Sarah Silverman endorses Barack Obama – by insulting black people

September 25th, 2008 // 281 Comments

Sarah Silverman endorses Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama in this video that encourages her fellow Jews to blackmail their Florida-residing grandparents into voting for Obama. I posted it because I know how much you guys love when celebrities talk about politics. It’s your favorite :)

NOTE: Video is NSFW due to language such as fuck, shit, damn and brisket.


  1. Mo

    I heard she’s fucking Matt Damon.

  2. Kleinfeld

    Can’t believe it. First time that I’m FIRST!!!

  3. Jrz

    My God, she’s obnoxious.
    Imagine her and Janine Garofolo in the same room?

    *imagines……………………head explodes*

  4. WTFery is Afoot

    She is so fucking stupid.

    And Sarah? It’s better to remain silent and have people THINK you’re a complete dumbass than to open it and remove all doubt.

  5. Blow Me

    Who gives a fuck what that dripping cunt thinks.

  6. Superfish is an instigator,,,the girl need an HBO special….

  7. Harry Doyle


    Short, but, pointless

  8. Mo

    Awww, Kleinfeld. I’m sorry. :(

    Next time, sweetie.

  9. Randal

    This woman is brilliant! Her routines continue to push the envelope and it helps that’s she’s pretty too!



  10. John

    She’s awful.

    Vote Obama.

  11. Blow Me


    I’ll bet you think Amy Winehouse is hot as well, don’t you?

  12. combustion8

    thats one hideous jew



  14. Danklin24

    I guess im the only one that thought that was fucking hilarious. Especially the thing about the similarities between blacks and jews. Its not insulting if its fucking true you douches. The only thing she was stupid about was saying that thing about hoping your grandparents are still around next year….uh, Sarah we vote ever 4 years in this country not every year. Good try though

  15. Quinn

    guess you have to be a jew to get the humor…..

  16. combustion8

    every time I see her, I wanna bash her fucking face in… no lie.

  17. jrz

    Jesus Christ, Randal, grow a fucking set already, huh?
    “Her routines continue to push the envelope ”
    Who fucking talks like that? Routines? Jesus H Christ, dude.

  18. Danklin24

    #11 im not saying your taste sucks but theres a big difference between Amy Winewhore and Sarah Silverman. Sarah Silverman is actually pretty cute.

  19. Protect Israel?

    What does Israel have to do with anything? I thought that was the birthplace of Jesus and the Hebrews? NOT the Ashkenazi who are converted Jews and not related to the chosen sharing a covenant with God. The true jews are semitic, not Kazhar/Mongolian/Slavic/German/American/anything else.

    Again I am tired of this Israeli thing being a born American. My mother’s parents were from northern Europe and that county means little to me because I am 100% American!

    I suggest that all “jews” move to Israel than, no offense, if this is the most important place in your hearts. If you were born here stay here and act like the rest of us. Oh, I forgot. Only the real Americans do that anymore.

  20. Sandy

    I would love to lick her pungent hairy jewish asshole.

  21. What? Fuck you bitch and that Obination of a candidate. The last thing this country needs is a douche like Obama in office.

  22. Hillary Clinton

    Oy vez. Jews voting for Obama is like chickens voting for Colonel Sanders.

  23. Jemimah

    “The only thing she was stupid about was saying that thing about hoping your grandparents are still around next year….uh, Sarah we vote ever 4 years in this country not every year.”

    We only have presidential elections every four years. There are other elections here you know. The Seventeenth Amendment would like a word with you.

  24. Dogless


    Do you even know what ‘real American’ is? Does anyone?

    Fucking hell you’re an idiot.

  25. guest1234567

    Just a reminder to all that Gore did not get fucked by Florida. It is a wives-tail.

    He got fucked by Tennessee, his own damn state didn’t vote for him. If he didn’t take them for granted then he would have won.

  26. Goblinkatie

    “Paid for by the Jewish Council for Education and Research.” (4:18 min in.)


    I’m still not voting Obama, but that was pretty damn funny.

