Sarah Silverman booed off stage in London

October 20th, 2008 // 86 Comments

Sarah Silverman gave her UK stand-up debut over the weekend and proceeded to have her ass booed offstage after only giving a 40-minute performance. Organizers attempted to force Sarah to give a Q&A session which she reluctantly agreed to before bolting, according to BBC News:

After the audience refused to leave, Silverman was forced to give a Q&A session as an encore after admitting she had no other material prepared. Unimpressed fans shouted “you’re over-hyped Sarah” and “I’ve seen longer clips on YouTube”, before the star told the audience to “go home” and then left the stage.
BBC Radio 1 reporter Kev Geoghegan, who was also at the gig, said Silverman looked “clearly mystified” as to why she had to return to the stage after her short set.
“A lot of people who paid £45 a ticket would have been aggrieved,” he told the BBC News website. “For a gig that size of 3,600 people and a first night in London to show people what all the fuss in America is about her, she could’ve done more – she should have been able to fill for another 20 minutes.”

Wait. There’s fuss about Sarah Silverman in America? Ahahahahahaha! But, no, seriously, we’ll trade her for that hot chick who does the Orbit gum commercials. Act now and we’ll throw in Andy Dick.

NOTE: Probably should’ve asked this first: English people still drink a lot, right?

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  1. Jane

    Yes, the London audiences that continue to pay to see Amy Winehouse have excellent taste.

  2. AndresV

    I used to think she was funny 10 years ago….she’s just stupid and mean now….I’m glad the fans are starting to realize this.

  3. mimi


    Sarah SUCKS!

    Britney ROCKS!

  4. Nice boobs tho

    I never really got why she was funny. I guess they do to.

  5. Mia

    She can be funny but unfortunately she gets lazy and tries to rely on toliet humor.

  6. pete

    Why is my aunt Miriam in the celebrity news???

  7. Deacon Jones

    Jews have been ripping off people for 2,000 years, why stop now?

  8. Huffybike

    Maybe jokes like this don’t translate overseas?

  9. Parker

    oh yes, the Orbit gum commercial chick. Why’d you have to bring her up? Boy I want to fuck her ass so bad. Soil her reputation with a dick in her butt. “Fabulous!” On the other hand I would be literally terrified to fuck Sarah Silverman up the ass. She’d probably crap on my dick just so she could laugh about it on tv later. She’s a nice person though. Really. She has good teeth, that’s why the Brits don’t like her.

  10. British people suck

    If she lost 30 pounds and developed oozing sores all over her face, they’d love her.

  11. CaptainMorgan

    I’m surprised she didn’t claim there was a language barrier. She wasn’t in America…do they speak english outside of America?

  12. Peach

    BBC Radio 1 d.j. Chris Moyles was there and said that when she came back out a man in the audience asked her to sing one of her songs but she didn’t know the words and had to be prompted when she tried to sing it… by the audience!

    The thing is people here do like and get her, which is why they paid the money (more or less $77). We do, however, expect more than a pathetic 40 minutes for our money.

  13. Cream

    #12 – so, 77 dollars…that’s what, 5 pounds?

  14. Leonard Pinth-Garnell

    She was a right muffin getting into that row.

  15. doublefeature

    fuck england

    sarah is amazing/funny/smart

    if obama wins the election because of flordia i plan on giving her all the credit

  16. Johnny Reb


    If Obama wins, I say we get together a posse and gang-rape the shit outta her.

  17. bbingo

    for a nation that gave the world cynicism, the monty pythons, eccentricity and sarcasm, Sarah should thank her PR guys for pulling this crowd. Her humor is so stupid and passé she makes pub quizzes look like a fun night out.

  18. NY Ted

    Funny…??? Crazy Limey bastards…you can hoodwink them into paying for anything American. I find Silverman about as funny has having 10 root canals without freezing before they put you into the electric chair to fry your ass to hell!

  19. Why go abroad, when we can get away with anything here!!!

  20. Pat

    You know, John has an excuse, he can’t help it – it’s a common condition for people his age. But the rest of you McCain supporters need to stop wetting your pants. We’ll have an election. It’ll be America before the election. It’ll be America after the election. We’ve done this many times and the world has never ended. Now, as the British would say, go get a nice hug from Mum and you’ll feel lots better.

  21. GWB

    Why go abroad when we’re listening in to your phone calls there, too!!!

    Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh!!!!

  22. mamadough

    fuck you fish. i had to go to geekologie to get the updated stories for the superficial. that damn madonna story is all that shows up at the top of my page, even when i refresh. you’re in fucking cahoots.

  23. eyepopper

    Since when did Yanks know anything about humour…they can’t even spell the fucking word.

