Sarah Silverman booed off stage in London

Sarah Silverman gave her UK stand-up debut over the weekend and proceeded to have her ass booed offstage after only giving a 40-minute performance. Organizers attempted to force Sarah to give a Q&A session which she reluctantly agreed to before bolting, according to BBC News:

After the audience refused to leave, Silverman was forced to give a Q&A session as an encore after admitting she had no other material prepared. Unimpressed fans shouted “you’re over-hyped Sarah” and “I’ve seen longer clips on YouTube”, before the star told the audience to “go home” and then left the stage.
BBC Radio 1 reporter Kev Geoghegan, who was also at the gig, said Silverman looked “clearly mystified” as to why she had to return to the stage after her short set.
“A lot of people who paid £45 a ticket would have been aggrieved,” he told the BBC News website. “For a gig that size of 3,600 people and a first night in London to show people what all the fuss in America is about her, she could’ve done more – she should have been able to fill for another 20 minutes.”

Wait. There’s fuss about Sarah Silverman in America? Ahahahahahaha! But, no, seriously, we’ll trade her for that hot chick who does the Orbit gum commercials. Act now and we’ll throw in Andy Dick.

NOTE: Probably should’ve asked this first: English people still drink a lot, right?

Photos: Splash News