Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon have intercourse

February 1st, 2008 // 116 Comments

Here’s a surprisingly hilarious clip Sarah Silverman made for last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel. It’s by far the funniest thing I’ve seen Matt Damon do. Or Sarah Silverman for that matter. Though, I gotta admit, I hope it’s just a joke because Jimmy and Sarah seem like such a nice gay couple. You know, because they’re both dudes.



    I’m shocked !!! I thought that Jew bitch only fucked Andy Dick !!!

  2. ads;hl

    haha that was great! i cant say she’s not funny anymore

  3. ads;hl

    haha that was great! i cant say she’s not funny anymore

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  5. CruisingForCock

    I’m a fan.

    @54 I’m on to you. Get out.

  6. hubrisnxs

    Matt damon was pretty funny in Euro Trip.

  7. rudyboy

    oh you two rascals….
    Also,I want to warn all Democrats and/or our OBAMA supporters…The Republican’s are out to get us…They have found one of OBAMA”s college room mates (now a Republican) and as soon as OBAMA wins the Democatic nomination- they are going to pull a “Lewinski” on the American public…apperently OBAMA’s old roomie will admit to the PRESS that he witnessed OBAMA dealing Cocaine to more than a few of his close friends in their dorm room!!!…The Republican’s hope to sway the independent vote and the undecidedes… They are betting that the fallout will put John Mc Cain over the top and will win him election for President…we have to fight this nasty PLOY!!!

  8. Kristen

    That was some funny sh*t and I don’t EVEN like Sarah Silverman. I also didn’t know that Matt Damon had it in him. Awesome!!

  9. crazy otto

    that was contrived and trite

  10. Nikolai

    Is there anyone more annoying than Sarah Silverman? How the hell does she get on TV? She’s about as funny as food poisoning.

  11. Jo

    this was OK but Matt has been funny before…Will and Grace (YouTube it) or for anyone who has sen the first half hour of Euro Trip:

    Scotty doesn’t know
    That Fiona and me
    Do it in my van every Sunday!

    He thinks that she’s in church
    But she doesn’t go
    Still she’s on her knees
    and Scotty doesn’t know….

    Yes that punk band singer was Matt Damon with a shaved head and some piercings!!!

  12. Blondamnation

    “So Matt, I want to make a video saying I’m fucking you and I want to air it on Jimmy’s show. YOU also have to say I’m fucking you, on camera.” Matt?? Maaaaatt??? What do you mean we have a bad connection? Helloo?”
    He probably felt bullied in to doing it, If he didn’t she’d kick his ass.
    Why is she so manly?

  13. Would have been funnier if Sarah wasn’t in it. Man, that woman is a rancid cunt.

  14. FRT

    Jimmy fucking Kimmel is her baloney pole when she needs it good!

    What the fuck does that say…????

  15. Adlawf

    She is awesome and a great example for young women today. I have seen her profile on a celebrity and millionaire dating site named “Marry Millionaire dot com”. Many rich guys contacted her.

  16. awesome111person

    this kyke bitch stopped being funny like two years ago.


    Give me a break…. This ugly heeb needs to go away. And who told Matt Damon he was funny?

    This is just another Hollywierd circlejerk……

  17. bobo

    Can I fuck sarah?

  18. yukadoozer

    #39″Vulgar”?? Alright Miss High Brow poopy pants-who’s holding you hostage on this site…there’s some real mensa material in here…

  19. douchie mc bagman

    2 things:

    #57, you’d rather have a drug dealer in the white house than a republican?

    How do you play scrabble on-line?

  20. Andrew

    Sarah Silverman is hot looking babe with perky natural hooters , but every time she opens her mouth I hear the song “Airhead” by Thomas Dolby

  21. #68 Daughter of Slut

    Sarah Silverman has no comedic virtue at all. How she got to where she is amazes me. Like how Woody Allen escaped prison for child molestation and how Amy Winehouse is around with a “old style American black singer” voice ummmmmm when she is a nasty English jew in actuality angers me too.
    I guess Woody was too good for punishment? OK to molest kid?? It is? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he is chosen so it is ok then. I see.
    Sarah replaces humor with filth and cuntiness. But then, some of you apparantely live like that so I guess to some of you that is funny. Some people thought Hiter was ok too. And that is none of our business. Great.
    Mensa? Here? What does that have to do with anything?
    My personal opinion is that Sarah PreciousMetalWoman would not be anywhere without the hidden hand. Good to preordained.
    Oh, shave your big pussy hair. It is all the way up your stomache and hanging down out of your shorts dear. Not very ladylike. And douche. Showering is ok.

  22. moobs

    should have been you, Ben Affleck!

    (some of you need to lighten up a bit, sheesh)

  23. Anal Fistula

    awesome clip. i can’t believe that ho actually made me laugh.

    and all the morally outraged here can suck donkey dick as far as i’m concerned. holy mitt romney supporters in the house.

  24. melissa

    the iwatchstuff guy is a douche. sarah is hilarious.

  25. gert

    excellent pity that he has wife .. kinda makes you why did he made this video
    he is too hot
    #72 right on should have been BEN

  26. all of you shut up, stop taking it seriously, and try to understand the comic genius that are jimmy kimmel and sarah silverman.