  24. fuhgettabowdit

    I guess cursing and saying stupid things doesn’t pass for humor in the rest of the world. I’m sure there are still a few retards in America who will pay to see an ugly woman stand on stage and say a few crude things. I wouldn’t really consider her routine to be bathroom or toilets humor, because her “jokes” aren’t humorous at all.

  25. Uncle Sam

    If you spent less time putting unnecessary u’s into words you’d have more time to brush your teeth.

  26. Cynthia

    She’s one of the most untalented semi-celebrities out there. She’s gotten to the middle by sucking a LOT of cock. Her routines go something like this: “Blacks are lazy. Hispanics don’t bathe. Jews love money. I lick jelly off my boyfriend’s penis. I was raped by (fill in the blank). I fuck (fill in the blank). I poop. I fart. I’m a cute girl”. Hilarious, right? Wrong! Read any article about her or any interview she’s done and it’s obvious that she’s mentally ill. Mentally ill and very, very unfunny.

  27. Deacon Jones

    I must admit I am a self-loathing Jew. In fact, I love Sarah Silverman, and unlike all other Jewish People I’ve heard about, I have a tiny penis. I’m sorry for making a prejudiced, bigoted remark such as the one I did before. May Sarah Silverman shart in my mouth and may I love every peanut/corn kernel splattering second of it. Did I mention I practically have no penis at all and love watching white power nazi’s screw each other vigorously in each other’s bumholes?? Yep, the Deacon is gayer than Richard Simmons. Btw, anyone have a scone I could choke to death on, G-D knows I surely deserve a righteous beatdown.

  28. Anon

    I hope you’re an aspiring actor in L.A. Uncle Sam because if not you can’t talk about clean teeth.

  29. Toolboy

    Dear England-
    Sorry about the Sarah Silverman thing, but we owed you for the Russell Brand VMA show. can we just call it even and get back to drinking?

  30. Janeane The Acerbic Goblin

    She’s not particularly funny. Her shock value has worn off rather quickly.

    I think most of her male fans just want to f*** her. They’re not there because of her sparkling wit and superior intelligence.

  31. dirty jew

    i’m a dirty jew so i support everything jew, even if it’s shitty, like silverman. ha ha ha

  32. Fernando Narcos

    #16-How about we get together and gang rape your inbred ass?

    On second thought,never mind.We all know how wingers love taking it up the ass.

  33. Here # 27, I’ll help you loath yourself a little more. That’s quite an admission that you have no penis. Is that why rabbis suck baby boy’s dicks?

  34. You Losers

    WTF? She’s a woman and she tells crude jokes. How could anyone not find that funny?

    woman + crude jokes = funny

  35. LMFAO

    They could just fuck a horse and it would be the same thing

  36. Here ya go

    The shock value thing doesn’t work for me. Try being funny instead

  37. Wankee Doodle


    The simplified language you dipshits use is called American English. English speakers owned your asses for a long time. None of you americans have a proper identity and that’s why you spend most of your time trying to rule the rest of the world.
    If you think the English language sucks, make up your own. Don’t just continue to speak ours whilst bastardizing it by cutting out letters because too many of them together gets you all confusikins.

  38. Jamie's Uterus

    There is no fuss over this unfunny loser. Or should I say Aunt Mitzi? She looks like an old Yenta.

  39. Chauncey Gardner


    Uh, I hate to tell you this in the middle of your anti-American tirade, but the English spoken in England is continually being bastardized by the English. In fact, all an English person has to do is go to another part of England and he/she may not even understand what the other person is saying because of the accent and colloquialisms. And let’s not even get into fucking Scotland…

  40. susan

    That is one ugly blouse.

  41. Anon


    if this was the time before the middle ages you would have a point but as it is you can go to any part of the UK and we all speak the same language, spell the words the same and understand each other.

    If you don’t then that’s down to you and you should stop watching anything with British accents in it and never come here.

    My god you Yanks had to subtitle Oasis.
    Just how poor is your grasp of English.

  42. Alexandra

    Wow, the British actually realize Sarah Silverman is not funny. I’m moving to London ASAP

  43. Spector

    Isn’t the point the set was too short and she was poorly prepared for a 3,600 seat show? Fuck her, people want to be entertained for their money.

  44. venomhed


    She is worthless. Yet another fucking jew that gets in the biz because she is

    A. Jewish
    B. Knows someone high up in Hollywood.

    God she is so unfunny and ugly.

  45. James

    Sarah Silverman is hot. Her comedy, not so much.

  46. sariyou

    wow. that dish towel she’s sporting would juuuuust about match my kitchen.

  47. annie

    she looks like some sort of Mary Poppins look-alike reject

  48. Witch

    This is essentially and evil vulgar cunt, more than less so. Talentless and disgusting.

  49. FutureAxeMurderer

    Wait, what?
    Sarah Silverman funny?
    When the hell did that happen?

  50. JollyJumJuck

    She looks pretty awful in the first picture. Almost as much of a hag as Madonna.

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