Sarah Silverman booed off stage in London

October 20th, 2008 // 86 Comments

Sarah Silverman gave her UK stand-up debut over the weekend and proceeded to have her ass booed offstage after only giving a 40-minute performance. Organizers attempted to force Sarah to give a Q&A session which she reluctantly agreed to before bolting, according to BBC News:

After the audience refused to leave, Silverman was forced to give a Q&A session as an encore after admitting she had no other material prepared. Unimpressed fans shouted “you’re over-hyped Sarah” and “I’ve seen longer clips on YouTube”, before the star told the audience to “go home” and then left the stage.
BBC Radio 1 reporter Kev Geoghegan, who was also at the gig, said Silverman looked “clearly mystified” as to why she had to return to the stage after her short set.
“A lot of people who paid £45 a ticket would have been aggrieved,” he told the BBC News website. “For a gig that size of 3,600 people and a first night in London to show people what all the fuss in America is about her, she could’ve done more – she should have been able to fill for another 20 minutes.”

Wait. There’s fuss about Sarah Silverman in America? Ahahahahahaha! But, no, seriously, we’ll trade her for that hot chick who does the Orbit gum commercials. Act now and we’ll throw in Andy Dick.

NOTE: Probably should’ve asked this first: English people still drink a lot, right?

Photos: Splash News

  1. British but not English. Possible?

    Well considering her one and only joke revolves around “OH MY GAWW I’M LIKE JEWISH HARHARR” and there are a total of 3 jewish people in the whole of UK, the UK doesn’t ‘get’ her so-called jokes and we not find her funny, at all. No. Talking about sex is not shocking either. Not in the UK anyway..

    She can fuck off and take her monotonous droning voice to somewhere that likes bad repetitive unfunny ‘jokes’.
    I also fail to see how she is hot. She looks about 40 in that photo. And a farmer.

  2. hazelbasil

    i hate sarah silverman.. i’ve always hated sarah silverman.. the fact that they even made a venue that fit 3600 people available to her is beyond my understanding. i think she makes jews look bad.. women look bad.. and just overall human beings look bad. she’s not funny she’s just straight up insulting and rude. and i used to think jimmy kimmel was funny but now i don’t know anymore because he must think that silverman’s funny/attractive or something since he’s been going out with her for so long, so i think his judgement is now totally screwed..

  3. Sarah's online career counselor

    Sarah needs to take a long hard look at herself and at the whole jew thing. It’s obvious people are very fatigued and put off by both. Sarah needs to come up with a whole new line of material, something that’s a more suitable match for both her advancing age and her appearance.

    I suggest that she take a job as a scrub woman, for research, for finding a bit of humility and gratitude for all that she has attained (or, more jewishly, accumulated) and . . . well . . . because she needs something to fall back on when the show-biz thing finally dies, which by the looks of things is pretty soon.

    Sarah, if you’re reading this, I just want you to think of this one thing:

    when you’re working late, when you’re the only one in the building, when the boss is no longer anyplace where he can see you, then you can invite the winos in through the back door and pull a train in the furnace room, maybe even make some amateur porn and sell it online, or even star in a Mexican donkey show . . .

    Extra cash! $$$ That’s kinda jewish isn’t it?

  4. She desperately needs to SHIT, folks!!
    ………..that’s all.

  5. Stiles


    Less schleppy. More writey.

  6. me

    actually Jane, most of Amy Winehouses fans are from America. Almost no-one here likes her. The people that go to the shows simply go to see her make a fool out of herself (I thought that was obvious?) That is the same reason why Pete Doherty is always guaranteed a good turn out at gigs..

    Why are Americans attacking Britain because we don’t like one of your lamest celebrities? Don’t take it personally. We said we didn’t like her, not America.

    I don’t know why some of you are trying to make fun of British accents either. You must know that the British accent is comparable to the American accent, in that, we can tell when someone is British but there are about 100 variations of the British accent. Same with American. Accents such as New York, New Jersey, Texas etc are totally different from eachother and some of the are nice but some sound horrible. In fact some of your accents are widely made fun of, mostly by other Americans, not foreigners. They may all be American accents but the New York American accent is nothing like the Californian American Accent , so shut up.

  7. this guy

    Really? They booed her for just a 40 minute set? I gotta think she did them a favor. Or at least the Brits would’ve booed her off for NOT BEING FUNNY!

  8. Chauncey Gardner


    Oh, bullshit. I was just traveling in England, and you guys are just as steeped in slang as anybody anybody in America. I mean, where the fuck did the term “brolly” come from? Was it really so hard to say “umbrella”?

  9. Egbert

    Sarah Silverman was booed because she only did 35 minutes on stage – not exactly great value when audience members have paid £45 ($90) each. I have never seen a staged comedy show run under than 90 minutes in the UK.

    I don’t know why people are making comparisons with Amy Winehouse as she hasn’t toured in ages. The shambolic shows she did over the summer were all festivals with multiple acts on the bill.

    Steve Coogan got booed off stage last week too, by the way.

  10. Anon

    Chauncey why do you spell colour wrong.
    Is it so hard to include the “U”

    Also your point wasn’t about who has more slang but that we can’t understand each other.
    Try to keep up with your own argument.

    Like I said we can understand each other and you guys so the problem lies solely with you.

    Again problem is you, not us.

  11. Abi McManigan

    I hated her as soon as I first saw her.
    I’ll point out that I am British and maybe having such shit americans invading this lovely land with acts like Paris Hilton is karma for introducing Katie Price and Amy Winehouse to the u.s.a

  12. Chauncey Gardner

    Hey, Anon #60 -

    FCK YO.

