Sarah Silverman ditches Jimmy Kimmel. For real this time.

Sarah Silverman has made a conscious decision to stop crying after sex and broke things off with Jimmy Kimmel, according to Us Magazine:

“Sarah initiated the split this time,” the source tells Us. “He’s bummed.”
This breakup happened within the last two weeks.
“He’s really blue — very down,” another source tells Us. “Seems like it’s over for good this time. He’s sad because he just bought a new place and now has nobody to share it with.”

No one can be entirely shocked by this news. I mean, ladies, look at Jimmy Kimmel. Would you let this man have sex with you? No, of course not. Now, guys, look at Sarah Silverman. Would you have sex with her? Yes, of course you would. Because let’s face it, we’d probably put our penis in an electrical outlet if the thought ever occurred to us. …. *ZAP*

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