  27. lo

    be funny dammit! one post is all it takes. ugh

  28. combustion8

    watching a fleet of baby seals get clubbed is funnier than her.

  29. Garbanzo

    Nice. Eyebrows.

  30. teddy

    has she ever done something that hasnt failed?

  31. havoc

    What a rat-faced JAP.

    Christ, she’s annoying. I’m surprised she didn’t end up in Kimmel’s freezer.


  32. I laugh at how scared the dems are of Palin and she is only running for VP!

    If you want to see a ‘tard, look in the mirror. Or just look at Joe Biden, that ‘tard told a man in a wheel chair to stand up so others could clap for him “Stand up Chuck” he said. You fuckers want that guy for your VP!

    Stop picking on Randall, if you can’t see the humor in his witty ways, you mst be a democrat

  33. joey

    In the video, Sarah states that people should threaten to not visit their grandparents for a year if they vote McCain – that’s why she makes that comment about hoping your grandparents will still be around next year-listen again.

  34. ummm...yeah

    Randal, I HATE YOU!!!
    I want to beat the fucking shit out of you, prick!
    Attention all you assholes out there, that was just a joke. Dumbasses.
    #17…Sooooo True!!

  35. ali

    people get way too riled-up in here. calm down, people are entitle to their opinions…

    vote ron paul ’08!!!

  36. Kennedy

    Very clever and funny.

    I am voting for Obama for his policies:

    Tax the rich elite 3 percent of the Americans at a higher rate.
    Give the rest of Americans a tax break.
    Gradually pull out of Iraq and save US 350 million dollars per day.
    Pro Environment & Pro Choice

  37. CSA in the CSA


    I live in TN and the vast majority of people here hate Al Gore. I’m glad we cost him the election! He’s a total moron along with Silverman.

  38. Nuke the Republicans

    Aim for the next big GOP convention and then mushroom ‘em all! (Pigs)

  39. Jay

    Jews are normally clever, smart, and very social. WTF happened to Sarah Silverman? Is there a jewish dumb gene or was she beat with an idiot stick as a child? Lady, get a life!!


    I am not voting for Obama for his policies:

    Tax the rich so that further jobs are lost when they go overseas for cheaper labor, and the price of goods produced rises to assume the added tax burden (excellent strategy with regards to the current economy).

    Pull troops out of Iraq and ensure the collapse of a newborn democracy and further acts of domestic terrorism (future 9/11′s)

  41. “His brisket is beyond”? Come on!

  42. Jimmy Slade

    Actually Gore got fucked by Gore, if the dumbass would have thought ahead of time. Who recounts 1 state?

  43. Kennedy


    If Al Gore was President then we would not have the following problems thanks to the Bush administration:

    FannieMae Freddie Mac 700 Billion Bail Out
    350 million dollars a day war in Iraq
    The World Does Not Currently Think Highly of the US
    Failed FEMA
    Lack of Stem Cell Research & Development
    Lack of Alternative Energy Research & Development
    Giving the elite rich 3 percent of Americans the best tax breaks

    I wish people like you were capable of practicing logic and critical thinking.

  44. richard

    right on what the f does israel have to do with this. go back to your own country if it’s such an issue for you.

  45. I am not voting for Obama because of his policies:

    Tax the rich so that further jobs are lost when jobs go overseas to cut costs and prices are raised on consumer goods to assume the added tax burden (not sound thinking with regards to the current state of the economy)

    Withdraw troops from Iraq and allow its newborn democracy to be torn asunder by rival groups or invaded by neighboring Iran, all but guaranteeing further acts of domestic terrorism (future 9/11s)

  46. Spurious

    Consistently shallow.

  47. dan


    you are a moron… that is all.

  48. literary genius

    hey, #32… re: ‘Obama will lose to Palin”… uh? What?

    Is McCain gone already? last I heard, Obama was running (and winning, in ALL the latest polls) against Mccain – not Palin…

    Oh, maybe since he ‘suspended’ his campaign… you think she takes over as Candidate too?

    I think Al Haig is ready to step in…

  49. dan


    you are a complete moron.. that is all.

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