  13. Anon

    Actually Chauncey you reminded me of something,

    Where the fuck did this term “Yo” come from?
    Is it really so hard to say “Hello”?

  14. Chauncey Gardner


    Beats me, mate! You’d probably have to ask a negro, or a pirate.

    I should probably point out I just got back from two weeks in Southern England (and Paris) visiting English friends, and loved every minute that I was there. I think that must mean I didn’t run into YOU. But, you have a lovely country and great people.

  15. Anon

    Ignoring your insult that’s quite a change in attitude.

    Btw I’m hoping to do a road trip up america into canada next year.
    looking forward to visiting your country.
    Hope I don’t bump into you. :)

  16. Chauncey Gardner

    Hahaha! I bear you no genuine ill will, Anon. That’s the thing about these message boards – they inspire people to be jerks, I guess because we can get away with it online.

    Anyway, if you’re doing a road trip through the US and Canada you probably already considered this, but, avoid all the big freeways and interstates when you can. They get you from A to B quickly, but you miss a lot when all you can see are walls of trees on either side of the road.

    Hopefully, you plan to drive up the East Coast on US Route 1. It goes all the way from Key West to Maine, and takes you through a lot of really beautiful country, coastal beach towns, and major cities – DC, New York, Boston, etc. It’s obviously very different from driving out West on Route 66, but it’s one of those classic American journeys, and you’ll get a pretty good feel for “Old” America.

    It would be great if you could time it to coincide with the changing of the leaves in New England in autumn (I think the peak is now late October/early November). Of course, that means you’ll be colder when you get to Canada. But, the Northeast in the fall is tough to beat. I recommend it.

  17. Anon

    I’m hoping spring.

    Was thinking about up through L.A. to Canada but my mate wants to go to a taping of the Colbert report.

    Well me too. So it looks like east coast. Would love to see New England and end up in Toronto.

    Oh and being Cold isn’t an issue.

    Going to lapland in a few weeks so that will be cold.

  18. Anon

    I can’t remember of the top off my head if Toronto is on the east side of Canada or near the centre so it could be on the west side in which case toronto’s out of the question.

    Bloody big country and only have 3 weeks.

  19. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    Another over hyped talentless Yank celeb for us to hate, why the hell you bunch of untalented losers think we are interested in you I have no idea, STAY OVER THERE.

  20. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    Another over hyped talentless Yank celeb for us to hate, why the hell you bunch of untalented losers think we are interested in you I have no idea, STAY OVER THERE.

  21. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    @11 you thick fuck American cunts don’t speak or write English, only the British speak English you lot or illiterate and you cannot spell. So don’t go touting American as ENGLISH because it is not even a passable imitation. American scumsucking shitbags.

  22. Chauncey Gardner


    Toronto’s on the east side of Canada. If you go up through New York, you can go straight to it. And upstate New York is beautiful any time of year.

  23. Anon

    Then that’s most likely the route.

  24. 1984

    I’m not a fan, but I do not dislike her and she is certainly not a Bill Hicks or George Carlin.

  25. sameshitdifferentyear

    What in the fuck!!??

    Don’t these ungrateful people realize this is the blistering comic mind that concocted the humor that “some old radio-guy raped me”???
    That is rib-shattering humor people, she can’t lower herself to your level any more.

    And just imagine, she wins Zira look-alike contests worldwide, without even wearing any makeup. Yes, I will wait here while you google “Zira”.

    When two cunts try to keep people asking
    “Are Zira and Cross-Eyed Fat-Ass still dating???”
    “Are Cross-Eyed Fat-Ass and Zira still dating???”
    “Are Zira and Cross-Eyed Fat-Ass still dating???”
    “Are Cross-Eyed Fat-Ass and Zira still dating???”
    you know they’ve both dried out.
    Metaphorically speaking.

  26. Stiles

    “American scumsucking shitbags”

    Chill the fuck out, #71. I’m a Yank & I respect the Brits. Leave the venom to our stateside liberals. We’re trying to deal with them, but the exterminators in the gentrified neighborhoods have been slow & unreliable.

  27. StLouisCardinal

    I think she was funny… once… but it was so long ago I don’t remember.

    Heh heh heh. Sarah, your stupid liberal ass got pwned in England. We don’t want you in America. Try Canada.

  28. FutureAxeMurderer

    @ #69
    Oh hell no. We don’t want her. That’s why we sent her over there.
    If we’re really lucky Paris Hilton will stick with her decision to move over there as well.

  29. LaKwanzaaa Jones

    We dump all our unwanted hags on Merry Ol England. Madonna, Sarah silverman, Paris Hilton. Next will be Rosie O’Dumbell

  30. Charlie B

    Good ..I hate that racist piece of crap..go home and stay home.

  31. Charlie B

    Good ..I hate that racist piece of crap..go home and stay home.

  32. OMG…, you are so sweet..I, one of your fans, found the blogs you posted several days ago on the website AgelessOnly.COM. You also disclosed your relationship with your soulmate. Sounds wonderful.

  33. Hershell L.

    She is not funny! Damn hackneyed Yenta.

  34. schot

    This i hate sarah is so lame if you dont like her humor dont watch her. The negative comments I mean what gives did she personal insult you to your face. she wont even read my comments let alone your negative comments .That being anybody.IF you think she is unfunny ok but hate come on get a life.AM I LATE TO THE party?

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