  27. Don't Like Matt Gaymon

    Matt Damon can suck a dick.

  28. melissa

    Fuckin funny,… that is all

  29. Slinky

    I appreciate the comedic attempt but it got old really fast. Not a fan of her – all I’ve seen is vulgar and rude. And I agree it might be funnier if he weren’t married with a child (even if it’s not his).

  30. shonuff

    that was funny as hell. you can’t have thin skin and like sarah’s style of comedy.
    i LOVE vulgar and rude.

  31. Cynthia

    Sarah Silverman is an unfunny horse/ferret/camel faced whore cunt. But I suppose this bit IS kind of funny because I doubt Matt Damon would touch a fugly shitstain like Sarah Silverman with a 20 foot pole. Matt Damon fuck Sarah Silverman? HAHAHAHA! I guess it is funny. At any rate, the fans of Silverman and Kimmel are retards “The comic genius that are Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman?!” Yep, they’re all retards.

  32. Voracious

    My favorite part was when they got all ethnic and danced liek gheto teenagers.

    She never really made me laugh but this had me HOWLING!

  33. Sarah Preciousmetalwoman shoud go away...

    …and wash her nasty mouth out with soap, try to be creative – on other words try to be funny without being scandalous/vulgar/shocking/demented/idiotic/insensitive (oh yeah that would leave her with nothing EXCEPT her nasty wide open nostrils. Ugly skank.
    Does anyone know what spawned this bitch, I don’t watch tv.

  34. lori

    Little girl with pony tail and dirty mouth. Ha ha. Funny. Not.

  35. Get A Life


    You need to get fucked by Matt Damon. Hell, by anyone.

  36. geraldo poco

    I’d rather look at Rosie O’Donnell’s ass than look at Sarah Silverman’s face

  37. Get a Death


    Please punch your mother in her ugly face for having you. I fuck my wife. You? Ahhh, you can’t get laid? Damn. That must suck.
    How does hating a cunt mean I do not have a life? Damn you sure are witty.

  38. geraldo poco

    I’d rather look at Rosie O’Donnell’s ass than look at Sarah Silverman’s face

  39. geraldo poco

    fuck whore cunt bitch dyke asshole….i’m a comic genius!!! it doesn’t take much to entertain retarded people

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    Awww… So you can only get fucked by giving a woman the rest of your life? A lot of us must have been pretty lucky for being able to fuck attractive people without that promise. Hell, I don’t even need to buy them dinner.

    Dude, if you could get so fired up just seeing something like that, you seriously need to get a life.

  41. Jenna

    I wish I was fucking Matt Damon!

  42. Alice

    I saw her profile with hot & sexy photos on, a dating site for celebrities and wealthy singles to mingle. Believe it or not. The profile looks sincere, attractive and sexy. Charlie Sheen has found his perfect match there. Maybe sometimes they really need a soul mate rather than a rich buddy.

  43. pinky_nip

    I cannot believe the number of commenters on here that are saying that Sarah is “not funny”, “she’s vulgar”, “she’s an ugly heeb”, blah… blah… blah… You guys wouldn’t know humor if it was seeping from your outbreaks. Sarah is a funny, funny woman…. I suppose the rest of you are busy going to see 27 Dresses and First Friday this weekend. Because that’s just “comedy gold” in your eyes.

  44. #90 You daughter of a whore

    I got married because I love my wife. You can’t understand this? We are mutually attracted and I get laid almost whenever I want. I mean if you are not married and have sex more than I do than that makes you a nasty slut. That’s your problem. VD infested cunt.
    Shut up.
    Preciousmetalwoman is still a dirty pig.

  45. raul

    Hey everybody how about a nice shit sandwich? … just kiddin’ i wouldn’t waste them on you guys anyway. Every comedian knows that there are two subjects that get instant laughs.. profanity and drugs… but they usually save those for all the seedy comedy clubs with all the drunken patrons and Las Vegas… Silverman is a one act pony.. basically “fuck me please” which is cool because she has a hot bod.. Gotta love Matt Damon.. fuck yeah! Ok now you all can go back to your assinine rants and hater bullshit.

  46. ees fahnee

    You guys are just jealous, because she’s FUCKING MATT DAMON!!

  47. Why Can't Some People Argue?


    ALMOST, sweetie? You must be terrible in bed. She must be imagining other guys while being fucked by you or is already fucking other guys.

    I’m willing to bet you your wife is not as clean as I am. I don’t even get a yeast infection. Why? Because I don’t fuck a low life like you. Just because one can fuck anyone she wants, doesn’t mean that she will. Sorry you can’t understand that because apparently your wife is desperate enough that she could be fucked by you.

  48. Dream on and be glad you have lots of dildoes, vibrators

    I am in terrific physical condition and good looking as is my wife. You would want me but sorry, I am taken. That’s ok though. You can find love on the street corner.

  49. jason

    she is so beautiful.. but someone said she joined an online service
    SugarMommaMatch.c it is a site for men to date sexy women or rich women date cute men.. spoil and support
    them. what a f slur..

  50. blizzy

    wow how do you follow up a post like #98′s?

    uh it was funny. and i think sarah is kinda cute. i’d tape her mouth shut but she’s quite fuckable.

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