture to prolong intercourse.

  35. marilyn

    My first thought, before I read other comments, was she’s pregnant. The way the weight is distributed and the way her breasts look. If she was fat she wouldn’t have it that high above her waist . It hasn’t been long enough for her to gain so much weight that she is protruding right below her chest. I agree – pregnant.

  36. Gerald_Tarrant

    I would still plow her like an Amish field, sun up to sunset with no power tools.

  37. White House

    I thought that was Amy Winehouse. Jews look alike.

  38. Mike

    The Fatter the Pig, the Tighter the Eye.

  39. smarg

    She’s turning into the typical Jewish hag. Eew.

  40. Zorro

    Hmm, maybe a couple pounds, but she’s still pretty trim. I mean, No! She’s a cow! She needs to start slumming and fuck random dudes who post on celeb websites…

    Man, she would look phenomenal with preggo tits. Jew girls always do. damNN!

  41. rachell

    Man is Kirtsy Alley putting Sarah’s wardrobe together?

  42. harkin

    Move over ‘coltish’ – hello ‘plow horse’.

  43. pappy smeary

    kimmel knew when to go short this stock, shoulda bought some put options too

  44. Cartman

    All that pot she smokes finally gave her the munchies.

    Fat jewish chicks need love too.

  45. amy

    She looks like a thin woman with a heavy sweater tied around her waist. Give me a break!

  46. Mr. Obvious

    Good God, she’s starting to look like Alanis Morissette.

  47. She just forgot she lived in america, folks!!

  48. Grossed out

    This is one mean spirited cunt. Yeah she just on the virge of becoming an old jewish hag too. This whore needs a punch in the mouth for some of the things she has said, like saying she would kill Jesus if he came back.
    Isn’t that anti-christian? These hook-noses don’t want us to be anti-semitic though, right?

    I agree with the big hairy, smelly snatch as well..

  49. chlöe

    Hey douche bags!

    she is in CHARACTER…that’s right. Her character in this piece is dumpy and bigger…hence the clothes and hair to make her look that way….

  50. I think Sarah would have more influence over Lindsay Lohan by dating Dina Lohan. The could mentally abuse the poor girl together. At least Sarah would be doing it with a sense of humor.

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